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Probably Love

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"So you had a plan? Do you think it's going to work?" Ray asked rubbing his head. I had no idea. I really hoped it would. It might, but then again probably not. A plan made by a temperamental 21 year old fan girl. Yeah, it's sounds like my plans would be a genius.
"Yes. You wanna hear it?" I asked hoping to get yeses.
"Of course. How else would we get out of this situation." Gerard answered sitting on the floor next to me and Frank. Ray sat too and then Mikey. I wasn't really expecting to see Mikey so close next to me. I liked it but it wasn't expected. I wanted him a bit closer. But if I said that it would be a bit weird.
"So shall I begin?" I asked. There were nods in response.
"Okay. So I think we should just avoid it until we can't anymore. Slowly go up the levels in the structure. Then when we can't avoid him anymore we make a sacrifice. Like one person risks their life to kill it. They might die and they might not. So what do you think?" I asked and looked around to see blank faces.
"That's your plan? How did you think of that? I mean the first part is a little obvious but the last part. A sacrifice. That's intense." Frank said still a little groggy.
"Who did you expect the sacrifice to be?" Gerard asked giving me a worried look.
"Well, me. I didn't want any of you to do it. That would suck." I said fiddling with my nails.
"No there is no way your going to sacrifice yourself to that snake. I know you might live but you might die too. I'm not letting you do that." Mikey said crossing his arms like he had won.
"I am doing it and that's final." I said standing and beginning to walk away.
"No your not. I forbid you too. Why would you want to sacrifice yourself?" Mikey said standing up.
"You guys have a reason to live! You save lives and make people happy. What do I have to live for? My family is dead! I am doing this no matter what. And you guys can't stop me!" I yelled at Mikey. I started to walk away.
"You have to live for me! I want you to live for me, I live for you. Without you I wouldn't want to wake up every morning. I would have let that snake tear me apart. I just wake up to hear your voice at least. If you die I would die. I wouldn't really die. But I would be useless. What's the point in living without the person you..." Mikey's sentence trailed off and he got stares from everyone.
"What?" I said walking towards him. Mikey quickly turned pink and looked at the floor.
"Mikey, what did you just say?" I asked getting closer to him. He refused to look me in the eye. Mikey just had a staring contest with the concrete beneath our feet.
"He is basically saying he loves you. Fuck, how did you not understand that?" Gerard said throwing his hands up in the air.
"Mikey. Ia that what your trying to say?" I asked stepping closer. He looked up slightly and nodded. His face stayed pink.
"Well no shit. That's why he punched me after we kissed. Your the only one who didn't understand that. I did that just so he would show you that he was jealous. I knew he would. I wanted you to know that he loved you. If this is the end of all our lives you deserve to find love first." Frank said looking at Mikey and me. I blushed and walked over to Mikey.
"So all along you have been sending me signals?" I asked Mikey. He nodded and I hugged him tight. It caught him off guard at first. But soon he hugged me back. I buried my face into his warm chest and wrapped my arms around his waist.
"I love you too. I think." I said. Mikey looked down at me with a confused look.
"You think? You should know." Mikey said letting go of me.
"Well I don't know. Because I don't know you all that well. I am pretty sure I love you." I said scratching my head.
"Well when you are completely sure you tell me. You know where I will be." Mikey said with a smile as he kissed the top of my head.
kiraluvsu : Your so right. I could never chose a Desandnate video as a favorite. What do you think of Destery without Braces.

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