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Chapter 2 (Not Beta Read)

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Hermione learns a few things about the House-Elves that she never knew about.

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‘Thought…’ // Warnings for this chapter: Spanking and humiliation!

Chapter 2…

As she entered the Mansion, Hermione found herself going down some set of stairs, which lead to a six foot high hallway. Hermione was surprised at the size of the hallway, it was only shorted for House-Elves. Now as she looked round the hallway, she saw that there were some styleless chandeliers in the shape of hands for the lighting. The hallway was painted in Gryffindor red and gold. Also as Hermione looked round some more, she saw some other set of stairs that she guessed lead to other parts of the Mansion, also there were some closed doors there too. The last thing that she saw were of portraits lining the walls, she was surprised that the pictures were of the House-Elves that used to serve the Potters in the past. ‘This is a much better way than how the Blacks honoured there their House-Elves that used to serve them,’ thought Hermione as she thought about the House-Elf’s heads back at Grimmauld Place.

As she looked at the portraits, she was shocked to see that they remarkably looked like humans - they still had pointed ears (But not as pointy as normal House-Elf’s ears) and some of the faecal factors of a House-Elf. ‘I wonder why this is,’ Hermione thought in wonder about this phenomenon. As she looked feather back into the history of these portraits, she saw that the only ones that actually resemble the House-Elves she knew of, was the first ten House-Elves that used to work for the Potters, about over six hundred years ago.

Whilst Hermione was looking at the portraits and trying to work out how this came to be, she didn’t notice a female House-Elf came into the hallway. So she was startled when she hear a voice say, “There you are, Mitzi was informed that the new Master Potter might being us a few new House-Elves,” said an old female House-Elf with long grey hair and dim blue eyes - although Hermione thought that the Elf was old, she knew it was hard to tell even with normal House-Elves. So it would be just as hard to tell with House-Elves that looked like they were human.

“What?” Hermione asked in bewilderment, shocked that this old House-Elf thought she too was a House-Elf. However, when she thought about it, it wasn’t surprising when she was still small. She was going to make herself big again, when suddenly the wand flew out of her hand into the House-Elf’s hand.

“Bad Elf, House-Elves aren’t supposed to carry wands. Now I have to report this to the new Master Potter when he comes. Master won’t be happy. And what are you doing in clothes? You are a disgraceful Elf!” The old House-Elf said as she snapped her fingers, and suddenly Hermione found herself in a pillowcase with a Potter Emblem on it, and as she looked down she saw that the bottom of it came just above her knees.

“You must be mistaken: I’m not a House-Elf. I’m a witch…” said a shocked Hermione.

“Nonsense. You are House-Elf size, aren’t you? And you look like most of the House-Elves within this Mansion, so you must be a House-Elf. Besides, you are not Master, and you are in Masters home when he isn’t home. Therefore you must be a House-Elf.”

“But Master, I mean Harry, wanted me to check up on the house.” Hermione was embarrassed that she had accidentally called Harry ‘Master.’

“Bad Elf,” said the old House-Elf in shock, she couldn’t believe that the young Elf in front of her would dare and call the Master by his given name. But to her, the young Elf in front of her was young and she didn’t know what her old Master let her do. So for now she would let the slip go, the young Elf would learn and she would teach her to be a popper House-Elf. “You must not call Master by his name, you must call him ‘Master’ at all times, or Master Harry or Potter if you prefer. It’s almost like you have never been a House-Elf before, or maybe your old Matron Elf didn’t teach you to be a popper House-Elf. Either way, I’ll teach you how to be a popper House-Elf. And as of Master sending you here, of course he sent you here to check up on things. It’s a much too boring task for Master to do himself, so he sent a House-Elf. Follow Mitzi and I’ll show where you’ll be working for the rest of the day; we need to make sure the Mansion is ready for Master when he comes.”

Hermione flung up her hands in defeat as she followed the crazy old House-Elf, she wanted to cry, but she knew it wouldn’t help her right now - she would do that later. All she knew right now was that she had been beaten, and she knew it. Without a wand, she couldn’t transform back to her normal size. Her best hope was to wait and do what the crazy old House-Elf, who was probably the Head or Matron House-Elf, told her to do. When Harry got back, he would sort this all out. She knew he would.


It was six hours later and Hermione was found in a dark corner of the hallway crying, Mitzi the crazy old House-Elf had her cleaning two of bedroom in the Mansion by herself. Mitzi informed her that if the two room won’t done properly within six hours she would be punished, it took everything that she had to get it done in that time - without her wand she found it harder then she thought it would be. By the end of it all, all she wanted to do was cry, so she went down to the hall way found a dark corner and did just that.

However, not long after she started to cry, a young female House-Elf came to the dark corner where Hermione was crying and said, “The Matron House-Elf sent Edlyn looking for you, miss… now that I think about it, we House-Elves don’t know your name,” she said.

“Hermione,” she replied back weakly, as she looked at the young elf. The Elf was a few inches taller than she was, had long red hair with bright blue eyes.

“Hermione? Awfully queer name for an Elf. How about we just call you Hermy? My name is Edlyn. Anyways, Edlyn is supposed to show you to the Bunk Room for us Female Elves. Follow me, Hermy.”

Although Hermione didn’t really like her new nickname, she knew that she had very little choice in the matter. She suspected that the House-Elves only bestowed the privilege of remembering a long name of their Master. Come to think of it, she couldn’t think of a House-Elf whose name was longer than two syllables.

Seeing that she wasn’t planning on staying as a House-Elf for long, Hermione would cope with the name for now. As the first chance she could get, she would steal her wand back. The worst thing that could happen would be staying this way for a month until Harry would come back off his holiday. As she thought about it, even if she was stuck in this form until Harry comes back, she still could learn about these House-Elves and about their life.

As she followed Edlyn to hallway, she was surprised of hidden doorways that lead to the Elf Hallway as she called it, Hermione didn’t think she could go to sleep for a while. After a while Edlyn had lead her to one of the closed doors that she saw earlier and entered the room. The room was in Ravenclaw’s blue and bronze, there were ten bunk beds, also there were ten wardrobes which had clean pillowcases in them. Anyway, still thinking she wouldn’t sleep for a while with everything that happened that day, the moment that she entered the room, she suddenly became very sleepy. Hermione figured that the room must have been enchanted so that all the elves would have a good night’s sleep, so they would be able to do their chores the next day. So as soon as Edlyn showed Hermione her bunk that she would be using, Hermione crashed right out. She fell deep into an enchanted sleep.


The next morning, Hermione woke up startled. She laid there with her eyes closed as she thought over the strange dream that she had the night before. She had gone to Potter Mansion as Harry ask her to, snuck in as she couldn’t get in and had been mistaken for a House-Elf and had to clean two bedrooms without magic. She rationalized this to mean that her subconscious was trying to tell her S.P.E.W, was not going well and she needed to double her efforts to help the House-Elves. It may have also been built out from her thoughts that people should experience the work that a House-Elf has to do for a day, to see the kind of labour that House-Elves had to endure. Slowly Hermione opened he eyes, and then quickly shut them again, as if she feared what she saw.

As Hermione slowly opened he eyes, the room came in to focus. The room was comprised of a whole bunch of House-Elf size bunk beds, although they looked normal size to her at the moment seeing that she was the size of a House-Elf herself.

Edlyn came in a squeaked, “Oh, Hermy is awake. You must try and get more rest. How do you expect to serve Master if you sleep all the time?”

“Listen, Edlyn was it?” asked Hermione, in which Edlyn nodded, “I’m not a House-Elf, I’m a witch. I just shrunk myself so I could get in! And if it’s so damn important I get up, why didn’t you just wake me?”

Edlyn was covering his ears. “Hermy mustn’t speak such blaspheme. Pretending to be a witch is a very dangerous thing,” Edlyn warned Hermione, “Now Hermy must see Matron to receive her punishment. And as to why Edlyn didn’t wake you, this room is enchanted so you get the sleep you will need to complete your tasks. Nothing can wake you until you are fully rested.”

“I’m not seeing anyone about any punishment, I’ve done nothing wrong! Also I’m not an elf!”

“You are just making it worse, my dear,” Hermione heard, and as she turned round she saw Mitzi, the Matron Elf, coming in, “If you don’t stop saying such blaspheme and outlandish things soon, it will be much, much worse. This time I’m just going to spank you.”

“I won’t let you to spank me!” protested Hermione.

“But, dear, you have no choice.” The Matron-Elf said as she sat down on a chair (Hermione could swear that the chair wasn’t there a moment ago), snapped her fingers, and Hermione was forced over her lap, and the Matron-Elf pulled her pillowcase up just far enough to leave her butt bare. The Matron snapped her fingers again, and a paddle appeared in her hands. Hermione tried to get up and escape, but found she was held by an invisible force.

SWAT! “One…” The blow to Hermione’s bottom stung making tears come to her eyes. She didn’t like this one bit, she was so humiliated that she was being spanked, by a House-Elf no less, and there was nothing she could do about this humiliation.

SWAT! “Two…” This time it hurt even more then last time. Hermione was sure there would be some red marks on her bottom after this, which she thought might never go away.

SWAT! “Three…” The pain was still there, but Hermione was distracted from it by a strange sensation in her pussy. It tickled a little.

The Matron-Elf continued until Hermione’s butt was red from the twenty hits. When Hermione got up, she noticed a giant wet spot on her pillowcase where her pussy had touched it. Lucky, neither The Matron-Elf nor Edlyn seemed to notice, though. Which Hermione was glad about, she felt ashamed that she was aroused at being spanked. What was worse was that she wasn’t thinking that Mitzi was spanking her, but Harry. It got even worse near the end, as she was about to cry out ‘Please Master, please stop, Hermy well be a good Elf, I’ll do anything you ask, please Master Harry no more,’ as if she was a House-Elf to be told what to do. Even to be told to have sex with her Master. She was glad it didn’t get that far, she didn’t think she could let it down if she said that out lord, this way she can ‘forget’ she ever thought something like that.

“I’m sorry dear, but it had to be done, hopefully it’ll help you not to say such blaspheme and outlandish things again,” said the old Elf, “Now follow Mitzi, Hermy and Edlyn,” and with that Hermione and Edlyn followed Mitzi.

Hermione saw that Mitzi lead her and Edlyn to another closed door in the Elf Hallway, inside were twenty females Elves. “Now there’s a lot of work to be done now that our new Master Potter well be coming soon,” croaked the old elf as she entered, “So we need to make sure everything is perfect. So let’s see, Tuny and -” and with that Mitzi was giving orders to the House-Elf. One by one, Hermione saw the House-Elves popping out of the room to do their jobs for the day, some of the jobs were to feed the animals on the land, cleaning the garden and things like that. At the end it was only she, Edlyn and Mitzi left in the room.

“Now Hermy, you and Edlyn are going to de-gnome the garden,” said the Matron-Elf, as she made a few notes on a clipboard she held. “After that, the attic need to be cleaned up for the arrival of our new Master, he could arrive any day,” then looking into Hermione’s eyes she added, “Hermy, Edlyn is in charge of you, so do everything that Edlyn tells you to do. So Hermy knows, Edlyn is my great granddaughter and one day well become the Matron-Elf, so I don’t want you to disrespect her. She is also have the right to punish you should you need it,” when they didn’t go sight a way, the Matron-Elf snapped “What are you waiting, get to working!”

“Yes Matron,” Edlyn said as she bowed a little before she snapped her fingers and then she was gone.

“What are you waiting for?” The Matron-Elf snapped, “The gardens in the backyard!”

“Y… Yes Matron,” Hermione said, running towards where she remembered where Edlyn told her where the gardens was the night before as they talked where places were. She didn’t want to disobey the Matron, not with the spankings she got earlier still fresh in her mind.

“Silly Elf,” the Matron thought out a loud as she watched Hermione run, “Why doesn’t she just Pop?”


De-gnomming the garden was tough work. As a witch it wasn’t all that hard, just tedious. However, a House-Elf was about the same size as a gnome though, so it was a bit harder to do, as the damn gnomes would attack them. Edlyn made it look easy as she used her House-Elf magic left and right, not only to protect herself, but to send the gnomes spinning and flying far away. However, although Hermione was the size of a House-Elf, it didn’t mean she could use House-Elf magic. However she was flinging a few of the smaller gnomes by hand over the fence, though.

“Why doesn’t Hermy send them away by magic?” asked Edlyn.

“I told you, I’m a witch. I can’t do magic without my wand,” answered Hermione.

“The Matron Elf can go fuck herself for all I care. As for Master, I mean Harry,” Hermione blushed and her slip-up, “He will free me as soon as he gets back.”

But as soon as she said that, she found herself bent over a chair and Edlyn pulling her pillowcase up just far enough to leave her butt bare, and begun to spank her, Hermione was glad that it wasn’t as hard as the Matron had done it. Once Edlyn had spanked Hermione ten times, the young Elf said sadly, “Sorry, but Edlyn was ordered to punish you should Hermy call Master by his name again. Hermy shames us all by calling Master by name, and saying Matron should be fucking herself. Masturbation is strictly prohibited as a House-Elf. Any House-Elf caught doing obscene acts without Master’s permission, or part of our training lesson, is set free immediately. There is no greater shame.”

‘So I can’t even relieve myself?’ thought a shocked Hermione, ‘Wait, did she say set free? And what of this training?’

“So,” Hermione said thoughtfully, “If someone were to be caught doing something obscene, would the Matron-Elf be able to free them?”

“Oh no,” said a shocked Edlyn “It is against House-Elf law for one House-Elf to bring this shame on another. It can only be done by the Master. Any House-Elf that has done unclean acts is put under room arrest until Master gets back.”

‘That would be no use to me,’ thought Hermione, ‘If I’m put under room arrest, there’s no way I can sneak my wand back. And Harry will fix the situation as soon as he arrives whether I’ve masturbated or not. Besides, I don’t want him to have those mental pictures in his head. Maybe I can relieve myself in this training that Edlyn talked about,’ So out loud she asked, “What is different about training, why can a House-Elf do it then?”

“Well,” Edlyn begun with a blush, “I do not know about other House-Elves in other homes, but here at Potter Mansion because of how we look, we are trained every weekend to please our Master or Mistress in bed. To a Potter House-Elf, it is a great honour to be chosen to share the Master’s or Mistress’s bed and please him. If the Master or Mistress wanted, they could take us by force. However, the descendents of the first Matron-Elf who shared the Master’s bed over six hundred years ago, are given special training seeing that one of the descendents would become the Master’s or Mistress’s Personal Elf to use however the Master wants,” and with a blush and a smile, she added “Because of my age and being the descendent of the first Matron-Elf, I will become my Masters Person Elf,” and with that with a shy smile she continued her work.

Hermione was shocked and angry at what she just heard about the past Potters treated their House-Elves, she begun to wonder if the Potters of about hundred years ago done something to make the House-Elves the way they look like now. Hermione was too angry to think or talked about what she had found out, so she returned to her work. What didn’t help was a particular gnome was being particularly stubborn, who bit Hermione whenever she tried to grab it. ‘Damn it!’ she thought angrily, ‘I just want to kill this damn thing.’ Just as she felt like she was about to explode, the gnome went flying far away.

“Wow, Hermy must be a powerful House-Elf,” said a shocked Edlyn, “No Elf has ever made a gnome fly that far before. Hermy should try spinning it though. If that gnome survived, he will be back again tomorrow.”

Hermione was at a loss at how she did it. ‘It must be an accidental release of magic,’ she thought, ‘like when wizard kids are angry or scared. I wonder if there is any way to control it without a wand or staff. In ‘The Tales of Beetle the Bard,’ they mentioned wandless magic. I thought that to be things Bard made up, but the Tale of Three Brothers turned out to be true enough.’ Hermione concentrated on a single gnome, trying to emulate the rage she felt earlier. Alas, it was to no avail.

“Is Hermy constipated?” asked Edlyn, “Edlyn can always get some medicine form the Matron.”

“No, that’s fine Edlyn. I’m ok. I’m just trying to make this gnome fly.”

“Try? House-elves don’t try. We do. Humans try.”

‘Do…’ thought Hermione, ‘Maybe that’s it. Maybe I’m over thinking it. Maybe if I just react instinctively... wait, I’m thinking right now. Crap.’ Her frustration must have been so strong that another gnome soared through the sky. Hermione looked around, and the gnomes seemed to be fleeing her in terror. Hermione looked over at one, and made a hand gesture. Nothing happened. She decided to try again.

It was high noon when the garden was totally de-gnomed. Hermione had made another three gnomes fly over the fence. She thought she was getting the hang of this. Edlyn disappeared with a loud CRACK. ‘I really need to figure out how to do that,’ thought Hermione. Suddenly the Matron-Elf appeared along side of Edlyn.

“Edlyn tells me you didn’t do very much in the garden. Yesterday I let you off of not doing much, seeing that you were new and was settling into a new home. But today I can’t let it go, you must learn your place here. Every Elf needs to pull his or her weight. Master won’t like an Elf that isn’t worth much. I don’t know what your previous Matron and Master let you get away with, but I won’t have it under Master’s roof, unless Master order’s it of course,” and with that she took Hermione’s arm and popped a way.


Hermione saw them reappeared in what looked like a dining hall for House-Elves; there was two sets of tables. One was with twenty-one male Elf’s on one table, with an old male Elf (Who Hermione suspected was the Head-Elf,) seating at the head of the table. On the other table were the female Elf’s that she saw earlier, she also saw Edlyn seating down at the end of the table, next to where she suspect the Matron-Elf would seat.

Just as Hermione wondering why the male and female House-Elves won’t seating together, she heard the Matron say “Listen all new and old House-Elves to the Potter Family, this House-Elf Hermy, is a bad Elf. Apart for calling Master Harry by his name,” there were gasps of shock and horror, that a House-Elf would call their Master by his name. It was a shameful thing for an Elf to do, even should the Master ask them to do it. “She also has not her weight when she was doing her work. So in punishment, she will be spanked forty times in front of you all. Apart for being her punishment, this will show to you all what to suspect should you be a bad Elf,” so for the second time in two days, the Matron-Elf as she sat down on a chair and snapped her fingers in which Hermione was forced over her lap again. And again the Matron-Elf pulled her pillowcase up just far enough to leave her butt bare, but this time there were so many House-Elf saw this - Hermione was SOOO embarrassed at this, her face was dark red in embarrassment. And once again Matron snapped her fingers and a paddle appeared in her hands, and she begun to spank Hermione.

SWAT! “One…” Hermione herd the Matron say, as she felt the paddle hit her bottom. Like the day before, the blow to her bottom stung, making tears to come to her eyes. She thought she felt so humiliated yesterday, when she was spanked just in front of Edlyn, she was soooo wrong. This was so much worse than that, she was being spanked in front of forty House-Elves. Like before, there was nothing she could do get away from this humiliation. She wished she could die right there and then…

After the fifth or sixth spanking, Hermione felt the same strange sensation in her pussy like she did yesterday. She felt so ashamed that her body was enjoying all this. When her body wanting to cum after the twentieth swat, she did everything she could not to cum. She knew that if she did, it would be soooo humiliating if the House-Elves saw she enjoyed the spanking so much that she cum over it. She feared that the Matron would punish her even more if it happened.

So the Matron-Elf continued spanking Hermione’s butt for forty times, at which time it was bright red from the hits. When Hermione got up and covered herself, she was glad to see that there was no wet spot on her pillowcase. However, she was so ashamed that her body enjoyed, even more so that her body seemed to enjoyed it more seeing that people saw her being spanked. She knew that when she had done her jobs for the day, she would go somewhere where no-one could find and masturbate until she could cum as badly as her body needs to do.

So not wanting to make the Matron-Elf to punish her any more that day, Hermione stood next to her until she was told that she could move. “Be this a warning to you House-Elves, bad Elf’s won’t be tolerated, you well be punished should you be found out,” then turning to Hermione she said “Hermy, please seat next to Edlyn and have your lunch, you two still have to do the attic this afternoon,” and with that Hermione walked towards Edlyn and seat next to her and had her lunch.


Lunch was about half an hour long, during that time Hermione didn’t talk much out of fear of giving Mitzi another reason to punish her. The only time she talked was to ask Edlyn where the attic was, in which the young Elf told her. So after lunch, whilst the other House-Elves Popped to wherever their next job was, she made a run to the attic to help Edlyn clean the attic.

About half an hour after Hermione begun to clean the attic by hand, Edlyn said sadly, “Edlyn is sorry Hermy about earlier, but Edlyn was ordered to report how Hermy had done this morning by the Matron-Elf.”

As Hermione thought about it, no matter how much she wanted to blame for what happened that morning she couldn’t as Edlyn was only following orders. Hermione knew that if someone like Dumbledore ordered her to do something like that, she would most likely of done it. So with a sigh Hermione said “You were only doing what you were ordered to do Edlyn, there’s nothing to be sorry about,” and with that the two of them continued to clean the attic.

After about ten minutes later, Edlyn asked Hermione something that had been bothering her, “Hermy? Why is it that you don’t Pop or use magic like the rest of the House-Elves do, as it would make things easier for yourself? If you do not do so soon, the Matron-Elf will continue to punish you.”

“What is Pop?” asked a confused Hermione as she thought about how to answer the young elf’s question, she knew that if she said she was a witch, she would be punished again.

“Hermy don’t know what Pop is,” said a shocked Edlyn, she couldn’t believe a young Elf like Hermy didn’t know what Pop was, “What did your parents been teaching you? Pop is the way that we House-Elves get to one place to another, it makes cleaning a lot easier.”

“Oh,” said Hermione, and just then she got an idea that if she could pull it off, would make her life at Potter Mansion a lot easier until Harry got back. Not only could she learn how to do wandless magic, she could get Mitzi off her back for a while. Maybe, if she was lucky, she knew it was unlikely, she might get her wand back. So sadly with a tear in her eye, she said, “I don’t know who my parents were. I was very young when I was given to my old Master, and because I look like a human instead of a normal House-Elf, I was treated like the rest of the human slaves that he had. He wasn’t a cruel Master, he allowed us to wear clothes, call him by his name, and because neither of us knew that I was in fact an Elf I learnt magic with a wand. So this is why I can’t Pop or use magic like a normal Elf, it’s because I don’t know how.”

Edlyn was shocked at the unbelievable story, but it would explain everything. Like why Hermy called their Master by his name, why she wore clothes and why she had a wand when she arrived here yesterday. “Edlyn most tell the Matron-Elf at once, so we can teach you how to become a proper House-Elf,” and with that Edlyn popped a way to get the Matron-Elf.

After a few minutes of Edlyn popping a way, she had returned with Mitzi. As she appeared, Mitzi asked “Edlyn told Mitzi about why Hermy couldn’t Pop or use magic like us, is this true?” Mitzi was a bit suspicious about it all, seeing that she didn’t remember any other House-Elves that looked like human because of their old Masters experiments. But as she thought about it, there could be other Masters who did the same and never said anything or one of the old Master or Mistress Potter could have told someone how to make their House-Elves look human. For now she would gave Hermy the benefit of the drought for now.

“Yes Matron it is true,” Hermione said, hoping that Mitzi wouldn’t suspect anything.

“In that case, Edlyn well train Hermy to become a proper House-Elf,” said Mitzi, “You will still be punished if you call Master by his name, or act anyway like a bad Elf.”

“I understand Matron,” said Hermione. “I want to become a good Elf for Har - I mean Master Harry.”

“Good your training begins tomorrow Hermy,” said the Matron-Elf, “Edlyn well show you what to suspect today, but tomorrow you’ll train in the basements in the morning seeing that nothing well be damaged if something went wrong. Then in the afternoons, you and Edlyn well work in the kitchen to help to cook our evening dinner. After that you can stay in the bunkrooms, the resting rooms or the yards/gardens/forest to relax for a few hours before going to bed at nine o’clock to get up for five o’clock to start your training again.”

“I understand Matron,” said Hermione, “I try not to let you down.”

“Good,” said the Matron-Elf, “I’ll let you two be,” and with that the Matron-Elf popped a way.

Once the Matron-Elf was gone, Edlyn said “Well Hermy, here is what we House-Elves can do,” and with that Edlyn begun to show Hermione what House-Elves could do.

It was a few hours later and Hermione was heading to the forest, the reason she didn’t think no one would see her for what she had planned. Since the spanking at lunch, her body wanted some release, but because of the rules of the House-Elves she needed to do it somewhere where she wouldn’t be caught. She thought that the forest would be the best place to go.

Now as she was heading there, Hermione thought back to Edlyn and what she had shown her. Hermione had learnt a lot about House-Elves that afternoon, more than she ever imaged. She learnt that in Mansions like the Potters, Blacks, Malfoys and other Most Noble and Ancient Families often have more than twenty House-Elves unless they were sold and something else happened to them. Anyway, in each house the Elves would be put into one of four/five job teams: Kitchen Team, this team sorts out the dinner and cleaning the kitchens. The Garden Team, this group looks after the yards/gardens and if the family got one forests. Laundry Team, this group washes the dirty clothes. The House Team, - the team Edlyn and now Hermione belonged to - this group keeps the rest of the house clean. The last group is the Animal Team should they have any, this group is to look after the animals. But without a Master in the house, the Elves would do whatever is needed to keep the place clean and ready for their new Master. Hermione never realized how organise they were, and how each Elf had their own job in the family. She now knew that there was more to the House-Elves then she first thought, and maybe being force to be a House-Elf for a while she would find out more about them.

Anyway, when she got to the forest, Hermione was glad that there was no one around and so she started to masturbate. She won’t admit this to anyone, not even to herself, but as she was masturbating, she was thinking of Harry spanking her and her calling him Master. Once she got her release that her body needed, she returned to the Mansion to have an early night seeing she knew that it would be a long day the following day.


Author’s Notes: Hi all, I would like to thank all those who reviewed the last chapter, I’m glad you like it. I also hope those who haven’t reviewed the story, I hope you like the story too and I hope you review soon. Anyway, thanks for reading the second chapter of Hermione the House-Elf. I hope that that seeing you spent the time to read this story, you can you spend a few more minutes to review… but please no pointless flames. Those who send pointless flames, I’ll tell them where to go, as I can’t stand them.

Now here is where I got a problem, seeing that Hermione is now being trained as a House-Elf, I would like ideas on how she should be trained. Also, as she learns about being a House-Elf, what sort of things should she learn, and what should the rules be for a House-Elf? She already learnt what jobs House-Elves do, but what else should she learn? Also I would like ideas for how House-Elves became the way they were. Were they always like that, or was it a punishment for betraying the wizarding world. All this well help me to write the next chapter, as without your help I won’t be able to do much. I’ve tried to work this out myself but I can’t think of anything, so PLEASE help me.

Also I would like to hear what other ideas you might have for this story. Also if you’re a beta reader and you would like to help me, please let me know.
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