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The Great War of Ermadela pt.1

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Human meets immortal...

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The sun was starting to peer through the Church windows, shining down hotly on my face. I never expected to be here in my whole life..I'm starting to think why I'm here, y'know like if God really has a purpose for me? The Fathers told me, all of them did. But if God really did have a plan for me..why hasn't he shown it? I mean you get people who get these messages from God, like a Epiphany or something. I wonder if I ponder about this enough, maybe God will send me this 'Message'. I'm distracted from my thoughts.

There's a man outside my door, he coughs. "Father Iero.."

"Uhh, yes?"
I hear the man shift outside.

"It's time for you to go now.." What? Where? Why? I decide to get up and nervously make my way out the door to what sounds like Father Allman.

I drag the door open, and there of course stands Father Allman. He's standing there smiling then next thing I know we're being dragged down to the depths of Hell. Flames engulfing us as I reach nearer the end. I can hear the Father slowly drift away from me in the midst of it all. Next there's a desperate screeching followed by the outburst of heat surrounding my tattooed body. It starts from the tips of the toes and deathly creeps up to the top of my head. I scream..and it all goes white.


"Mr. Iero!" I open my eyes gingerly, not sure if I really want to. My eyes slowly flutter open anyway and there's a nurse stood over me with what looks like a big ass needle in her hand.

"Hey! Fuck! Get that thing away from me!" The nurse looked shocked but then another woman's voice spoke, my mother.

"Sorry dear, He..keeps..h-um, just put the needle down?"

"Sorry, yeah sure.." She sets the needle down and returns to me again and smiles. "Mr. Ie-"

"Call me Frank..p-please." She studied my face then began again.

"Uhm..Frank..would you like anything? A drink maybe?"
I sat right up in the hospital reality just dawning on me that I'm in a fucking hospital.

"NO! Why the fuck am I fucking here. What the FUCK!?" I tried to get up and run away, but I then realised that there were drips attatched to my right arm instantly ripping out, blood pouring from it.

"WHAT THE HELLL!!!?" I felt tears rolling down my cheeks, the pain was unbearable. I felt hands hold me back and my mother was by my left side holding my hand.

"Now Mr. Ie-"

"FRAAAANK!!!!!!" So irritating.

"Come on, Dear.." My mother was encouraging me.

"Frank! We're trying to help you here. We can't help you unless you participate."

I decided to at least let them hold me back. What I wasn't going to do is let any fucking 'professional' doctors touch my bleeding arm. I don't trust them. Not at all.

Yep. There was that big ass needle.

I woke up to hazel eyes. Who-


He suddenly looked up and stared at me, his shocked face soon turned to a wide smile.

"I'm Bert." He reached out his hand, and I tried to, but then remembering earliers incident like a bad memory. I winced in pain, Bert noticed this and pat my shoulder instead.

"F-Frank.." I hesitantly smiled. Bert smiled back, confusion swept over his face.

"Ahem.." He coughed. "If you don't mind me saying..I can't quite figure you out..I mean..I've been sitting here for hours-"

"For hours?!"

"'re quite interesting."

I stared at him...

"Well. Um, thank you..but I'm not ga-"

"You're bisexual." Oh my God. How the fuck?


He smiled, "It's alright.." I just nodded, just as he was standing up.

"You should get some sleep, Frank.." He pulled the blankets carefully around me, making sure he didn't accidently nudge my arm.

"T-thanks...Bert?" He smiled sweetly while stroking my forehead, sweeping any sweat filled hairs away. I snuggled into the blankets, laying on my back..I mean, it's not like I can actually fucking move anywhere, is it? Bert slowly closed the curtains and I heard him shuffle back to his own bed across the way from me. We were both near the window, where you could see all the nurses and doctors rushing about.

I closed my eyes sleepily, thinking about Bert. He was a..strange man? Could you even say that? His hair was greasy and wavy and just touched the tip of his shoulders. He wore a really long leather coat, that came way past his knees, nearly down to his ankles. He also wore a heavy looking pair of black scuffed Doc Martens. He was so deathly pale with real hazel eyes, they were rimmed red...probably from lack of sleep? I couldn't quite tell.


"Don't touch me!! I'm warning you!" I was thrown against a cold, metal wall.

"The fool said in heart, 'There hath no God..'"

"I'm not a fucking FOOL!! LET ME GO! LET ME GO!!" I repeated this over and over in my head.

The man walked over to me. It was Father Allman. What the fuck, I thought I got rid of him?! He shook his head, sauntering over to me, smirking, flexing and then clenching his hands.

"Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank..."


I was being shook awake by Bert. I casually smiled, as you would if someone who was so nice to you the night before.

"S-sorry, I was..having nightmares.." I managed to stutter out.

"It's okay,, how often do you have these...nightmares?" I fidgeted.

"Oh so now you're going to be my councellor? I don't even know why the fuck I'm in here!" His face fell, Oh god.

"Uhm.." He coughed. "I'm terribly sorry.."

That was it. I'm confused, I don't know why the fuck I'm here and now I'm being horrible to innocent people.
Bert gasped, and extended his arm out to stroke my forehead again.

"Shh, shh, Frank..There, there.." I sniffed. "There's no reason to cry now, is there?"

"Yes! Yes there is! I'm confused. Why am I here?! And now I'm being horrible to nice people..Oh for fucks sake!!!" I frowned, tears still flowing down my flushed cheeks. Bert was still stroking my face.

"Dear child. I'm sure the Doc's will tell you in time. For now, you should rest." How the hell was he so fucking calm?!

"Hm. I suppose?"

I'm not actually quite sure what happened after that, but I fell asleep nightmares whatsoever.

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