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I woke up with a cool feeling on my forehead. Along with small water droplets on my forehead. I shot up and looked in front of me. I say Frank's hazel eyes and his shining white smile.
"I think she's awake now." Frank said waving hello to me. I felt some one resting their hand on my back. They were supporting me. I pushed their hand away and stood up.
"I have to go see about that snake before this liquid whatever wears off." I said walking away. I heard them al say goodbye as I walked down onto the first level. I didn't see anyone walking around. All I saw was a huge snake curled into a ball on the floor. Sleeping, I hope. I jumped not the hard but still ended up touching the ceiling. I grabbed onto a pole and began to crawl across the ceiling. I felt like Spiderman. I took hold of pole by pole and pulled my self along. Crawling like a spider. So fast it was like a person was chasing me with a shoe. I noticed that no matter how much noise I was making that the snake never moved. I dropped myself down right next to it. Even with the small thud noise I had made next to it's head it didn't move. I stomped my foot as I hard as I could to see if it would move. I knew that if it did then I would be dead. I hadn't thought about then until I did it. I regretted it since. The snake stirred and fluttered it's eyelids open. I wasn't around long enough to see it open it's eye completely. I was sprinting up the ramp. I was too scared to look back and see if it was coming. I ran and fell to my knees in front of Ray. He had been talking to Mikey about who knows what. My breathing was so heavy I felt like my lungs were going to explode.
"What happened?" I felt Ray put his hand on my shoulder. I still couldn't answer. I couldn't even breathe.
"The... I didn't... It's gonna... I'm sorry." I breathed heavily. I wasn't sure if they even knew exactly what I was saying. I knew I sure as hell didn't. I got confused looks from everyone except Gerard who was nodding slightly. I knew he understood
"Okay. It's okay. Just say it when you calm down." He said putting his hands up motioning him to calm down. I started breathing better now. I was prepared to tell him what I had said. Until I heard a loud hissing. I knew that I had gotten myself into some deep shit.
"Never mind that. Just run!" I said grabbing Mikey's hand and pulling him with me. He was pulled up and started running with me. I felt him lace his fingers with mine. I smiled even though the situation was bad. We ran towards the third level and up the ramp. I pulled Mikey behind a car and he fell. On top of me. I felt his warm breath on my cheek. He smiled warmly at me. I didn't no what to say. By his shy smile I don't think he knew what to say either.
"Um... Sorry." He said with his hands rested on either side of my body. His weight on min didn't hurt at all. It was warm, comfortable, and cozy.
"Get some Mikey." Frank laughed. Gerard shoved Frank a little and and gave him a disappointed look. Frank smiled and turned pink. Mikey didn't move. He just lied there smiling like an idiot.
"Mhm." Gerard cleared his throat and gave Mikey a scary look.
"Oh." Mikey pushed himself up and and stood on his feet. I didn't move. Until I felt someone pull me up by my arm.
"You okay?" Mikey asked with the smile still on his pale face.
"Fine." I said looking down. I didn't want to look at him, in fear of turning pink myself. I crouched down on the floor hiding behind the car. Mikey followed as well as Frank, Gerard, and Ray. I felt someone slip their hand into mine. I didn't have to look to know it was Mikey. I wanted to look though. I wanted to see his face. I didn't want to be mean and pull my hand away. But I had too. My contact had fallen out, I couldn't see form my left eye. I pulled my hand away and grabbed my glasses from my bag. A pair of squarish, thin rimmed, black glasses. I slipped them behind me ears and took my other contact out. Why would I use one contact. I dropped it on the floor, indifferent of what happened to it afterwards. I peeped over the edge to see some people wandering around. But only 3. I saw a good amount of cars.
"What are you guys doing behind my car?" I saw a women standing there with her child. He was a little boy in a blue T-shirt. He was wearing khaki shorts. And a transformers wristwatch.
"Hey there little guy." I said waving at the little boy. He hid behind his mother's leg. Hiding his shining blue eyes.
"What's on your watch?" I asked pointing to his watch. He stepped from behind his mom and stood in front of me.
"It's transformers." He said looking at the floor.
"Have you seen the movies before?" I asked. I wanted him not to be scared of me, or my friends.
"Yeah. I play with the toys too. Bumblebee is the one on my watch though see." He said putting his watch to my face.
"Yeah. Is he your favorite?" I asked him. The boy simply nodded. He had bleach blond hair and fair skin. He was completely adorable. I couldn't help but talk to him. The boy went on and on about transformers. I listened to him and only him. He finished and I stood up.
"Your kids adorable." I said to the lady. She smiled at me and rubbed her boy's head. The little boy tugged on my pant leg.
"Yes." I said kneeling back down to his level.
"What's your favorite color?" He asked me. I giggled a little an looked at him.
"Blue. What's yours?" I asked with a big smile.
"The same." HGe smiled and I stood up.
"What's his name?" I asked his mom.
"Destery. You seem be very good with children. What is your name young lady?" She asked me in a Texas accent.
"Marissa Ann Sorrentino." I said curtsying without having a skirt on. She laughed at me.
"Marissa."Destery said from the floor.
"Yes." I said sitting back down in front of him.
"Is that your boyfriend?" He asked pointing at Mikey who was sitting behind me still holding my hand.
"Uh. No. But maybe one day." I said smiling at the little boy. I said it quietly so Mikey couldn't hear it.
"Do you love him?" Destery asked me. I smiled and turned pink.
"Destery." The mom scolded the little blue eyed boy. He frowned and hid behind his mom.
"No. It's okay." I said to his mom.
"I don't know. I might when I know him better. Your very smart Destery . How old are you?" I asked him.
"I am 3." He said putting up three small fingers. I smiled at him remembering how I was when I was that age. It was good times.
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