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Very Loved

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Autumn's POV

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None of my friends are at school today; not even Mikey. This leaves me lonely at lunch. I wonder if something is wrong. Is Mikey hurt? Pulling out my cell phone I dial in his memorized number waiting for him to pick up. Lucky for me I hear his voice after the second ring. At least I know it’s not him who is hurt. That calms my nerves just a little bit.

“Hey Autumn,” Mikey says, sounding extremely tired.

“Everything alright?” I ask concerned.

“Um…Gerard had a little accident last night. I’m at the hospital. Sorry, I meant to call,” answers Mikey still sounding extremely sleep deprived.

Gerard had an accident? What kind of an accident? Obviously it was bad enough that he had to go the hospital. I swear that boy gets himself in more trouble than anyone I’ve ever met.

“Should I come by later, maybe bring you guys something to eat? I can probably convince my parents to drive me there,” I offer.

If I can help in anyway I will. I know hospitals are boring and the food in them is pretty terrible even if it is from the cafeteria. Also I’m just a little curious to find out exactly what happened to Gerard.

“That would make my day Autumn,” Mikey says and I can just imagine the half smile set on his face.

“I probably won’t be able to make it until later,” I answer though I don’t really know what I’m walking into. “Mikey…what exactly happened to Gerard?”

He sighs, making it sound like there is a storm brewing in the phone, “He got hit by a car.”

I shut my phone, staring at the wall not really knowing what to think. I’ve watched TV shows where that has happened to people but I never though I’d know someone who it happened to.

As the bell rings I stand and march my butt to math. I don’t really pay attention. Instead my mind wanders. I can’t imagine how scared Mikey and Amanda and Bob and Ray and Frank and everyone who knows Gerard must be. Mikey didn’t really say much on how his brother was doing or if they thought he would pull through. Then again I didn’t really let him before I hung up.

“Autumn, the answer for number seven?” the teacher says as everyone turns to look at me.

Staring at the paper I can’t seem to get my brain to compute the numbers laid out in front of me, “Sorry, I don’t know.”

“Maybe you should pay more attention instead of daydreaming,” my math teacher says before diving back into the lesson.

As much as I try to focus I just can’t. I’m simply too worried about my friends.


Carrying three bags of take out Chinese food I walk down the hallway which the lady at the front desk pointed out. Eventually, I see everyone inside a room at the end of the hall, standing around a bed, a few people sitting on the heater under the window.

“I brought your food,” I announce as I walk through the open door.

Everyone turns to look at me, bags of food in my arms. They smile at me. As the bags are taken and food dispersed Mikey walks over to me, hugging me tightly.

“Thank you so much for coming, Autumn,” he whispers as I wipe a tear away from his face.

“No problem, I’m happy I could help,” I answer as we move over to a chair covered in mint green plastic cushions, “Gerard is gonna pull through. He’s a fighter.”

Mikey nods, “He woke up for a little bit earlier but fell right back to sleep. At least we know he’s not in a coma.”

“See, he’s already getting better,” I answer with a smile as Mikey pulls open his container of food, offering me a bite of rice. I accept it.

Sighing, I look around, eyeing everyone in the room. Amanda is sitting on the end of Gerard’s bed, looking worriedly at him, picking at her food. Frank is sitting on the heater with Leighton giving her his chicken as he eats the rice and vegetables. I forgot he was a vegan. Ray and Zayna are sitting in the corner playing some kind of card game occationally shoving forkfuls of food into their mouths. Andrea is sitting on Bob’s lap, drawing on his hand with a purple sharpie. We all wear the same worried expression on our faces.

Gerard should feel very loved right now.
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