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The Love Zone

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The guys take a Urgent Road Trip to Doctor D's but strike trouble upon entering the love zone... contains Repo:TGO references

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First Killjoy fic please review :D oh and italics means narrators view which will be a large percentage of this

He let the smoke creep though his wind pipes, temporarily relaxing his wired nerves before exhaling and returning to reality. The cigarette fell from his fingers to the golden dust at his feet where he gave it a quick stomp. There was a long trip ahead of him and he wasn't happy about it, how was he to feed his addiction from a cramped car full of his peers? Fun Ghoul had a sex addiction. He spent most nights out chasing the thrill, seducing zonewhores and romancing slutdroids. For him the feel of skin was a necessity, A necessity that would be scarce on the road. Impatience began to take over and he felt he had waited long enough.
"Fuck this." He groaned and swung the door open "Guys! Hurry the fuck up! The sooner we leave, the sooner we can get back."
"Geez! Give us a few minutes! Jet is still downloading the map and Kobra's gathering supplies" Poison stressed "anyway watch your damn tongue!"
"Less chat, More move!" and with that he slammed the door behind him.

Party Poison's POV
"You know how he gets when he doesn't get any, grumpy and impatience." Jet chuckled.
"We should get him some help... or a fuck buddy" added Kobra smirking.
"Ha!" i slid onto the nearest chair. "What help is there in this world...that doesn't come in pill form with a little smiley face printed on it" Silence took us and our smiles faded.
" finished Jet?"
"All done!" He Beamed.
We grabbed our belongings and began stuffing them in the car boot, I noticed Ghouls hands were shaking. I give him three weeks personally before he breakdown, too bad this could take longer...
"Jet, Coordinates."
"Well, We're in zone 64 right? Well Dr.D's new hideout is on the outskirts of zone 72 but, there are pit stops in zones 66 and 69." I saw Ghouls face light up at the mention of zone 69.
Zone 69 is know as 'The Love Zone' though it's more of a lust zone. Its an area that consists of door to door strip clubs and whore houses where anything and everything is legal. Only the finest girls with the best skills are able to get big bucks from quick fucks. And with an addiction like ghoul's. That is the definition of paradise.
"Overall it should take about...1 week to z66 then, 6days till 69 after that we have 5days to get the Dr.D's before he changes location again."
"Well what are we waiting for?! Lets go!!" Fun Ghoul splash a devilish grin across his face. "FLOOR IT!" and with that, We Kicked Dust...
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