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Lowest I Can Go

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Gerard's POV

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After being out of school for almost two weeks I’m actually glad to be back, I’ve missed everyone and I’m sure they are a little upset that because I got hit by a car our detention was moved until I was able to attend. I hate Mr. Greene.

Leaning against my locker I watch Amanda shoving books into her locker, having to step into her locker to reach the top shelf. Her overly long jeans hang down over her Converse clad feet and her oversized jacket is obviously the one I let her borrow a few months back. Even though to most people she probably looks like a bum I find her to be adorable.

Trying to keep my footsteps quiet I sneak up behind my girlfriend, snaking my arms around her and lightly squeezing her tits, smirking as she turns around her hand raised ready to slap me. Instead of the slap I have braced myself for I feel her fingers slide through my hair, her lips hungrily moving with mine. I guess I’m forgiven.

“Gee,” Amanda says after detaching herself from me. “I’m so glad your back. How are you feeling?”

I shrug, intertwining our fingers as we head towards English, “My side still hurts a little bit and it’s all black and blue still and then my arm.”

Raising my arm I show off a nice white cast just waiting for people to decorate. I actually don’t mind the pain and the cast and all that. In fact I had asked to be let go from the hospital and the doctors, finding no reason to keep me, just let me go. I missed seeing Amanda and being able to escort her to classes and eating the shitty school lunches. I’m glad to be back even if it does mean I will have to serve detention.

“I get to be the first one to make a mark on it,” Amanda says sitting down next to me and pulling out a black sharpie.

Shrugging I hold out my cast watching as she begins to write me a message and draw a little picture of a panda bear complete with the little red nose and blue eyes. Once she’s done I look over the notes she’s left ‘Dear Gerard…I love you and now that your back you can have fun washing lockers off haha. Sucks for you. Naw, just joking, we’re all gonna help you then you’ll be a happy panda. Love Amanda.’

Smiling over at her I press my lips to the soft skin that is her cheek, “How did I get so lucky?”

Manda looks down at the desk, “Actually I think it was me who got lucky…without you I wouldn’t be here.”

I nod trying to push those memories out of my head; thank God I am able to. I hated seeing Amanda that way and return to those memories as little as possible. Dwelling on how my girlfriend is now, happy, full of life is how I like to keep it. She’s perfect now and almost completely mine. I just have to grab Frank after school and go find a ring.

After school before detention

Browsing the brightly lit cases I frown…there are so many. I know I brought Frank with me but I’ve seriously got no idea how we are going to chose from all of these. I’m not worried about prices at all, whatever it costs I’ll come up with the amount as long as Amanda will love it.

“So she’s simple. Amanda drags me in here all the time and tends to look at the bands that are silver with just a simple diamond on them but I don’t really know what an engagement ring is though man,” Frank says coming to stand next to me as I look down at one I’ve not been able to look away from.

“What about this one?” I question my best friend pointing to a ring with a silver band with a slight twist in it and a circular diamond set in it.

Frank smiles, “How do you do that?”

“Do what?” I ask as a women dressed in a black suit comes over.

“Can I help you?” she questions.

Sighing I look at the price; $3,400. I’m not even half way there, “How long can you hold a ring for?”

“Which one are you looking at?” the lady asks me but Frank answers.

“That one there, the twisty one,” he says energetically. I didn’t expect for him to be so excited about marrying off his sister.

“I could hold it for maybe two weeks at the most but not much longer than that,” the store clerk says giving me a sympathetic look.

Well shit. I have no clue how I’m gonna get 2,200 dollars in two weeks. I really don’t want to settle on anything else. That ring looks made for Amanda and I don’t want to give her anything less than the best. She’s too special for that.

Walking away from the counter I glance at my shoes. Maybe I’m not as ready for this as I thought.

“How much more money do you need?” Frank asks, placing his hand on my shoulder.

“Like 2,200 dollars, there’s no way I can get it in two weeks,” I answer feeling extremely stupid. I should have raised more before coming in to look.

“I’ve got 1,000 dollars I can lend you that will only put you 1,200 dollars behind. I’m sure you could find a job doing something to raise the rest. I’ll even help if you want,” Frank offers.

“What’s the catch?” I ask knowing he’ll want some bit of information about something out of me.

“Well, you’ll eventually have to pay me back and I wanna know how you’re gonna propose,” Frank says with a smile.

Frowning I stare at the red carpet. I know I should probably tell Frank I’m sure he’d be willing to help but that could also mean that he could slip up and tell Amanda. I know he hasn’t yet but I just want her to be surprised.

Just then the lady comes out onto the floor, smiling at me. She wouldn’t be smiling if she knew she had just ruined my day, then again she might be. I don’t know her well enough to judge.

“The lowest I can go is 2,400 dollars. I’ll hold it for you for two weeks. I wish you two the best of luck,” she says still wearing that smile.

I jump a little bit hugging her out of joy, “Thank you so much.”

She has just made my day a million times over. I am going to be able to get Amanda exactly what she deserves. Now I just have to find a way to get Frank to lend me the money without having to tell him my plans to propose.
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