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We could loose ourselves, and paint these walls in pitchfork red!

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Frank's nerves, feisty outbursts and the big news.

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I'm so sorry I haven't updated sooner! Here's the chapter you've all been eagerly awaiting, anyway. Tell me if you got it right?! :D

Frank's POV.

Dr. Lemmings' eyes flicker from me to Gerard, then to his lap, as he shakes his head sympathetically.

My stomach is boiling in nerves, growing more and more twisted and uncomfortable by the second. I squirm and then munch on my lip, biting it so hard that it swells slightly.

Dr. Lemmings said he's got some bad news. That means it's serious. That means I'm crazy, right? I must be crazy. Completely fucked up, insane, shitted.

The lump in the back of my throat is growing bigger and tighter, making it's airways feels clogged, giving me a sensation of suffocating. As my mouth gets dryer, I hear Gerard gasp beside me.

"I.. what?!" I say, my hoarse voice crackling. "I didn't hear what you said, I.." I had tuned out, that's what happened.

Wiping away small, hot beads of sweat that dribble down my brow, I sigh heavily, staring at Dr. Lemmings' frowning, concerned face.

"Are you okay, Frank?" he asks, resting his glasses on his knee.

"Of course I'm not okay! I'm not oh-fucking-kay," I squint to see his first name, "Ian! I am far from okay.. What the fuck is going on here?! Tell me, Ian, tell me what the fuck is happening?!" I shout, slamming my hand down on the leather of the chair.

I gulp down threatening tears; God knows why, maybe it's all to overwhelming for me. Actually, it is all to overwhelming. It's exasperating, frightening, worrying. The ignorance of my situation only makes it worse, why can't he freaking tell me already?!

"Frank." I gasp in surprise as Gerard places a hand on mine, frowning, "he's already said."

"I.. I didn't hear," I reply in a small, defenseless voice.

"Well, please, calm down. You're going to be okay. We can fix this.." Gerard looks to the doctor. "We can fix this, right?"

"Oh yes, Multiple Personality Disorder can be treated. It gets harder depending on the case. If the other personality is more dominant-"

"Multiple Personality Disorder?!" I shout, my harsh voice echoing. "Why.. Why couldn't you have let me known before you chat about shitty, shitty little solutions that may or may not fix me?!"

There's a hot ball of rage burning inside of me; I'm ignorant as to why, maybe I'm reflecting my emotions using anger. All I know is that if I don't calm down now, I could awaken my second perso-

Unless this is my second personality?

"Frank, please calm down!" Gerard says shakily, panicking eyes darting from me to Dr. Ian Lemmings.

I growl. "Sure, I'll calm down, I'll calm the fuck down, Gerard!" I push myself up, kicking at my chair. "HOW THE FUCK AM I MEANT TO CALM THE FUCK DOWN?! I HAVE A SECOND SHITTY, AGGRESSIVE PERSONALITY LIVING INSIDE OF ME. FOR FUCKS SAKE!" I slam my hand down to Doctor Lemmings' desk, watching as the vibrations from the blow knock pens and pencils from their holders, blow papers to the floor, force various files, metal cups and his mug to fall from his desk. I gasp. "Shit, I am so sorry I-"

"Don't worry, Frank. I can imagine how your feeling right now.."

I snort.

"Very scared, confused, anxious? Perhaps maybe vulnerable?"

Gulping, I nod, and carefully sit back in my seat, slowing my breathing.

In... Out.. In.. Out..

"So.. Treatments?" I ask, shaking slightly.

"Well, Frank, I'm afraid that with your 'bloodthirsty' case, you will have to be admitted into a hospital-"

"Mental hospital.. Like an Asylum?" Gerard asks, mouth slightly agape.

"Yes, I'm afraid it's completely necessary. Whilst your there you will under go Preliminary therapy and possibly several others." He pushes his glasses onto the very end of his nose, sighing as he nods; obviously thinking into something.

"Well.. I mean.. I don't want to go into a hospital-"

"Yes, but as I said, I'm afraid it's completely necessary."

"Frank, maybe it wont be that bad.." Gerard's eyes flick to Ian. "Try thinking positive." Smiling warmly, Gerard pushes his red locks from his lily-white face and crosses his legs.

"You try thinking positive!" I snap, suddenly feeling a burst of fiery, hot-white anger pulse through my veins.

Ta daaaaaaa. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
Oh yeah, and who guessed right?! :D
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