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Scream your heart out!

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Gerard's confused, and more questions are asked.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2011/08/08 - Updated: 2011/08/08 - 800 words

So this is written in the author's POV. I hope you don't mind, I found it easier to write this chapter like this. xo

After his encounter with his family, Gerard was even more confused. They had chatted for a while, just talking about random things, until the reached the subject of their cousin. Everyone fell quiet and fidgety, but he didn't know why. In fact, he couldn't even remember his cousin! Apparently her name's Valkyrie. A pretty name, he thought. But it had only lingered on his mind for a moment before others crept in. He wondered if his unspeakable crime had something to do with her, he wondered if he'd said something to her, ignored her, fancied her? No. No definitely not that. Still, that didn't stop him thinking it..

"GERARD!" Gerard snaps his head up, staring at the irritated and confused face of none other than Frank Iero. "I've been trying to talk to you for about five minutes now, man. What's wrong with you?"

"Thinking.." Gerard replied, running his plastic fork through his chicken and vegetables. Well, whether they were vegetables could be questioned, but Gerard decided that's what they were when he chose them.

"Well.. Just eat dude." Frank says, shoving some chicken in his mouth. He cringes slightly, but then decides it doesn't taste too bad, and eats some more.

"I'm not hungry," Gerard mumbles, pushing his tray away from himself. Frank just frowns, and acting rather fatherly, pushes the tray back towards his friend.

"Eat." He persists, his brow furrowing. Gerard just shakes his head like a stubborn child. Clicking his tongue, Frank grins and motions to a now worried-looking Marty. She scurries over immediately.

"Hey, you two!" She smiles, wiping the table slowly. "What's up?!"

"Gerard won't eat." Frank states, frowning still.

Marty, obviously baffled by the information, gasps. "You always eat! Hell, I bet you'd eat if it was dog waste. Why aren't you eating hun?"

"Not hungry." Gerard replies, shrugging.

"Gerard. I know you well enough to know that's a lie." The two gaze at Gerard in wonder, worry and complete confusion as he remains still, holding up his pokerface.

It's true, Marty did know Gerard well. In fact, Gerard is starving. Utterly starving. He doesn't know what to do though, his thoughts were eating him alive. The last thing he could think about right now was eating, though. However, there is another reason Gerard is denying himself food. A deeper meaning, one that he probably won't realize soon.

"I'm just a bit preoccupied," Gerard replies honestly, nodding. "I can't eat."

Sighing, Marty runs the tea towel through her fingers and nods quickly. "Well okay.. just.. promise me you'll eat later on, okay?"

"I promise, Marty. I'm going to go talk to Bob." Gerard pushes himself up from the table and walks out the Cafeteria, meeting Bob right outside the door. "Bob," Gerard says, staring up at the tall, bulky man.

"Finished already?" Bob asks, scratching the blonde stubble on his chin. He sniffs, looks to the floor as he topples from foot to foot and then back up to Gerard. Gerard starts walking down the hallway and Bob follows suit.

"Didn't eat." Gerard shrugs then sneezes, growling at the cold he seems to have gained. But just as he says that, Bob pauses mid-step.

"You didn't?" Gerard shakes his head. "You're not going back to your old habits are you? Gerard it's not healthy. You don't want to end up how you did last time. I mean, fuck dude, if this plan's going to work, you've gotta be in good shape and if you're not th..

Gerard checks out.

What does he mean 'old habits'? Gerard didn't have any habits that he could remember. Well, at least ones that weren't healthy. As they continue walking, Bob still blabbing on, Gerard sighs slightly, runs a hand through his long hair and then bites the inner side of his lip.

"-So if you're not well when we're doing that, the plan wont succeed." Gerard cursed and cussed viciously in his mind, regretting checking out from the conversation. He can't ask what Bob just said because he'll look like an idiot, and he certainly doesn't want that. So Gerard just nods and sighs, promising not to go back to his old ways.. whatever they were.

Gerard still hasn't settled his mind, and now it was just filled with more questions. What is it about his cousin, Valkyrie, that made everyone go quiet? What are his old habits? What's the plan? Why is he in prison? What's so special about the forest he thought of a few days ago? And what could possibly be so bad that even your family are disgusted by your presence?

Gerard wants answers... And he wants them badly.
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