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You are My Sunshine

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Frank's POV

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As I watch my little sister sleep I regret some of the things I’d thought over the past few days. She could have had cancer, she could be hooked up to machines with all her hair falling out…she could have ended up like Joey. I had actually wished she wasn’t my sister just a few days ago. I can’t even begin to apologize for even thinking something like that. I feel terrible.

Although I’m fully aware she is cancer free I can’t help but worry. What if they’d missed something, what if she really does have cancer and it’s growing inside of her and the doctor’s don’t know it? All this fear rushes over me and I understand why Amanda had insisted Gerard not tell me until they knew for sure. I would have been a mess.

“Frank,” Gerard’s soft whispers pulling me from my thoughts, “Is she asleep?”

I nod, once Amanda’s mouth hangs open just a little the world could end and she’d have no clue. My sister is a pretty sound sleeper.

“Will you help me pick out a ring? I don’t care how much it is, I’ll get the money but you know Amanda better than anyone, I mean you’re her brother. You know what she likes and all,” Gerard rambles, stroking my little sister’s hair lovingly.

If there was ever a guy I’d be happier to see my sister with it would be Gerard. He cares about her so much. She’s safe with him and he makes her happiest, “Of course.”

He smiles at me, kissing Amanda on the cheek. She sighs a little, but her eyes don’t even flutter. It’s good to see her getting sleep, real, good sleep. She’s hardly shut her eyes since I’d brought her to the hospital. At least we all know she genuinely cares about Gerard.

As my heavy eyelids close over my tired eyes I can’t help but be happy they found each other.

I stand on the roof of one of the office building in the city, the cold air blowing in my face causing shivers to rack through my tiny frame. The girl standing near the edge turns to look at me, black hair across her face, a single tear spilling from her eye and falling down her pale face.

“Please, Amanda don’t do it. We all love you so much…please,” I plead with her knowing if I move any closer she’ll send herself falling to the pavement below.

“No, Frankie they don’t,” she answer moving forwards just a little bit more.

I can’t watch this…my own sister, taking her life. There’s really nothing I can do. She’s too close to the edge for me to get to her before she jumps. If I move she’s gone forever.

“Amanda, look at me,” a voice sounds behind me as the roof access door slams shut.

There is Gerard, his black hair flying, face a little red from running up all the stairs. He’s come to try and help. I have no clue if it will work but he wanted to try. He likes her and wants her to be safe.

My little sister turns to look at the darkly dressed boy standing to my left. She smiles a little bit but her eyes hold no emotion…she’s just like a robot. Amanda will go through the motions but she doesn’t care…doesn’t feel anymore.

“Amanda I know I can’t really stop you but will you at least give me a hug before you leave us forever?” Gerard asks, taking a tiny step forward which is matched by Amanda but she steps back, closer to the edge.

Gerard sighs, “Amanda please, I just want a hug after that I’ll let you go.”

How can he say that? How can he simply let her kill herself? Although I’m skeptical he has gotten Amanda to start walking towards him, her arms held out a little bit. As she stops he walks forwards, pulling her into a tight hug.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away,” Gerard gently sings to her as Amanda begins to cry in his arm. “How about we take you home?”

My little sister looks up at him through watery eyes before nodding, “I’d like that.”
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