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Destery stared at me with his big blue eyes.
"Wait, so why are you hiding behind my car again?" The mother asked.
"I guess we don't need to hide anymore." I stood and looked beyond the car. There was no sign of the scaly beast. Only people scattering with scared looks on their faces.
"Sorry for the scare, bye. Bye Destery." I smiled and waved at the little boy. He smiled as he took his mother's hand and walked away.
"Aw, Marissa has a boyfriend." Frank said batting his eyelashes.
"Bite me." I snapped back. Frank stood up.
"Okay." His tone of voice changed. He looked very dominant as he walked towards me. Even though he was small at that moment he scared me.
"Kneel and sit on your heels." He demanded. There was no way I was going to do that. But as hard as I tried to resist it was no use. I fell to my knees and sat on my heels. Frank looked intimidating from down here. He slowly went to his knees with a smirk on his face. He slammed his hands on either side of my head. He leaned his face close to my collarbone. He put his hands to the collar of my T-shirt and ripped the seam on my shoulder.
"This is for earlier." He whispered. He put his teeth into my skin. I whimpered in a mix of pain and pleasure. Mostly pleasure. He moved his face from my collarbone when he heard me whimper. He gave me a smirk because he knew I liked the feeling. Hi blood tinted lips making a crooked smile. Frank looked back to see Mikey giving him a mean look. He looked super pissed. Frank's smirk got bigger.
"Kiss me." He whispered inching his face closer. I didn't really want to but he slammed his lips into mine. He pushed me against the wall without our lips disconnecting. I felt his chest against mine. He ran his rough tongue across my bottom lip begging for entrance. I opened my mouth and let his curios tongue explore every crevice. I put my hand on the back of his head running my fingers through his short black hair. He pulled back and licked his lips. He smiled at me as he stood up.
"Why did you do that?" I asked standing and leaning against the wall.
"I bit you because you asked and because you bit me earlier. I kissed you because it felt lie a good time." Frank said shrugging it off. I still had the taste of cigarettes in my mouth from him. Ray and Gerard stood with their mouths wide open in shock. Mikey had his arms crossed and was glaring at Frank.
"Aw Mikey. What's wrong?" Frank asked with a smirk. Frank knew very well what was wrong.
"Fuck you." Mikey said as he stormed away. I went to follow him but as stopped by Gerard pulling me back.
"He just needs time to col down." Gerard told me. I pulled away and ran to Mikey. I finally got to him. He was slumped against a wall.
"Can I sit?" I asked him. Mikey just sat unfazed. I sat next to him.
"Why?" He asked without looking at me.
"Why what?" I asked back. He shot his head over to me.
"Why did you kiss him?" Mikey asked a little bit more agitated.
"And don't lie to me. If you like Frank I'll understand." Mikey said looking at the ground.
"Well..." I thought about it for a bit. I didn't like Frank like that.
"If you don't like me like that it's okay. I won't kiss you or hold you again unless you ask." Mikey said standing up. He walked away before I could tell him how I felt. I felt tears building up in my eyes. I knew I had hurt him. I didn't mean too. It's like I couldn't stop myself. Like I would do whatever I was told to. I wiped the tears from my eyes and got up. I ran towards the guys. Apparently I had missed a lot. Frank was lying on the floor knocked out. Mikey was standing above him being held back by Gerard.
"Don't kiss her again! Or next time it will be worse!" Mikey screamed at Frank's motionless body. Gerard was struggling to hold his younger back from doing anything worse.
"This is awkward." Ray said looking at me. Mikey's eyes shot over to me. I started to walk away.
"Come back!" He called to me. I didn't want to, but I did. This damn liquid gave me good and bad things. I did whatever I was told. I walked back over and stood in front of the man.
"I didn't think you would come back." Gerard said raising and eyebrow.
"It's a con of that liquid. I do everything I'm told too. That's why I kissed him. He said, 'Kiss me'." i concluded crossing my arms. Mikey bit his lip.
"Really sorry for what I said back there." He said turning a little pink.
"It's okay." I replied looking up at him.
"Just forget everything I said. Everything." He emphasized. So he really didn't like me. I hung my head in sadness. I smelled Gerard having another cigarette. This day was probably only going to get worse.


ShootingStars : Great question. My inspiration was actually a dream that I had. And I just added a few details to make it better. Thanks for reading, I'm happy my story is necessary for your survival. You can breathe again because this is the new chapter. :)

kiraluvsu : Yes, I used Destery because I watch DesandNate. I love his name so much. I'm glad there are DesandNate fans that read my stories. But I have never read a Goosebumps story in my life so I wouldn't know. My question for you is: What's your favorite DesandNate video?
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