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Not That Bad

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Lola's (Roxxi's) POV

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As I head down the hallway, my hands shoved in the pockets of my purple leather vest which I have paired with a black turtle neck, dark wash skinnies and purple high heeled booties, I get at least ten wolf whistles. This gets old and annoying. I’ve reported the sexual harassment to our principal but he’s a push over and won’t ever do anything to stop it.

“There’s my little lollipop,” Brando Drake smirks, draping his arm around my shoulder. “I missed you last night.”

“I wasn’t aware we had plans,” I answer icily really just wanting to get to the bathroom.

Brandon winks, “Feisty…I like it.”

Closing my eyes I stop wishing someone would pop out of one of the lockers and save me from my attacker, “You’re a pig Brandon.”

“Naw,” he answers as I hear another pair of heels coming down the hallway. Oh God, I don’t even care who it is I just want to get away from Brandon.

Reopening my eyes I see Frank and Amanda walking down the hall, hand in hand. If I didn’t know Frank I’d say that there was something going on between him and his sister, they just seem too close to be brother and sister.

“Roxxi,” Frank says his eyes shifting between Brandon and I, “everything alright?”

“We’re fine little faggot, lollipop and I were just chatting,” Brandon answers Frank, smiling down at me. I grimace in response.

“I’d prefer it if you wouldn’t call my brother a fag, Brandon,” Amanda says, her words hanging in the silence as Brandon tries to think of something to say.

“Come here Roxxi,” Frank says holding out his free hand for me to take.

Glancing at Brandon I know he’ll never just let me go. In a split second decision I move to stand in front of him, running my hands up his torso pretending like I am about to kiss him but instead I allow my knee to make contact with his crotch. As Brandon doubles over from the pain I hurry over to Frank who gives me a one armed hug.

“You alright Roxxi?” he asks as we head back up the hall away from Brandon.

Nodding I look over at Amanda who seems dead, her pale skin looking almost translucent, her black crop top is falling off her shoulder causing it to ride up revealing the piercing on her flat stomach…she looks ill. So I’m jealous of Amanda being with Gerard, it doesn’t mean I have to hate her or be mean.

“Amanda…” I start tentatively. I don’t know how she’ll react to me. “Are you alright?”

Her head pops up eyes darkly lined, “I’m dealing.”

Not understanding exactly what she is talking about I just shrug her odd comment off voicing the other thing that has been clawing at my brain. “Frank, where is Gerard?”

Frank’s eyes shut as he turns to hug his sister who has started to cry. What did I say to make her react this way? Surely I haven’t offended her, I mean my questions were innocent. Sighing I turn to look at a passing freshman boy, running my finger under his chin as he passes before spanking him. The crew cut boy turns to look at me and I wink receiving a smile. Flirting makes me happy.

“Roxxi,” Frank leads me away letting his sister sit up against a locker with her head on her knees. “Gerard got hit by a car. He’s been in the hospital for a few nights now. Even though he’s going to be just fine Amanda is just really stressed being away from him.”

I nod, “That’s what happens when you have sex.”

I regret it the second it comes out of my mouth but I tend to have issues regulating what I say. Why? I cover my face with my fingers, letting them stay apart just a little so I can still see. Glancing over at Frank he just looks like he’s about to burst out laughing. Maybe he isn’t as mad about what I just said as I thought he’d be.

“Sorry,” I say making it sound more like a question than an actual apology.

Frank just shakes his head, “If only that was the worst I’d heard. Come on Roxxi let’s go save my little sister before she drowns in her own tears.”

Nodding I walk over to Amanda, offering her my hand. Looking up at me through watery eyes she smiles, taking it allowing me to drag her to the girl’s bathroom. She just needs a little makeup touch up and she’ll be perfect.

“I don’t know why you’re helping me,” Frank’s little sister says sitting on a sink as I redo her makeup.

Applying just a little more gold eye shadow I sigh, “Because I can’t hate you for dating the hottest guy in our school. You’re done.

Jumping off the sink Amanda looks at herself in the dirty mirror, “Thanks Lola and I don’t think most girls would agree with you.”

Shaking my head I begin to put all my stuff back into my purse. Gerard isn’t a normal hot he’s mysterious and sexy, most girls don’t get that. I find the dark haired, leather jacketed, mystery man to be extremely attractive.

“Most girls don’t know what hot is,” I answer deciding that Amanda isn’t all that bad and that underneath the tough girl exterior there is really a person.
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