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Let's douse ourselves in these deathly lies.

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Gerard finally finds out 'the plan' and we meet the new prisoner.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2011/08/14 - Updated: 2011/08/21 - 1678 words

Frank and Bob had avoided talking to Gerard about anything to do with his life before prison all day, and frankly, that annoyed him deeply. Needless to say, it also worried him. What if he was capable of more things than he had first anticipated? What if, and this was a very big what if, he would never be able to solve all his problems? That itself would be a burden. He'd be left, forever wondering, about why he's in prison, what he did, and all the rest of his unanswered questions. That's why he didn't eat his dinner, and that's why he now lies awake, his thoughts buzzing wildly.

Gerard keeps his gaze at the ceiling, only blinking every now and then, and scrapes at his nails as a way to occupy his time. He supposed it's good that he can't sleep, it meant that he would be able, without fail, to stay up and talk to Frank and Bob. Which is what they had, briefly, planned. As he lies awake, his breathing deep but uneven, he can't help but wonder who he is.

Of course, he's Gerard Arthur Way, son of Donna Way and brother of Mikey Way. But is there something more? Frank and Travis had referred to him as the Gerard Arthur Way. Was he famous? Son of someone famous? Or was his case just very well known? Maybe he was just popular among criminals. Which, oddly enough, did not comfort him. It was hardly better, after all; to be popular among criminals is probably worse. It meant he was... He was a sort of role model, in a way. The idea didn't please him in the slightest. Suddenly, Gerard is yanked out of his line of thought by the sound of footsteps edging nearer his cell, and so he shoots up, waiting for the familiar face.

"Frank? Gerard?" Came the hushed, questioning tone of Bob. Frank mumbles some sort of reply, as does Gerard, who's just waiting for Bob to speak.

"Have you been paying attention?" Gerard frowns, trying to understand what the hell Bob means.

"I have!" Frank whispers, his smile audible in his voice.

"Paying attention to what?!" Gerard demands.

"The prison's routine, Gerard! I explained this all to you! It doesn't matter anyway, I've got a better idea. We need to get you a hospital run." Bob leans forward from where he's standing so Gerard can see him, then smirks knowingly. "If I remember correctly, you're allergic to nuts; aren't you, Gerard?" Frank, being Frank, splutters a small laugh; then immediately tries to silence himself.

"Sorry." He mumbles, "I know we need to be quiet, I just started thinking of some other nuts..."

"We know what you thought!" Bob snaps, trying to keep his voice quiet. "Anyway, I've told Marty that we need to get you some nuts. She's bringing them in, where you'll eat them at dinner."

"Do you know what that could do to me?!" Gerard spits angrily. "I could die! Besides, how do you know Marty?"

"I was the one who, five years ago, told her to get the job here! That was all part of the plan! Look, her real name is Jenifer Dale, remember?" Bob scratches his stubble and sighs, closing his eyes as he shakes his head. "I know you can't remember much, Gerard, but this is important. We need to get you out of here." Bob's quiet tone is now one of hurt and urgency, but Gerard is barely listening.

"That name, Jenifer Dale, is seriously familiar.." Gerard muses. Bob simply scoffs.

"It should be. Now Frank, I had to think a little harder about how I'd get you outta here."

"I can get in a fight with Travis, don't worry about that."

"No, I'll have to break your arm and make it look like Travis did it, okay?" Frank must have nodded, because Bob smiles and stands up straight. "Okay, I'll sort it all out tomorrow. When you shower tomorrow, go to the left corner at the end. It's the camera's blind spot. Then, Frank, you'll have to get Travis to go up to you somehow, no doubt he'll probably do it himself though." Bob snorts. "Then I'll rush over, pretending to break you two apart from a 'fight' but really; I'll break your arm."

"That'll fucking hurt..."

"Don't be a freaking baby! Prison hurts more." Frank weighs out his options before mumbling a quick okay. "Good. I'll see you both tomorrow." Bob nods once, before walking off, leaving Gerard in his baffled state.


"That's the plan? Escaping?!" Gerard whispers. Both he and Frank are sitting over some gruel-looking substance, staring at each other as they wade their forks through their breakfast. Frank sighs, then picks up his cloudy water and takes a gulp of it.

"Yes, Gerard."

"Why didn't anyone tell me? Wasn't it obvious I didn't have a clue?!" Frank shovels some of the grunge into his mouth, immediately regretting it; and he spits it back out, cringing and groaning.

"No, Gerard." Frank swirls his tongue around in his mouth, obviously trying to remove the foul taste. "By the way, that tastes worse than dog shit!"

"Didn't anyone even- Wait, what? How do you know what dog shit tastes like?" Gerard smirks, not sure whether to be repulsed, but still finding the situation funny anyway! Frank's previously chalk-white cheeks grow a slight pink tint.

"I have seven dogs, when you try to walk them, well... they're all gonna wanna poo! The problem comes when they all want to shit at the same time, and your legs get caught in their leads..." As Frank shakes his head, muttering something about his dogs; Gerard breaks out into small laughs, also shaking his head.

"You're an idiot."

"Ah, so now you see the real me! I laugh at nuts and eat dog shit." Frank smirks and takes another gulp of his water, then pushes his tray away from him. "Which right now, I'd prefer to eat."

Gerard nods, inspecting his grey-brown slush and murky water. "I think I'll second that." Just before Frank can reply; a girl with long, jagged hair sits next to Gerard, sniffing as she stares down at her black potatoes.

"Whaddya want?" Frank asks, frowning. "Move. You can't sit here."

"Oh, I'm so fucking sorry!" She snaps, glaring at them both with her crystal eyes. "I didn't realize this table had an owner! What? Want me to apologize to it?! Oh, I'm so fucking sorry I sat at you table, let me bow down to you and kiss your sorry ass." Gerard and Frank share 'the look', then smirk, rather proudly before nodding.

"Hey." Gerard says, his smirk still spread across his face. "I'm Gerard, and this is Frank."

"I wish I could say it was nice to meet you." She rolls her grey eyes and pierces a potato with her fork, before biting into it and cringing. "Fuck, this tastes worse than dog shit! Do they want to kill us?"

"You've tasted dog shit too?!" Frank asks, eyes widening as he stares at her in fascination.

"Walking multiple dogs isn't easy." She states swiping her sleek, slightly tatty, black hair behind her ear and frowning. "I'm guessing you have too, short ass?"

Ignoring the name, Frank nods. "Yes..." He replies uneasily. "I was walking my seven dogs when they all pooed and their leads wrapped around my ankles! Well... You can guess the rest."

"I had the exact same situation." The girl takes a long sip of her water, a small smile playing on her face.

"Marry me?!" Frank says suddenly, grinning. She simply laughs and shakes her head.

"Perhaps you two aren't as bad as I first guessed. The names Annelise Vanderbilt. Make fun of it, I stab you. Maybe even make a pretty picture using your blood.." She grins manically, pushing another strand of hair from her pale face.

"Sounds great. I like art." Gerard shakes his thick locks from his eyes and smiles, rather amused and fascinated by the girl.

"Mhmm... The people at my prom apparently did too, else they wouldn't have made fun of my name. Their blood looked so..." she shivers slightly, a sort of dazed look spreading across her face, "Pretty on the paper..."

"I'm guessing that's how you got here?" Gerard asks again, leaning forward. He's already beginning to like the girl; her fascination with blood, her slightly intimidating personality and he even found her, dare he say it, attractive.

"I killed 11 people at prom, and also killed my dad all on the same night." Annelise appears unperturbed as she shrugs slightly. "Bastards deserved it. They made fun of my name, and my dad beat me. Got my revenge, didn't I?" Now her face shows nothing but triumph and smugness. Frank and Gerard are even more interested by her. "How'd you two get here?"

"I robbed a bank with some other guys. We strapped bombs to the hostages and what not, but the dudes I was doing it with fled after the police brought in some reinforcements. Obviously I had guns, but 1 against 30 ain't fair, yo'know?" Frank says, relaying his story to the girl. Annelise simply nods.

"Dicks." She turns to Gerard, grinning. "I recognize you, Gerard. You needn't tell me what you did. You inspired me! The infamous Gerard Way..." She clicks her tongue and grins, "I bet you're proud of what you did."

"I actually don't remember what I did." Gerard mutters. Snorting, Annelise nods then smiles from ear to ear.

"Geez, your mind mustn't of been able to take the guilt. Never mind, I still know what you did. Anyway, don't do anything to make me hate you guys like the rest of the fuckers in here... I can change my opinion real easily." Frank and Gerard just grin as the woman shoves another potato in her mouth.

"Well, so can we." Gerard smirked.

"So welcome to hell, Annelise." Frank winked.

I loved Annelise, so I chose her. Her thirst for blood just made it better. :)
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