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Film Class

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Cynthia's POV

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I watch the average height dirty blonde boy as he throws a crumpled up paper ball at his bubbly, bright colored girlfriend who laughs as she unfolds it. What I would do to be in her shoes. Shaking my head I turn back to the computer screen excited for the new video project we are about to be assigned. We get partners I hope to God mine is Mikey.

Alright, I understand that I, Cynthia an 11th grader, should probably go for someone my own age instead of Mikey Way a measly 9th grader but he’s just so damn cute. He looks over at me and I smile widely, waving at him. Although he looks a bit confused he smiles back before turning his attention back to Autum.

“Cynthia Rodela with Michael Way,” the teacher drones on about pairs.

Whoa, hold the phones. I’m with Mikey? Silently I thank the Gods that control this kind of stuff as he moves over to me so we can start talking about movie ideas. I’ve got a few but I’ll let him put in his ideas. Guys like talking about themselves and ideas they have.

“So I was thinking something funny,” says Mikey pulling out a notebook and pencil.

He’s like a dream come true, “Yeah. Like a comedy with a twist ending or something. Like have something tragic happen but the characters deal with it in a funny way.”

“Silent movie or should we have our actors talk?” Mikey questions scribbling things down in his notebook.

“Um…I always thought silent movies where funnier than ones’ where people speak,” I answer. I’m not really sure why I just always have; pretty sure it has something to do with the expressions on the faces of those who cannot speak.

“Sounds awesome, I’ll talk to my brother and his girlfriend about being our talent,” Mikey says.

Gerard Way, although I’ve only seen him once, sitting outside the principal’s office in the blue detention chairs, scares the shit out of me. He’s not much taller than Mikey with dark hair that hangs in his face and vampire like features. Then there is Amanda Iero. She’s tough and is called down to the detention room at least twice a month. I’m not scared of her but we don’t talk. She’s normally too busy with Gerard or her brother.

“Sounds great,” I partly lie. I guess once I get to know them I won’t find them as intimidating as I do now.

“You don’t have to worry Cynthia, Gee doesn’t eat people,” Mikey says with a laugh, pulling open his blog page we created before break.

“What?” I question just a little confused.

Mikey shrugs, “I get that look from everyone. Gerard is just a scary looking guy. In truth though he’s just a big softie not to mention he’s afraid of his own shadow.”

I laugh. Is there any way possible I could like this kid anymore? I guess over the rest of the school year I will figure it out. Maybe I’ll even win him over with my charm and easy going nature. Again I laugh only this time at how much of a dating sight I sound like whislt thinking to myself.

As the bell for lunch rings I grab my bag and hurry to follow Mikey down the hall. Maybe he’d actually let me sit with him and his friends today. I mean we are working on a movie together. Then again as he walks down the hall with his arm around Autum’s shoulders I feel like maybe I’d be intruding.

“Autum, you know Cynthia, right?” Mikey asks his girlfriend as we all stand in line waiting to get the shitty school food.

“Um….” Autum looks at me for a minute. “Yeah.”

Mikey beams down at her, his lips pressing to her forehead for a second as he grabs two trays getting a fruit cup for each. I wish I had a boyfriend who was willing to carry my tray for me.

Sighing I follow the two to their normal table that is already filled with a few other ninth graders talking happily amongst themselves. I don’t even ask, I just sit down on Autum’s left.

“So what’s up guys?” I questions moving my slimy looking noodles around on my tray.

A few of the kids look at me strangely but Autum is nice and decides to talk to me. I guess I can’t hate her.

“Well we are having crappy school lunch. What are you and Mikey doing for your movie?”

“We’re doing like a silent comedy,” I answer chewing on a grape.

Autum smiles, “Sounds fun. My partner and I are doing a horror movie. I’m hoping we can borrow Amanda’s brother for our mad man.”

“Why do you want my brother’s girlfriend’s brother?” Mikey asks looking a little confused.

Autum just shrugs, “He’s an upperclassmen plus he’s fun to work with. He was in my last short film.”

Mikey nods, smiling at Autum, not even bothering to talk with me. I guess I’ll just have to take the small amount of time I have with him and use it to my advantage. Maybe I’ll win his heart away from Autum…then again, maybe I won’t.
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