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Seriously Frank? Wooow.

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Hey, Ray..uhh, have a cup of tea?

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Ray's P.O.V;

That guy standing at the door. Why is he looking at me like that?...Is there something on my face? His tatoos are awesome though. I wonder how painfull it is. I opened my mouth to speak, but just then, Gee appeared, he shoved him. The little guy, fell to the floor.

"Gee! Hell man, watch the kid!!" I reached out my hand to help him up, he grabbed my his hand was soft and warm. Moisturising cream? Hehe. Oh God. His eyes. AHHH. Okay, by the way, I am not 13. Nor, am I a girl. I'm just stating that the kid has very nice...Hazel eyes, with flecks of yellow dancing around his pupil... SNAP OUT OF IT, TORO!!

"Ray, man, you okay there?" I noticed I was still holding his hand, so I pulled my hand away quickly. GOD! I am not gay. I swear.

"What? Oh yeah, um, um, yeah I'm fine" I said my hair failing to cover up my blush. The kid, was blushing too. How cute is that? Huuuh. Oh shit. I told you to FUCKING SNAP OUT OF IT!!

Gerard giggled, Frank ran away, and so did my blush.

"Yeah, that was Frank, Ray. I should totally get you two hooked up or something." I laughed. Probably a little too much.

"RAY! CALM THE HAM!! I'm not going to hook you up with Frank..." He smirked. "You'd have to do it yourself." I rose my fist to him and he scampered like a mouse.


Frank's P.O.V

Mikey was still on the phone.

"MOM! I told you! We are fiiiinee!!..."

There was a pause.

"Yes, Gerard is still here." Mikey looked up at me.

"Look Mom, I have to go, LOVE YOU!" He screamed before hanging up the phone. I realised I was still blushing.

"Woah, Iero? Who's been floating in your boat?" He winked at me, strutting about the place. Ovbiously pretending to be gay. Hey! We're not all like that y'know!


"Oooooh, I bet you like Bob, don't you? I think he's so awesome."

"Okay, Mikey? What is your obsession with Bob? And I don't know who's who, so I don't know!!" Mikey laughed.

"Then, what did he look like? Please, please, please, telllll!!" I sighed.

"Okay then, he had REALLY puffy hai-"


"So what if it was?"

"Love at first sight?" His eyes were sooo wide. Too much caffine intake, I think.

"MIKEY!! He's just downstairs you know!!!!!!"

"I know... that's why I'm shouting...I want him to hear me" He winked. Ooh that was it, I jumped on him, this resorted to another wrestling match.

Gee's P.O.V

"Come, as you are, as you were, as I want you to be..."

"So, Ray, what's gotten into you? Like ever since we've came down've been looking kinda fucked up" I was actually concerned..I swear!! Look!! I don't know what everyone's problem is! They all think I'm heartless.

"Um, nothing, nothing!" He seemed really flustered.

"Yeah, like you weren't blushing or anything when you held, Frank's hand." He looked down at his feet. Ahh, now I get it. Oooh...But wait....wasn't Ray supposed to be straight?

"Hey, Ray, I thought you were straight?" His brows furrowed.

"Yeah..well..I am..I just..Frank..there's s-something..about him I err-" He was stuttering now. This was definatley what was wrong with him. He had a crush on Frank. It's difficult for him, cuz he think's he's straight.

"Ray..RAY! It's okay, whenever Frank told me he was ga-"

"Frank's gay?!?!" He looked really excited." Woah...what a great night, this is going to be. Two loved up gays. Guess it's just me and Bob on this one.

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