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Life On the Road

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I know I'm starting another one. I bet you guys are tired of me starting stories haha. This one is Green Day.

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I flip through TV channels on this rainy Saturday afternoon when I land on MTV. A music video is playing, and I know the words by heart.
My shadow's the only one that walks beside me,
My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating,
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me
'Til then I walk alone...

The lead singer looks straight into the camera. He has eyes that you can instantly feel connect with you. It’s kinda scary, in a way. He has an emo look going on, the kind of guy that looks straight, yet gay; the one that girls fall for, and a few guys as well. He is truly something.
"Maggie!" my mom called from the other room. "Your father is coming home at five. Have your room picked up by then, okay?"
"No," I answer back quietly, keeping my watery eyes on the video. The lyrics hit me hard as this is the exact way I feel. I’m so alone right now.
When I introduce myself to people, it's always the same deal. I go, "Hi, I'm Maggie Armstrong." And they answer, " Billie Joe of Green Day?"
Here's the fun part. Without skipping a beat, I smile and reply, "Yeah, he's my dad." It gets ‘em every time.
Then they go on to ask what it's like to be the daughter of Billie Joe Armstrong. Just to keep it short I say I'm just like every other kid. Which is true, but I don't want to elaborate anymore. If I go too far they ask about the marriage problems my parents have been having lately and I just don’t feel like talking about it. I hate the media.
I can understand why people ask what it's like to have the father I do. I mean, who else can say their dad sings lead in a hit band, wears eyeliner, screeches into a mic, plays guitar and not like Billy Ray Cyrus, the real way to play a guitar, been arrested for a DUI, sings about everything inappropriate under the sun, and wears skinny jeans. According to the gossip sites, he pulls it off too.
I don't think that's like your average dad.
To tell the truth, he's a great role model. I'm not saying he takes off the jeans and the liner and cuts the language when he comes home at night, but he doesn't encourage me to use it. He's got a million tattoos, and he'd never push me to get one but he didn’t object when I did. He's mooned crowds before and worn a leopard print thong, I know. He'd never change his ways for anyone, even his family.
My dad lost his own father at a young age. I know it was hard for him, considering how close they were. That's why I'm glad he has someone like me and my brothers. He wants to be the shadow for us that he never got to follow. I like that.
True, his lifestyle doesn't let us do many father-family things which is probably the reason his marriage is in shambles. I don’t really mind though. I mean sure he wasn’t there at my eight grade graduation and he wasn’t there to beat the shit out of my ex – boyfriend when he hit me but he finds time when he’s home for us to talk and go to the movies. He does hang out with me. My dad may be a celebrity, but he loves me and my brothers Jakob and Joe and my mom just the same; though mom doesn’t always love him.
But every time I hear his music on the radio, or on MTV, it gets to me. I don't know what happens, and I probably never will. Green Day just does something to you. It's weird.
I head upstairs so the first thing my dad sees when he walks through the door isn’t his seventeen year old daughter crying. Before I know it five rolls around and I hear the garage door open, then the front door.
As I wipe the tears from my cheeks I hear footsteps charging across the floor downstairs, followed by a shriek.
"DADDY!" my twelve year old brother Jakob runs across the hall and leaps into my dad's arms. I don't even have to look, I know the routine.
"My God Danger, what happened to you today?" I hear him answer.
"I ran into the door..." Jakob replies cheerfully.
I laugh a bit. Don't ask me why, but mom and dad couldn't have chosen a better middle name for Jake. Danger fits him well, considering all the injuries life brings him. I know he has a band-aid on his forehead from earlier that afternoon...I was the one who put it on. I skipped the last day of eleventh grade, it’s not like we actually did anything today.
Dad laughs. "Okay, dude," he calls as Jakob run off down the hall. Soon after I hear footstep on the stairs as dad makes his way upstairs to see me.
"Hey, Mag pie," he says, entering my room.
"Hi," I reply, sitting on the bed.
My dad came over and sits down too. The look on his face tells me he knows I was crying but he doesn’t bring it up right way, "How's life?"
"I saw Boulevard of Broken Dreams on MTV earlier," I relate.
"Pshh, really? I wouldn't peg you for a Green Day fan," he teases back.
I went along with it. "I know, right? Their lead singer is so weird looking. If you ask me, Adam Lambert pulls off the eyeliner much better."
"Adam is pretty hot," my dad agrees. Would it faze you if your dad was openly bi, and married to a girl? Doesn't bother me, never has probably never will.
He changes the subject when I don’t laugh. "What shit has life dealt you today," he questions. The eyeliner smears are a dead give away of my sadness.
“Mom talked to me again today about the upcoming court date. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I just wish I didn’t have to make this decision.” I answer, the water spilling over my face again. I hate crying in front of my dad.
Dad closes his eyes, “I don’t except it to be easy. Who would you be most happy with?”
“We both know the answer to that question. I’m scared the court won’t accept it though.”
Dad shrugs, “They’ve got to. You’re going great with the whole thing Mags. Just keep holding on.” he takes my arm, looking at the new red line running across my pale white skin. “Stop doing that.”
“Alright,” I answer with a weak smile.
He puts his arm around me, holding me close to him.
I wrap my arms around his waist and hug him, "I love you, dad."
"I love you too, Maggie," he says. "I don't care what anyone else says. My kids are the best there ever will be."

Author's Note: Just saying right now you might wanna get used to these things, haha. So I decided to try my hand at a Green Day fic. I kinda have a plot line but I'll probably be a little slow to update. Also Maggie is like 90% based on me incase you care. So yup. Here's what Maggie looks like (I have red hair though and am not as tall but it's close:)
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