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Jam session

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Frank's POV

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Milling through the rows of junk food I hum to myself wishing the rain pounding outside would let up just enough to let me run to the car without my hair and clothes getting drenched. I’m running out of colored packages to look at.

Leighton had said she wanted barbeque chips and a chocolate cake; it’s not the weirdest thing she’s requested before. She eats like any other guy I know but she’s not a guy. Whatever at least she eats.

“Frank?” I hear a small, dream like voice behind me and whip around.

There standing in the middle of the aisle eating out of an ice cream carton with a plastic spoon is Jenna. Her eyes are wide and a gold color lined in dark liner. Her raven hair is wet and so is her black trench coat. The only thing that isn’t wet on this girl is her leggings and rain boots.

“Jenna, hey,” I say waving best I can with my hands full of junk food. I bet she thinks I’m a pig. “Have you been outside?”

“I was sitting in a tree near my house eating ice cream and thinking when it started to rain. I walked here to get out of the weather,” Jenna answers her tone still dream like.

“Why didn’t you go home?” I ask hoping I don’t sound rude though I probably do. I’ve never known how to talk to girls. The only one’s I can have real conversations with are my sister and Roxxi.

Jenna casts her eyes to the ground, frowning a little, “I’m afraid I managed to lock myself out of the house. My brother works here so I’m able to stay as long as I’d like. I just came by to get a key. Why are you here Frank Iero?”

“I’m going to help Leighton with guitar and she asked me to pick up a few things,” I answer as if it’s the most natural thing ever as Jenna begins to walk with me, grabbing things and putting them in my already full arms. Surprisingly everything she picks out is something I or Leighton likes.

“Leighton is the girlfriend right, or is that Lola?” Jenna questions innocently tossing yet another bag of skittles into my arms.

“Neither. I’m not dating anyone right now,” I answer as we move towards the register, the rain letting up some.

“Oh. Well, goodbye Frank. I’ll see you at school,” Jenna says before walking back outside.

I pay and head out to my car. In total I have four bags which cost me twenty three dollars and thirty five cents. I really need to stop buying so much shit that I don’t even really need. Oh well, at least Leighton will have plenty of time to open up.

Driving through the rain I turn my windshield wipers on high, nodding my head a little to the song on the radio. I don’t even know the name of it but it’s got a nice beat. Before the song ends I’m shutting off the car and heading towards Leighton and Andrea’s front door.

I just let myself in, Leighton and her sister never actually lock their door and if they do there is always a key under the welcome mat. Balancing a cake in one hand, Pansy and another two grocery bags in the other I kick the door shut and quickly place the cake on the counter.

“Thank you for your help guys, I really appreciated it!” I call, pulling out Leighton’s barbeque chips as well as my sun flower seeds and multiple bags of skittles.

Leighton comes out of her room looking adorable as ever. She’s wearing her normal smile, guitar still strapped to her.

“You might wanna put that thing down,” Andrea says, coming down the hall towards us. “It’ll be a little hard to have sex with the guitar in the way.”

Leighton shoots daggers are her sister, “Fuck you man.”

Andrea shrugs, “I guess you can’t do anything on your bed though, I mean you did wet it last night.”

Leighton scowls, looking as if she might take her guitar and smash her sister’s head in. I’m used to Andrea’s comments when I come over and really just think they are funny.

Andrea just looks between Leighton and me before laughing and walking back to her room.

“Just keep it down, I’ve got homework to do,” she calls seconds before I hear her door slam.

“Sorry my sister is so disgusting,” Leighton says rolling her eyes and heading towards her room. “You can bring the food and don’t worry, I don’t wet my bed!”

Sighing, I pick up the cake, sun flower seeds, skittles and Pansy, slowly making my way to her room which, for once, is clean. I can see the blur rug which Leighton uses to cover up the nail polish stains she made on the regular cream colored carpet so long ago.

“So what song is giving you trouble?” I question getting Pansy out of her case before I sit down with Leighton on her bed running my hand along the cherry red colored comforter.

“Well…um…so really it’s just one part…I just…um….” She stumbles over her words, blushing a light shade of pink, suddenly finding her floor highly interesting. She’s so cute when she’s flustered.

“I need the song name or I can’t really help you,” I prompt knowing how she is around people when they first talk to her. I’ve known Leighton for almost three years and this still happens. I’ve just kinda gotten used to it.

“Kiss me,” Leighton blurts out, setting her guitar off to the side.

“Never heard that one before,” I answer just a little confused as Pansy slips from standing position to laying flat on the floor.

Leighton looks a little upset with me, “Goddammit Frank Iero, just kiss me already!”

My lips find hers as my eyes close. I enjoy the way her soft lips move with mine, the slight taste of mint on them, and her tongue flicking against my lip ring. Her fingers are gently pulling on my fringe. She pulls away, looking down but her middle and index finger rest on her full bottom lip.

“Sorry,” she mumbles.

“Wait,’ Andrea says causing both our head to turn towards her voice. “So you’re not gay?”

Leighton scowls at her picking up a pillow and chucking it at the door. Andrea pulls it shut quickly yet I can still hear laughing in the hallway outside the light oak colored door.

“Sorry,” she says again still not making eye contact with me. Am I really that bad of a kisser?

“No need,” I answer. “I actually quiet enjoyed that.”

Leighton smiles at me a little, her eyes on the poster covered wall behind me, “My sister’s comment or the kiss.”

“This,” I answer before placing my lips back over hers letting everything but us melt away.
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