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Love Has Its Ways

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Frerard. When the wives go on a vacation, things get steamy, depressing, and all around, suicidal. And the world thought they knew the guys of My Chemical Romance...

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Hello Everyone!
I have several things to address:
1. I'm sorry for my complete and total disappearance off the face of the earth for a few days! I was out of state for my cousin's second birthday!
2. I also lost (But now I have it back, obviously) the first chapter of this story, but no worries! It's all good!
3. I'm in the process of writing a sequel to Guardian Angel! (Thought you should know that.)
4. If you're looking for a gay-sex Frerard, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. I purposely cut those parts out to avoid creeps like you, who I just told to leave, to just breeze through the whole story to find that part. NO MIKEY FUCKIN' WAY, BITCHES.
(Sorry for the language!)
Read Away!

Frank's POV
I woke at 8:36 am, disoriented. I had a bad hangover, but surprisingly, I was in my own bed. I looked over my right shoulder to Jamia's spot- she wasn't there.
Instead, there was someone else. 
Not Jamia.
A sleeping Gerard.
I screamed, causing him to scream as well. We looked at each other for a moment, and screamed again, realizing that we didn't have anything on. 
What the hell happened last night? I tried, but couldn't remember. I just stared at Gerard, thinking about all of those times I would imagine waking up next to him...
... I never wanted it to be like this. 
"F-Frankie?" he asked, shaking as he reached to pull his hands through his hair. "What h-happened t-to us?"
I couldn't answer his question, because I already knew part of the answer.
We got drunk.
And had sex.
That was a little too obvious, though. He looked at my leg that was half under the sheets, a little bit of color on it. Probably just a bruise or something.
"Hmm," he said. "I never knew you had a tattoo on your leg Frankie..." he stared at my leg.
I moved the sheet off of my leg as I said, "I don't, Gerard. What the hell are you smo- HOLY SHIT! WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE YOUR NAME ON MY LEG?!"
He didn't answer, he was too busy dealing with his own problem. I wasn't the only one who got a tattoo last night.
"What the hell?! I don't get tattoos, man!" he said as he held out his arm to see the word "Frankie" with a heart next to it. 
I started to laugh. My name. On Gerard's arm. I felt like one of those obsessive fangirls.
He went back to laying down, and he stared at the ceiling. He pulled one of the various sheets on my bed over his head, and moaned. I looked at him. "What?" I asked.
"I remember last night. Not all of it, but from the time we walked into the door of your house up to right now." he blushed and buried his face into his pillow. I just stared at him.
"Was it THAT bad?" I asked, confused.
He looked at me for a few seconds and smiled, followed by him almost tackling me, and kissing me. "No. It wasn't good. It was amazing. One of the best nights of my life." he said and kissed me again. I wanted to know what had happened. 
Most importantly: I wanted to know why he didn't have a problem with it. I didn't bother with that and just focused on the moment right now.
Gerard was kissing me. 
I felt him run his hand down the side of my torso giving me the chills until he stopped and said, "Frank Iero, you have no clue how long I've been waiting for last night to happen." and grabbed my ass.
I couldn't respond, so I just kissed him again, moaning. He was slightly taken back for a second. He kissed me back. His hands started to go down my chest.
"Gerard..." I whispered, chuckling. "You're such a fucking tease." 
He chuckled and pushed me away.
Even though this moment was perfect, I couldn't help but wonder what had happened.

-Three Days Ago-

Gerard's POV
I kissed Lindsay as she hopped out of the car, running into the airport (due to the fact it was pouring), dragging her suitcase behind her. 
She, Alicia, Jamia, and Christa were all going on vacation, leaving us guys to two whole weeks wife-free. It was decided that the guys were all going to come over to my place, relax, and play video games like the dorks we truly were.
Ray arrived first, his afro was slightly deflated due to the rain, then Mikey. It was taking a long time for Frank to show up, and I was getting nervous.
What if he had gotten into a car accident? I mean, the rain was pretty bad, and that means danger. I started to pace as Mikey and Ray walked into the living room, going to get ready. I was too nervous about Frankie. He meant a lot to me.
I sat on the steps, stressed, when I heard a voice.
"Why so down, Gee?"
Gasp! A cliffhanger?! Well, I'm gonna let hang there for a bit....
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