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So Sexy

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Gerard's POV

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Groaning a little as Amanda pulls away from me I follow her gaze seeing Frank and Jenna walking towards us. Last time I checked Frank was with Leighton. Hmm…I guess things change fast. Shrugging I gently press my lips to Amanda’s neck, nibbling just a little bit, enjoying the soft feeling of her skin.

“Save the sex for the bedroom guys,” Frank jokes smiling as Jenna and him slide into the seats across from us.

Amanda blushes, holding my hand tightly in hers, head resting on my shoulder. I cannot wait for movie night at her house. I’m pretty positive it will turn into a huge cuddle fest if not more.

“So Frankie what happened to Leighton?” Amanda, not normally one to beat around the bush, questions.

Frank gives his sister a stern look. What the hell is happening between him, Leighton and Jenna? I don’t think Frank would cheat on Leighton he’s not that kind of person. This of course sparks questions. Why is he here with Jenna and not Leighton? Did they get in a fight or is Jenna just kinda here?

“Jenna’s brother isn’t home right now and she needed a ride and I offered to take her to dinner,” Frank answers but I know Amanda saw more; she’s got that glint in her eyes.

“So the kiss in the car was friendly?”

Silence cuts through the diner. Jenna’s cheeks turn a bright red and Frank looks about ready to kill his younger sister. I’m now extremely confused and feel as if maybe I should just duck out of this conversation. Then again if I miss it I’ll have to hear it retold over and over again. Might as well stay.

“It was a move I shouldn’t have made and I know I shouldn’t have done it. Then again I can’t really regret my decision to kiss your brother, Amanda,” Jenna says refusing to make eye contact with anyone but the blank wall behind Amanda and I.

“I’m sure Leighton will be interested in hearing about this,” Manda says shooting daggers at Jenna across the table.

One thing I know is that Amanda doesn’t take kindly to those who try and interfere with her brother and certain things in his life. This has to be one of those times. Amanda has been trying to get Leighton and Frank together for almost a year. She’d kill Jenna if she fucked that up. That girl better back up.

“Amanda, please, can we not tell Leighton about this one. It didn’t mean anything,” Frank pleads.

My beautiful girlfriend’s face goes blank. She hates it when her brother pulls stuff like this. Strongly against cheating in any form, Manda will talk Frank into telling Leighton. In truth she has a right to know. It’s better to hear the story from your boyfriend, the one who did it, then someone else who might get the facts wrong.

“Would now be a bad time to bring up that I got a job?” I ask trying to break the awkward silence that is filling up the tiny space.

Manda turns to me, “You got a job? Where?”

Alright, well she doesn’t look pissed. I’d hate it if my only means of getting the rest of the money for Amanda’s ring made her angry. Then again she also hasn’t heard my work schedule yet.

“Here, they need a bus boy. I have to be here right after school but I get off at five,” I quickly explain praying that Amanda won’t be angry with me.

Instead of angry words lips meet mine, fingers tangling in my hair. I never expected this kind of reaction. Amanda is happy. I’ve not screwed up.

“That’s wonderful, Gee. I’m so proud of you babe,” she smiles, gently stroking my cheek with her thumb.

Not knowing what else to say I take her hand and lead her out to the car. Movie night is canceled. Amanda and I need our time and Frank needs to get his shit together. I mean, he doesn’t want to tell Leighton about Jenna kissing him.

“Are you mad at your brother?” I ask trying to keep the question causal. Amanda’s pretty chill with talking about anything to me but this is a touchy subject. Manda would die for her brother. She takes his side with everything; its how they’ve always been.

A few seconds of silence.

“No,” Amanda says as we head towards her room. “I’m just mad at Jenna. She had no right to kiss him. Even if she thought Frankie was leading her on. He’s happy with Leighton. I’ve not seen him this happy in forever. She needs to keep her ass out of it.”

Smirking, I lean in and gently kiss the corner of Amanda’s mouth, “You’re so sexy when you’re riled up.”
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