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The Great War of Ermadela pt.2

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Is he really all that nice?

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One week later and I've been feeling shit, and Bert hasn't been around at all..fucking hell, am I really losing my head now?

"Frank. Frank? C'mon wake up. You have visitors."

I was woken up softly by the nurse who was accompanied by a cop and a sciencetist looking guy. He was holding a notebook and had a pencil perched behind his ear, his blonde whispy hair covering it. I closed my eyes again moaning, I didn't want to be disturbed, I wanted to be in that perfect bliss of being half awake.

"Mr. Iero," The cop spoke, "We want to ask you some questions if you don't mind.." I laughed maybe a little too sarcastically.

"No. I want to sleep. Can we not do this later?" The police officer rolled his eyes, irritated.

"No son, we can't, if you don't wanna find out who did this to you then that's fine. But WE wanna catch the motherfucker, understood?" I could do nothing else but nodd in agreement. He scared the shit out of me.

"Uh, well I guess so.." The sciencetist smiled.

"S'good. Now let's get started." He sat down on the chair beside where Bert had sat the previous night.

"So uh..Mr. Iero?"

"Call me Frank." He smiled again,

"Of course, I'm DCI. Dawson, but you can call me Sam. . So..Frank, do you know why you're here?," He glanced over at the intimidating Police Officer, shifting his weight from the balls of his feet to the tips of his toes, hands behind his back.

"And don't worry about Johnny, he's just here for witness..So do you know why you're here?"

I shook my head, "N-no..Sam, I don't."

"We found you lying on the sidewalk, no clothes on, scratches to your neck, and you were shaking uncontrollably. You're telling me you don't remember any of this?"

My eyes widened. I couldn't take all of this in he'd said it so fucking casually. What kind of sick fuck would do this to me? I closed my eyes, hoping that if I kept them closed long enough this would all disappear and I'd be back with my shitty Bibles in my shitty room, in New York. I heard Sam cough, then he reached out to touch my thigh, he patted it softly,

"Frank. I know it's alot to take in, but we need you to try your best to remember anything. Anything at all would be a help to me and you. You don't want that bastard out there trying to claim his next victim, do you?"

I shook my head frantically, I certainly don't want that fucker out there. I want him behind bars. You'd really have to be demented to do something like this. Maybe they thought that doing this to someone was better than killing so as it marked them for the rest of their life. I bet he's secretly laughing at me as we speak in some fucking..I don't where ever a fucked up sycho would live..a haunted castle or something?

"Well then Frank, here's my number," He handed me a crumpled bit of paper. "It's ovbious you're shocked about the whole thing. So we're going to leave you for a few days. Make sure you have a good think about it, okay? We want to catch this sycho as much as you do."

He stroked the stray hairs away from my face, he had calming hands like Bert.

"In the meantime, if you suddenly remember anything at all, you give me a ring okay? No matter what time or day, I'm here okay?" He smiled and I being the lovely person I am, returned the smile. He glanced at Johnny.

"Well, I think we better get going now, eh?"

Johnny give a firm nodd. Man, I wish he was there when I was being brutly attacked. Sam, turned around smiling and waved, I waved back and he left.

'It was dark and I was running away from Allman. This time he wasn't a priest. He was just a white figure. But I could tell it was him.

"You can't get away from me, Iero. You never will. You need to give up. I can save you. We can save you."

"No! I'll never let you touch me! Not over my dead body!" I spat.

"Then over your dead body will just have to do, won't it?" He grinned manically.

I ran fast, sped through the forest, branches scratching my face, twigs breaking as I ran. And sure enough, no matter how fast I ran, Allman managed to speed up with me. I fell over onto the damp ground, he'd gotten on top of me, and his hands were now clamped tightly around my neck, squeezing the oxygen out of my lungs, I grasped frantically, trying to push him off me but he was too strong for me...'

It was approximatley four am, when I woke up. I'd just been staring at the ceiling, my hospital gown was damp with sweat and tears where spilling down my face. And there was nowhere about, I hadn't seen Bert all day. The nurses had all gone to thier dorms. We had emergency buttons to press if we were in trouble. I curled up in a ball, I couldn't help feeling alone in the hospital full of people.

I jumped when I heard someone slowly pull back the blue hospital curtain. Bert poked his head around the curtain, smiling. He was wearing his what looked like really old striped pyjama bottoms with an overly large skull t-shirt, and brown worn out slippers. He had more colour on his face and looked more happy than when I last saw him.

I giggled at the site of him, and so did he.

"Hey. How are you doing?" Then he winced as he seen the scars on my neck. I hadn't looked in the mirror for the past few days so I'm not sure how shit I look.

"I'm good, my arm's still killing me though.." He nodded and walked over and reached out to touch my neck. As soon as he did it felt like Hell was rising, only on my skin. I backed away from his touch, hissing.

"Fuck, Bert!" He stepped back immediatley.

"Fuck..I'm sorry." He ran his fingers through his hair, his face turning red.

"It's okay..sit down?" He smiled and sat down. I was still curious why I hadn't made an appearance all week. There was a comfortable silence but then I decided to break it,

"Uh, Bert?"

He looked up,


I coughed, "Uh, where have you been all week? Your bed was made up and it looked like you hadn't slept in it at all."

He blinked nervously, avoiding any eye contact with me before answering, "I-I..decided to go see my family for a while?"

He couldn't have possibly went to see them, he wouldn't have been allowed to be admitted from the hospital to see them. But it was all to wierd to argue over, so I just nodded instead and decided not to press the matter further.

"So..what are you in here for?" I asked Bert. He shifted on his feet.

"Umm.." I looked at him puzzled.."Food poisoning..Yeah, food poisoning. Real bad food poisoning." Yeah, right. He talks shit, maybe it's 'cause I don't really wanna know what he's in here for. Fuck, for all I know he could be in here for some STD. Again, I nodded slowly.

He sat there with me for a while, and there was the comfortable silence again. I liked it, it wasn't awkward. The silence was broken by the vibration in Bert's pocket.

He took it out of his pocket. Then looked up at me, panicking.

'Shit, shit, shit, shit' He kept muttering under his breath.

"I needa go now Frank. Don't tell any of the nurses I'm gone okay?" I nodded quickly, but surely.

"You needa promise me!" He half whispered, half yelled. I was startled so I didn't have time to answer him before he gripped my throat. Again, the burning sensation followed, I'm sure it's gonna leave marks there.

"B-Bert, S-stop, you-you're hurting m-me.."


"Yes, I promise! B-Bert, please just let me go!" Once he was satisfyied with my answer he loosened his death-grip on my neck. I shifted up the bed to get away from him, why did he do that to me? Now I'm going to be even more mentally scarred.

Instead he smiled.

Just fucking smiled. Then, he told me to lay down and he put the blankets around me, kissing my forehead before whispering me 'Goodnight'.

He closed the curtain again and I listened to his footsteps run out of the ward and down the corridor untill they faded away and I couldn't hear them anymore.
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