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Reverie? Nightmare? What kind names are those?. Brendon thought to himself. The door flung open and two children stood in the door way.
"Reverie is my son. Nightmare is my daughter. They are twins, and my life." Time said giving them a dreamy look. The boy was short, not too short but short. Probably because he was young. The was at least 5 feet tall. His hair was shoulder length and was black. Pitch black. With little streaks of white. He wore dark green trousers and black paint splatters. His shirt was just a black tee with green paint splatters. One of his eyes was all white like his father's and the other was all black like his mother's.
"Hello." The bot bowed and stood back up. He walked over to Time and gave him a hug. Time scruffed his hair. The little girl walked further into the room. She was bleach blonde with short scruffy hair. She had ocean blue eyes. Her skirt was white with black pinstripes. It went to about her knees. She was a good 5 inches taller then her brother. He jacket was navy blue with coat tails. the shirt underneath was white with black pinstripes.
"Greetings." She said making direct eye contact with Brendon. He got scared and grasped Ryan's arm. She dropped a messenger bag on the couch. It dropped with force and Brendon stood up. The bag looked to small for it to be that heavy.
"What's in the bag?" Brendon asked stepping closer. He stretched out his hand to touch it but Nightmare slapped it back.
"Don't touch it." Nightmare said with a cloudiness building in her blue eyes.
"She is a little temperamental. Her eyes don't look like mine or her father's because they change with her power. When they turn white she can bring people back from the dead with a look. Kind of like you are now. But you are only half done. She always finishes her job. And when her eyes turn black she can kill people with a single look. We don't know where she got her powers from but they are miraculous." Death said with a smile towards here daughter. Ryan snaked his arm around Brendon to make him feel comfortable. But he was actually making it worse. Ryan knew that all these people could be a bit overwhelming. Nightmare opened the bag and pulled out what looked like a gun. But bigger. Much bigger. It had all this fancy stuff on it. All these weird looking attachments. It looked like an advanced Star Wars gun. But scarier.
"What is that?" Brendon asked as he began to shake.
"That's the only weapon that will kill a rocker." Time laughed picking up the gun like it was a feather. But it looked extremely heavy to Brendon.
"Reverie, where are your toys?" Time looked over at the little boy.
"They are in the bag." Reverie said pointing at the messenger bag.
"How can it fit anything else in there?!" Brendon was scared and shocked.
"You don't get it. We hide all this stuff from the humans. They would use it in the wrong ways. They do stupid things. The only human who knows is Ryan. For reasons he can chose to tell you. But anyway, we have many weapons to teach you about. You have to know how to use them to kill the enemies. Or you will end up killing yourself." Time laughed taking his hat off. The area around the zipper started to move.
"Why is your hat moving on it's own? It looks like it's struggling." Brendon said raising an eyebrow.
"Because of the zipper. If that wasn't there he would talk for hours. He tries to give advice but it usually doesn't work. Never take advice from a hat." Time said running his hand through his hair. Only his bangs were white. The rest of his hair was gelled back and black. His bangs never moved from in front of his eye. Brendon began to wonder how they stayed perfectly.
"Ryan. How is this possible?" Brendon whispered in Ryan's ear.
"I will explain later Brendon." Ryan said blowing into Brendon's ear, sending a shiver down his spine.
"Well, now I am going to teach you how to use this. And the other." Time motioned to the bag sitting on the couch. How many other weapons could possibly fit inside that small bag?
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