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Frank stirred and groaned. Most likely out of pain. Mikey seemed to have hit him pretty hard.
"So what are we doing with the rest of this day?" Gerard asked taking a drag of his cigarette. There was no response for this question that I could think of. But I answered any way.
"Strategize." I said looking at Frank's body. He lied motionless on the cold concrete. I wonder if he could still feel the pain even though he was K.O.?
"What do you mean?" Ray asked fluffing up his hair. As if it was fixing.
"I was close enough to that thing to know where to hit it to make it hurt." I said slamming my fist into my hand. It made a noise and Mikey jumped a little.
"You seem so confident in this. Why didn't you just kill it while it slept?" Gerard asked blowing smoke into the air. I wish I had thought of that.
"Well, I didn't get that far in thought. Just standing next to it made me feel like it was going to eat me. So thinking wasn't really on my agenda." I was getting a little angry now. Not with Gerard but with the fact that I couldn't think of that idea first.
"Okay. But now it's awake and it's coming for you. And it's huge. So what are we going to do now." Gerard said in a tone that pissed me off even more.
"If you wanted to do that then maybe you should have been the one to investigate. Okay so don't act all smart with me." I said wagging my finger at him. I felt like my mother saying that.
"No need to get angry." Gerard said putting his hands up trying to defend himself. I wasn't going to hit him.
"I'm sorry it's just multiple things that have made me mad today." I said rubbing my forehead. I flinched as I ran my fingers over my black eye. It still hurt.
"Mad is a form of insanity." Mikey said looking at the floor.
"I know. I am insane. But today it has just gotten worse." I said not looking at Mikey. I didn't want him to know I was talking about him. He didn't like me, and he said it today. So that's one reason. But also because I was sacred that that snake would be right around the corner. I wasn't scared of snakes but a snake that big had the right to be feared. Just knowing it was near made me feel unsafe. No matter who was there, who could protect you, or what kind of technology you have to defend yourself. Your were not safe.
"What's wrong?" Ray asked looking at me. He knew something was wrong. Gerard knew it too. But Mikey was still oblivious. Frank stirred and and groaned again. He sat up rubbing his head. He had a bruise on the side of his head, and blood dripping from his lip.
"Oh my god! How hard did you hit him Mikey?" I yelled holding Frank's head in my hands. He was whining and whimpering like a dog.
"I didn't hit him that hard. He is just a pansy. Just like his guitar." Mikey said with a smile.
"Don't diss Pansy!" Frank said rubbing his guitar. His face was still bleeding. I took my sleeve and wiped the blood off his lips.
"Are you okay?" I asked him. He nodded and lied back down.
"Mikey you hit him pretty hard. You knocked him out. Why would you do that?" I asked standing up and looking at Mikey. He had his arms crossed and was looking straight in front of him.
"I am talking to you. Can you answer my question?" I said snapping in front of his face. He looked down at me with his eyebrows scrunched.
"You heard me yell my reason at him. I have no need nor desire to say it again." He said looking away. I remembered exactly what he had said. So he did like me. Maybe? I don't know.
"I am so confused." I said rubbing my head.
"I am not commenting. He might hit me again." Frank said glaring at Mikey. Mikey just laughed.
"Next time it was going to be harder too." Mikey laughed. His smile was so adorable. Once again another reason I hoped no one could read minds.
"So what did you mean by strategize?" Ray asked crossing his arms.
"Well I had a plan." I said smiling.
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