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Adventure Time

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Gerard's POV

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It is raining pretty damn hard when I arrive at Amanda’s front door, my hair plastered to my face due to the fact I don’t own a car and my house is a ten minute walk from my girlfriends. As I go to ring the bell again Frank pulls the door open, his car keys hooked on his middle finger.

“She’s sitting on the couch. I’m off to help Leighton with her guitar,” Frank says stepping onto the front step.

“You mean fuck her right?” I ask with a smirk. I love teasing Frank about Leighton. He gets so bothered by it.

Instead of saying anything he flips me off and pushes past me to his silver Volvo which his parents got him for a birthday present. I swear they get more elaborate each year.

“Fe Fie Foe Fum,” I stomp down the hallway and into the carpeted living room.

Amanda looks up from her book, smiling at me. She looks adorable with her jean covered legs curled up onto the couch, her jacket falling off her left shoulder revealing her white tank top strap and the spider tattoo that graces the area across her collar bone. Frank took her to get that when she turned fifteen.

“Hey Gee,” she says as I come to sit down on the couch, her fingers running through my damp hair. “Is it raining outside?”

“It is, a perfect day to stay inside, watch movies and snuggle,” I answer before kissing her.

She lets if go on for a few minutes before pulling away as I start to move on top of her. At first the frown on her face makes me terrified. We had a pregnancy scare last year and she wore that same face when she told me. I hope it’s not the same thing.

“Did I do something wrong baby? Is something wrong? Do you need anything…food, a doctor, a hug…anything?” I begin to panic going into over protective boyfriend mode. Amanda is my life. If something is wrong with her I have to know and at least try and make it better.

“Shh,” she coos, stroking my cheek with her thumb, lips pressing to mine for a second. “Everything’s alright but I’ve ruined our day. I’m sorry Gee.”

She looks down, pulling at a string that lines the edge of the hole in her jeans that allows me to see her entire knee on which she has drawn a dead smiley face. The look on her face makes me just want to pull her into a hug and hold her forever. Amanda always feels guilty if she makes plans that contradict mine even though I’ve told her as long as I’m with her I don’t care what we do.

“What’s on the agenda today?” I ask just wanting to see her smile.

“I told Mikey we’d hang out with him because he’s lonely and bored ‘cause Autum is on vacation until tomorrow. I worry about him when he just sits alone; it makes me feel bad that he’s got no one to chill with. Sorry I fucked up our plans babe,” Amanda explains looking at me.

I shake my head, “Its fine but can we take your car when we pick up Mikey? It’s raining and I don’t wanna have to walk again.”

Manda nods, getting up off the couch and walking to the door, slipping into her purple high tops. We run through the rain to where her black VW bug is resting. Climbing in she flicks on the stereo which is playing her Warped Tour CD. We race down the street, pulling into the driveway of my small brick house. Instead of getting out Amanda honks the horn a few times only stopping when she sees the black beanie of my brother climbing the steps leading up from the basement.

“What do you want?” he asks climbing into the back of the car, stretching his legs out over the back seats, pulling down the arms of his black Dawn of the Dead jacket.

“How would you feel about hanging with us today?” I ask as Amanda backs out of the drive way heading down the rain covered road.

“I’m down with that,” my normally chill brother answers tapping his foot against the door in time to the music.

I frown as a screamo song blares through the speakers yet Mikey and Amanda sing along best you can to a song like that. I don’t even remember when my little brother started to like people screaming at him through his speakers but he does.

“Who corrupted you?” I ask trying to think up things for us to do. I love hanging out with both Mikey and Amanda but only when we’ve got legitimate plans. Just sitting around is boring and I’m sure it’s awkward for Mikey as well. Amanda and I aren’t exactly private about our relationship.

“For that I take full responsibility,” Amanda says raising her hand as she drives, rounding a corner.

Nodding I tap my fingers on the door still trying to figure out what the hall we could be. I’d say to go to the amusement park but because it’s raining none of the rides will be open. Hmm….

“Go to the mall,” I say out of the blue. We are about thirty minutes away but Amanda’s parents are never home and Ma doesn’t care where Mikey and I go.

“Adventure time,” Mikey and Manda giggle as she turns up the CD that we’ve all got memorized.

Singing along we circle the parking lot of the mall trying to find a parking spot. I guess when it rains everyone comes to the mall. Finally, Amanda pulls her small car into a spot next to a lamp post which is already glowing yellow. It’s not even that dark out.

All three of us run hand in hand towards the door as the rain continues to fall from the sky relentlessly. Once inside we all shake off like dogs after getting a bath, laughing. Being the perv I am I spot the bras and rush over to them, slipping one on which causes Amanda to laugh, pulling out her phone and snapping a few pictures before kissing me as we receive dirty looks from a few other shoppers.

“I will not conform!” I shout before pulling the bra off and running away yelling the entire way into the main mall area.

“You’re insane,” Mikey says pulling Amanda towards a photo booth. She’s like the older sister he’s never had and never knew he wanted till he met my girlfriend.

All three of us squeeze into the tiny booth, Amanda sliding a few quarters into the slot as we all make funny, stupid faces. This is what we do when we take trips to the mall. Goof off, take dumb pictures in every photo booth we find and then sneak into R rated films. My friend Ray works at the theater here and can normally help us with that.

“Gerard,” Mikey says looking through our pictures, “has it ever occurred to you that maybe Amanda doesn’t like it when you lick her face?’

I snatch the pictures away from him, finding the one he’s talking about. My tongue is pressed to Amanda’s cheek, her nose is scrunched up and she’s giving Mikey and ‘what the fuck is he doing to me’ look which he is responding to with a shrug and an awkward smile. I tear the picture off wanting to stick it on my wall of random shit in my room; it’s a cute picture.

“She doesn’t mind,” I answer pulling Amanda into a one armed hug as her lips meet my cheek.

“It’s gross Mikey. Your brother is gross. Don’t grow up like him,” she giggles waving to Ray who looks bored tearing tickets for snot nose children who come here to watch stupid movies.

“Sup, Toro?” Mikey says looking up at the glowing board that tells people what’s playing.

“Eh, work. It’s boring but it helps me pay for food and other shit. My two month anniversary is coming up and I have to buy something for Zayna,” Ray answers. “How are you guys.”

“Awesome Ray,” Amanda answers. “I think we’re going to see Bad Teacher.”

Ray nods, making sure none of his superiors are watching before he nods, waving us through as I hand him a twenty. It’s probably not enough to cover all our tickets but he says nothing about it.

As the lights begin to dim I settle in between Amanda and my brother ready to enjoy a movie we technically shouldn’t even be in.
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