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The Four-Step Plan

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"Frankie, do you love me?"

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Hello Everyone!
So, I've been watching the Food Network religiously, lately! I'm also obsessive with the Travel Channel, TLC (the only show on TLC I like is Cake Boss), and the Science Channel. Weird combination, right? I honestly don't know why I felt the need to tell you this, but I just did.
Oh, how I love Chopped....

Gerard's POV
About an hour or so later, Ray was probably the worst of all of us. He was woozy, and was saying stuff that didn't make any sense. Then he just passed out, along with Mikey, who had gotten himself so drunk, that he was singing karaoke. And people pulled out their phones.
I was going to have to get that fixed. Just another Friday night in the life.
So they were both passed out, leaving me and Frankie the only ones conscious. 
"Hey," he said. "How much do you wanna bet that when Mikey wakes up, he'll slap someone across the face?"
"Oh, it's on, man." I said, shaking his hand as we observed Mikey. I picked up a shot and handed it to Frank, getting one for myself as well. "Bottoms up." I said as we both laughed and drank. What an interesting night.
I just hoped my plan was going to fall into place.
Step One: Get Frankie drunk.
Step Two: Leave the bar safely.
Step Three: Get Frankie in bed.
Step Four: You know the rest.
I was planning on making sure I didn't drink as much as him, so I could pay attention to what I'd be doing. 
So I pretended to drink a few shots, when he actually did.
Mikey woke up and slapped Ray across the face by reflex.
"Oh! Cough it up, loser!" Frankie yelled. I placed twenty dollars into his hand. He did some fucked up dance, and sat back down.
We had managed to pull Mikey and Ray into a taxi, and dropped them off at their houses. Frank and I were going to his place. Frank insisted.
My plan was working out perfectly. 
We walked into Frank's place.
"Frankie?" I asked, walking behind him.
"Yes, Gee?" he said, his words kind of slurred together.
"Do you love me?" I questioned. He turned around to face me, he blushed, and his eyes grew large.
"Of course, Gee." he said, going back to normal. "I would do anything for you." he mumbled as we walked up the stairs.
"Anything?" I asked.
"Anything." he replied as he walked into his bedroom, and plopped on the bed.
"Okay, Frankie." I said. I was really nervous as ran my fingers through my hair. I sat down next to him. "Let's just see what you can do." I whispered in his ear as I went for his belt buckle.
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