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He pleas though he tries, but he's only denied.

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The final chapter.

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Frank rolls around in his unconscious state, his feet and ankles numb from the cold air that penetrates the skin. The duvet curls around his figure, twisting and turning in every possible way, before awkwardly stuffing itself under his chin. His distraught state of mind has him dreaming unpleasantly, therefore for the past few days, he had tried to stay awake. The staff however, took it as a suicide attempt. Frank didn't even consider the fact until he overheard them talking, now it's all he thinks about. If he didn't sleep for days, he'd die instantly.. and that would truly be a gem. But now the staff kept a close eye on him, he can't attempt anything. Suddenly, Frank's stirred from his uneasy sleep by a shaking sensation on his shoulder.

Blinking open his eyes he groans, making out the blurry silhouette of his roommate, Cherry.

"Wake up!" She smiles, "breakfast is almost over. You've skipped it again."

"I'm not hungry," Frank grumbles. Sitting up he clears his vision and rubs his eyes, seeing Cherry crystal-clear. She's got tatty black hair that tumbles just past her armpits, with huge grey eyes and pale pink lips. Her lily-white skin shines under any light, and if Twilight were real, you'd suspect she was a Vampire. She was pretty, Frank couldn't deny that, but he wasn't her type. No one was these days.. especially someone with the same name as his daughter.

Oh fuck, Cherry and Lilly.. how he misses them..

Once informed of his 'condition,' a Care Worker took them away.. He'd never see them again. It pained him; made the gaping hole that ripped through his chest even bigger. But, putting on a smile that is blatantly fake, Frank pushes himself up from his bed and yawns, stretching his arms out and almost hitting Cherry.

"Sorry." He mumbles. Cherry just shrugs and grins.

"So," she says, handing Frank some clothes. "You don't want breakfast?"

Frank shakes his head and pulls on the clothes, not even asking Cherry to leave. It'd been a week; he had showered in front of people.. so he didn't care anymore.

"Good, me neither. That means we can go straight to Group Therapy! It's starting in ten minutes." Pulling Frank out of the room and into the hallway, Cherry starts blabbing on about Thestrals and Hippogriffs, talking fluent shit in Frank's mind, whilst smiling constantly.

Cherry isn't making any sense. She's saying stuff about Harry Potter that doesn't even exist, pulling herself into the plots and laughing about how fun it was to ride the Hippogiff.

Frank wonders if that was the reason she's in this death trap, but he dare not ask; it might ruin her mental state even more.

Treading into the pale blue, warm room Frank sighs, staring at the circle of people that have already gotten comfy. He and Cherry sit in their usual seats, still chatting casually to each other.

Well, if casual is talking about your first wand and how you dropped it when riding a Thestral because you couldn't see it. A/N: if you aren't a Harry Potter fan, Thestrals are horse-looking-things that can only been seen by people who have seen death.

Frank could almost choke on the ghastly cleanliness of the room. The fresh air from the air-purifier, the sickeningly flowery smell of Febreeze sprayed on everything, and the strong, glossy smell of the new plastic chairs they're sitting on. So wrapped up in his thought, Frank barely saw a young man enter the room, but he just managed too. Pulling himself from his mind, Frank stared at the boy and quietly gasped. Whoever it was looked just like Gerard. His long, greasy black hair that covers his hazel eyes and the little crease as he furrows his brow. His ghostly skin and broad shoulders. He was a split image of Gerard. There was the only difference; his eyes were blank, not loving and caring. Gerard's were always dancing in emotion.. his were not.

"So, what's your name honey?!" Frank stares up at Sonny, the middle-aged, over-joyed woman who runs the Group Therapy sessions. She was aiming the question to the Gerard look-alike.

"Jason." He mutters, "Jason Jaws."

There's a few grunts of approval, some people even comment on his name.

"Okay, welcome Jason! Do you know why you're here?"

"I tried to kill myself. And my sister." He grins sickly. It definitely wasn't Gerard. For some reason, Frank's heart dropped at this realization; he knew it wasn't anyway..?!

"Okay, well let's go around the circle and see how everyone's doing!" Frank checks out as everyone answers Sonny's questions politely. He found a lone tear on his cheek, but it was left unnoticed. He didn't even know it fell.

"Cherry, how're you today?" Frank snapped back to reality. He hadn't left the room this first week, apart from going loo, showering, etcetera.. But this was what he'd been waiting for.

"'Mmkay. They're still after me though."

"Who are, Cherry?"

"He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his followers." She shakes her head, tears building in her eyes. "They killed my family.. and now.." Her voice is a whisper, possibly the most inaudible whisper in the world. "He wants the Elder wand from me. I've got it. I've got it..." Now mumbling to herself, Frank inwardly snorts, but can't help but feel sorry for the girl. He'd read about cases like that, where Harry Potter fans had got so into the story, they refuse to believe the last film happened. They often find themselves in the wrong reality, believing they are part of the books or films. Frank thinks it's interesting, but it must be dreadfully confusing.

"Okay Cherry.. Go talk to Dr. Martin. I'm sure he'll want to hear about your newest halluc- I mean information." Cherry nods, scurrying from the room. Sonny glues her eyes to Frank, smiling. "So Frank, how're you? Why're you here?"

"I'm shit actually. And you fucking know why I'm here!" Frank snaps, shaking his head.

"Frank! Don't shout!"

"I didn't!"

"Okay, just.. Come on, the others don't know. Why don't you tell us?" Sonny clamps her hand together, smiling. She's taunting Frank. She wants him to admit it.

The sick bitch.. Frank thinks, I won't say. Refuse. She's grinning at you.. Devilishly. She's loving every minute of this.

"No. Fuck you, leave me the fuck alone! I hate it here, it makes me feel shit! All I've done since I've got here is gotten more suicidal! I FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE." Shooting up, Frank stomps over to the door, swearing under his breath.

"Stay." Sonny commands. Frank scoffs, trying to block the thoughts of suicide from his mind as his hand touches the door handle...

"Stay." Frank gasps, turning around. It's Gerard. It really is Gerard. His soft voice, honey eyes and black locks.

"Fu- I.. Gerard!" Frank runs over to him, embracing him tightly, "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean too.. I'm sorry. I'm so so so sorry... I'm sorry! I couldn't help it, I couldn't control myself! I'm sorry.." Frank bursts into tears, squeezing his eyes shut and clinging to the man.

"Frank.." Sonny starts uneasily, lightly touching the broken man's shoulder, "that's not Gerard."

"It IS." Frank clicks his eyes open, gasping as a pair of confused green eyes stare back at him. The boys floppy blonde hair stops at his dark eyebrows, his round jawline fading into his neck.

Frank rips himself from the boy, crying harder as he falls into a crumpled heap on the floor.

"Frank, I'd like you to go see Dr. Kahni. He's in his office. I'm sure he'd like to hear about these hallucinations. As well as your Anorexia." Frank goes to protest, but Sonny shakes her head. "You've lost way too much weight in the week you've been here. Go talk to him, please Frank."

Sighing, Frank nods, plodding out of the room and into the Doctor's office. Dr. Kahni looks up as the door clicks shut, and smiles as he sees who it is.

"Oh, Frank. What can I help you with? We're not scheduled for now.."

"Sonny told me to come see you." Dr. Kahni just nods and smiles knowingly, indicating to a seat in front of his desk. Frank sits obediently and sighs, wiping away newly shed tears. "I've just.. hallucinated.."

"What did you see?"

"I saw.. that new lad, Jason Jaws.. I thought he was Gerard.. and I.." Dr. Kahni just nods.

"Okay, anything else?"

"I heard Gerard saying stay. I thought it was the hallucination telling me to stay in the room... well, I thought it was Gerard at the time-"

"You've been thinking of suicide, yes?"

Frank nods.

"Well, I presume you were subconsciously trying to convince yourself to stay. I think your mind chose Gerard's voice because it's one that'd mean a lot to you, and therefore convince you the most." Frank watches as Dr. Kahni scribbles something in his folder, nodding to himself.

"Sonny thinks I'm anorexic." Frank says nonchalantly, shrugging as he stares at the pen as it glides over the paper.

"Well when's the last time you ate?"

"Last night."

"And what did you eat?"

"Salad and a piece of bread," Frank mumbles, ashamed of himself.

"That's not good Frank. I'm going to get someone to monitor your meals. Oh, and I've got a little surprise for you.." Dr. Kahni smacks his hand on a little button, then motions behind Frank. Frank's jaw drops as his two best friends enter, smiling at the thin man.

"Hey man." Ray says, bobbing his head. Mikey copies his actions, waving his welcome.

"Fuck!" Frank exclaims, "I missed you guys.. It's horrible here.." Frank hugs his two best friends widely, grinning. The three are engrossed in a huge hug soon enough, but after a while, Ray and Mikey sigh.

"We know.. Just please try to get better buddy."

"I promise." Frank replies, crossing his fingers. "I'll get better. I know I will.."

Ta da! It's finished! :D 03:59am.


I haven't proof read this.. so sorry haha. I can't believe it's completely over guys! Wow.. :O
Thank you so so much for R&Ring, I love you all!

Also, I've got a new story which I'd LOVE if you read it! Thanks guys.
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