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Gerard is getting somewhat suspicious of Annelise, and the boys have a fight.

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"So Goldilocks," Annelise starts, flashes of curiosity thumping behind her cold stare. "You can't remember anything about your past, right?" She asks.

Frowning slightly, I nod and raise my eyebrows. "Not at all, why? Do you wanna tell me? I'd love for you to tell me about my past! Of course, if you were going to originally? Oh fuck, tell me, please?!" I question eagerly, leaning over my burnt potatoes and over-boiled veg. Frank rolls his eyes and reluctantly shoves a black potato in his mouth, cringing. Annelise, however, leans back and smiles. Even though there's not a back to the bench, she seems to stay upright.

"And if I don't..?" She whispers menacingly, almost seductively. Now leaning forward, she rhythmically presses her fingers together, one after the other, then pulls them away from each other, only to repeat the same action. It's the kind of thing you'd expect villains to do. Except, Annelise isn't a villain... or is she? She could be trying to mock me in some ways. In the past week I've known her, she has already mocked me, but only ever in a friendly way. Never in a.. a harsh way. Come to think of it, she acts very venomous and mean, but on the other hand, very nice and funny. Perhaps she's mentally unstable. Perhaps she's just like that.

"If you don't.." I frown, what can I possibly hold against her? Then it hit me. Smirking devilishly, I sniff and relax my shoulders. "You can't escape with us." I whisper.

Widening her eyes and laughing, Annnelise shakes her head. "I don't want to escape." She states a little too loudly. "I like it here, it's more pleasant then my previous prison. Besides, it's not my place to tell you your past anyway, Goldilocks. Bob's gonna tell you soon enough."

"Soon enough?!" I almost shout, watching Frank's eyes widen in alarm as he tries to calm me down, and Annelise as she fiddles with a strand of long black hair. "When's 'soon enough'?!"

"Soon enough." She replies, grinning from ear to ear. I growl and abruptly stand up, muttering swear words under my breath as Frank follows me to the door.

"Gerard, calm it!" He hisses, shaking his head. Placing a hand on my should, which I immediately shrug off, he sighs. I can almost see him roll his eyes. "You're obviously gonna find out!"

"Yes!" I bark, furiously rounding on him as we escape the food court. "Yes, but not from you, not from Annelise and not any time soon! It fucking sucks knowing you're a terrible, terrible person and not being able to do shit about it, Frank! You have no fucking idea!"

"Fuck you, Gerard! You don't know what I've been through! I have my own problems, so you know what? Go to hell! I didn't tell you about your past because I fucking cared, and I didn't want you to have a fucking mental breakdown! But now.. now you can go fuck yourself. I'll be glad when we get the fuck out of here, and I'll never have to see you again. Fuck you, Gerard." Frank spat, storming back into the cafeteria.

I stand still; frown growing heavier, anger bubbling to extreme levels. The knot in my throat gets tighter and tighter, my head pounds and my fists clench. Did I really just have an argument with Frank Iero: the only man I had grown close to over the past two months? The only man, who despite my horrible, blurry past, had at least given me a chance? Fuck, what did I do?! Frank was, from my memory, the only best friend I had ever had! Besides Mikey..

Even though I'm boiling with anger, I can't help but feel curious about what Frank meant by 'I have my own problems'.

By now, after being on close watch of the argument, two police officers grasp me tightly and drag me to my cell. They push me into the grotty room roughly, slamming the door. I moan as the echoing crash splits my fresh migraine. I bet the bastards did it on purpose. I don't care if they don't know I have a headache, they did it on purpose. They're out to get me. I sit on the pealing bed and groan; there's only two thoughts ringing in my mind. I need to apologize to Frank. I need to find out what's wrong with him. Before I can start to guess what's wrong with him, I'm yanked out of my line of thought.

"Let the fuck go of me!" Frank growls venomously. I watch as his small but feisty frame gets dragged passed my cell. Our eyes catch one another's for a second, but he just glares at my sorrowful expression and mutters swear words under his breath, eventually getting thrown in his cell, too. The police officers walk away professionally, shaking their heads.

"Frank?" I ask cautiously, rubbing the back of my neck. He simply scoffs. I take it as a continue. "I'm sorry, okay? I know you didn't want me to lose my nut and I'm.. err.. I'm thankful for that.. I, erm.. oh shit. I'm seriously crap at apologies. I'm just.. I'm sorry, okay? I didn't know you that you have shit going on too. I can't read minds. But I do now, and I'm asking you to tell me. They're not gonna let us out, so we've got a lot of spare time on our hands."

"You don't have to be able to read minds!" He barks, but the sadness is evident in his voice. "I accept your apology. And yes, you really are shit at them." Sighing, he continues. “My mum just passed with cancer and my dad committed suicide shortly after. The note said he had nothing to live for. Fuck, Gerard, I've disappointed them so much.."

My jaw drops to the floor. "They d-died?! Oh shit.. I mean.. I'm really-"

"Sorry? Just like everyone says."

"Well, what can I say? I'm not going to say it'll be alright, because that's a load of bollocks. But I will tell you that when we get outta here, we can try get to their graves and you can say your goodbyes." I lean back on my bed and close my eyes, talking into the gloom of my cell.

"Thanks Gerard. I'm just gonna sleep, considering we have to sit here for hours." He mumbles. I subconsciously nod and turn in my bed, falling into a world of blackness a few minutes later.


I'm standing in a forest.

It's crowded with tall trees that stand up high around me, their fragile, ebony trunks blending into the charcoal sky. Leaves of dark green cling to their branches and wave in the sky, then few of them tumble to the floor. Streaks of dark purple and red are just noticeable in the horizon. It's a magnificent sight; especially with the few bright stars that are scattered above me. There's a gentle breeze and as I hold the worn, long lantern, I feel an urge to smile. The flickering candlelight that radiates from lantern glows on the ground below me, so I look down, suddenly repulsed. However, there's nothing there.. A flush of panic washes over me, along with hatred and still, so much repulsion. I keep staring at the ground, place the lantern down beside my feet and kneel down. I scrape my fingernails through the dirt and feel panic rush through me like vomit. I start pulling the earth up, digging deeper and deeper, desperately searching for something. Something... I get deeper as I unearth more stones and twigs, beads of sweat forming on my brow. I hit something and gasp, pulling up the rest of the earth and-"

"Shit, dude! Wake up, Gerard!" I furiously blink my eyes open, covered in a layer of cold sweat, as Bob shakes me from my dreams. "Are you okay, Gerard?" He asks, furrowing his brow.

"Y-yeah.. Fine." I mumble through my panting breaths, sitting up properly and trying to recompose myself.

"Good. Today's the day. Marty's brought them in, and brought you something nice to eat. Be prepared, Gerard."

I nod, push myself up and inhale deeply.

Today's the day.

Oh my god, thank you so so much for making nearly EVERY chapter green! It made my day. Thank you all so much. I appreciate it. :) xoxo
Oh, and there'll only be about 3/4 or 5 more chapters! D:
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