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Mr. Greene

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Gerard's POV

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There he was, John Stewart, the school’s bully harassing another kid. Amanda, being the kind citizen she is stomps over to him, Frank and I following close behind. She’s a tough girl but John enjoys knocking her around and she’s so tiny. I’m just afraid one day he’ll hit her a little too hard and we’ll have problems.

“Aww, look you’re little emo friend coming to your rescue,” John taunts my girlfriend as she goes over to help Frankie, an English foreign exchange student.

“Shut the fuck up John,” Amanda says pushing Frankie behind her a little, her pale arm bearing the scars of a depressed teenager that needed help.

Sure, I’m aware Amanda cut herself. I’m also aware she tried to kill herself; I was the one who stopped her doing both. She’s better than that and tons of people love her. One day she just threw everything away, decided I was telling her the truth. She’s not cut in almost a year.

“No. Why don’t you and your little fag friends move along,” John answers back, reaching for Frankie but Amanda grabs his hand, pushing it back. I guess martial arts really do pay off.

“Leave her alone,” Manda says glaring into the bully’s black, beady eyes. "And for your imformation Frank and Gerard aren't gay but I think you might be."

John growls, “Look you little emo slut, get the fuck out of my way.”

At his words both Frank and I jump at him. People don’t call my girlfriend and Frank Iero’s little sister a slut or emo. The three of us, Amanda, Frank and I beat on John. I only stop my attack when I hear the slight crunch of a bone and Amanda let out some kind of victory cry mixed with pain. He’d gone for her wrist again. The same one he broke not three months ago. It was just finishing up heeling. That bastard.

I let my foot make contact with his side before pulling Amanda close to me, making sure she is alright. I can’t help that I’m just a little over protective of her. It’s how I am…how Frank is. She's the most precious thing we have to call ours. We'd do anything just to make sure she was never in danger or pain or anything like that. It's an instinct that comes with being close to this girl.

“Go to class Frankie,” Amanda says to the stunned looking English girl with dark black hair covering half her face.

“We’re gonna get called to the office,” she answers.

Amanda looks just a little agitated, “If they call you come down, if not you’re fine. Now get yourself to class. We’ll take the blame.”

“Thanks,” Frankie says before hurrying down the hallway and disappearing into a classroom just as the crackle of the loud speaker sounds. Fuck.

“Will Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Amanda Iero and John Stewart please come to the principal’s office,” our principal, Mr. Greene drones as we all head towards his dark, cold cave of an office. All four of us know it very well.

I continue to hold onto Amanda best I can as we walk, her right hand stretched out so she can hold onto Frank’s. Her brother lands himself in detention at least once a week for getting into a fight. Normally the fights are started because he over hears people talking about his sister. He’s just about as protective of her as I am if not more. Those two really only have each other, with there parents being gone all the time and stuff.

“So you broke his nose?” Frank asks as we all take seats outside the light colored door.

“It looks like it,” Amanda answers, glancing over at John who is a few seats down from us, red blood oozing through his fingers which hold his nose running down his hand like a waterfall of sorts...a red, sticky waterfall.

She looks bored as the principal calls us all in, her darkly lined eyes half closed, her lips pouty. Manda is gorgeous, her piercing eyes staring accusingly at John as though he is to blame for everything bad that happens in the world.

“You do realize this is the eleventh time you have been called down to my office in the past two months Miss Iero same with you Mr. Wat. Not to mention your weekly visits Mr. Iero,” Mr. Green starts, his words falling on uncaring ears.

“I get it. I apologize for breaking the bastard’s nose but he needs to learn a lesson and I’m sorry if your scrawny ass is too scared to deal with him but mine isn’t,” Amanda answers.

She’s just plain sexy. I allow my mind to wander not even caring what’s going on in the room. I imagine Amanda, pushing the principal’s desk back with one of her black high heeled, Converse clad feet coming to straddle me, her black, tutu style gothic skirt riding up just a little so I can see the red and white thong I know she’s wearing. My hands travel down her fishnet covered thighs; as she reaches down to rub me through my pants. A small moan escapes my lips.

“Everything alright Gee?” Amanda gives me a worried look her cold fingers curling around my arm, pulling me out of my daydream.

“Super,” I mumble as Mr. Greene gives me a stern look.

“I expect all four of you to be here everyday after school for a week. You’ll be helping our janitors scrub graffiti off of lockers,” he says.

Amanda groans, her leather jacket sleeve falling from her shoulder revealing her spider tattoo along with the top part of her sleeve which she is currently attending sessions to have it completed…everyday after school for the next week.

“I have to get my tattoo finished. I don’t think I can change my appointments Mr. Greene.”

He sighs, “Maybe instead of getting your body covered in ink that will limit your job options you should go to anger management, Miss Iero.”

“Hey you watch what you say to my sister, she doesn’t have an anger issue she just doesn’t put up with fat asses beating up kids so they can feel better about themselves,” Frank growls, standing up and slamming his chair into the book case behind us.

“Perhaps you should join her Frank. You can go. I expect to see you all tonight, four o’clock sharp; you’ll be done at five thirty.”

With that we are dismissed. Amanda looks more pissed off than ever and my fantasies are starting to cloud my mind again. I don’t think it’s lawful for someone to be that good looking. Alright well at least to me she’s good looking. I better not hear any other guy saying that about my baby girl.

“What the fuck is he getting at?” Amanda practically growls as she slams her ring covered fist into a nearby locker, one of the few that isn’t covered in sharpie and spray paint. “That only leaves me ten minutes to get to my appointment.”

“Shh, sugar, calm down,” I coo, pulling her close to me enjoying the way she melts into my chest, instantly calming down as I stroke her soft, raven colored hair left slighly wavy today.

“You’ll get there. I’ll talk to Bob and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind staying later at the shop along with one other guy to get it down. They all know both of us by name in there,” Frank says, rubbing his sister’s leather covered back.

“Why is life so difficult?” Amanda pouts as I press my forehead to hers.

Smirking I kiss her, “Been askin’ myself that for some time now.”

“You find an answer yet, Gerard?” Frank asks still being a creeper on an intimate moment I'm trying to share with Amanda.

“No, now fuck off so I can make out with your sister,” I snarl burying my nose in her neck, gently nipping at the soft skin.

Today in totally has not actually sucked that much.

Author's Note: Alright so earlier tonight my ex-boyfriend came by to borrow some pizza sauce. Last time I checked you didn't have to stay and watch a two hour movie to borrow pizza sauce. Anyway his very presence makes me angry mainly because he's just an asshole. So instead of killing everyone off because I was pissed I wrote about sex or a form of sex or something sexual...blah. I feel like I'm ranting so I will stop now cause I'm sure most of you don't care. Imma go watch Dawn of the Dead...again. Hope you enjoyed.
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