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It's not done. I will finish as soon as possible.

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"You don't remember? Of course not. She can kill and resurrect with just a simple look. White means she is bringing them back. Black means she is killing them. It really is a quite extraordinary power. I don't know where she acquired it." Time said smiling lovingly at his daughter. She smiled at looked at the large red and black bug.
"Are there more weapons and creatures I should know about?" Brendon asked and then looked at his feet. Brendon remembered the no questions thing that he had forgotten multiple times already Ryan shot him a serious look and Brendon stared at the floor more. Brendon and the floor were locked in a serious staring contest, and Brendon was winning. If that is even possible.
"Yes. Brendon this question was very helpful this time. We were getting of topic. There is one creature that is good. But trapped, so they may beg and plead to be saved but you can't because you will then die. I promise." Time said waging his finger at Brendon. Brendon looked up and furrowed his eyebrows. They had animal slaves? Of course Brendon would want to save them. Slavery is wrong in to many ways to count.
"What is the name of this creature? And why if we try to save it will we die?" Brendon asked. Time walked over to the door and turned the small lock.
"Why did you..." Brendon was cut off by Ryan's hand over his mouth.
"He has his reasons. Don't question his actions. They are for a good purpose that you wouldn't understand." Ryan scolded Brendon. Brendon began to sweat under Ryan's harsh stare. He squirmed to escape the heartless look Ryan had saved for that very moment. Ryan was very good with his eyes. He could make you wish you were never alive or melt into pool of lust. A skill that would be very useful with the extremely childish Brendon. Brendon accidentally made eye contact with Ryan. The thin boy with a fragile exterior and the strict rules. That harmless looking boy had turned into a cold hearted dictator. Demanding Brendon around without even speaking a word. Brendon wanted to look away but he couldn't. Like when something is really hot and you want to pull away but you can't because your sensitive flesh is stuck to it. Ryan finally averted his eyes and removed his hand from Brendon's plump lips. Brendon licked his lips from the dryness Ryan's hand had caused.
"The creature is called a Zelch. I am aware it sounds like it should be from Dr. Suess book but it's not. This creature is very intelligent. I don't have to tell you the appearance of this creature because you will know when you hear it talk. That reminds me, I didn't tell you what a Chube looks like did I?" Time asked running his fingers through his snow white bangs. Of course they just fell back into place.
"No sir. You didn't" Brendon said trying to stay on Time's good side. Time slowly walked from the recently locked door and over to standing in front of Brendon.
"He locked the door because if any human hears this information we will be dissected and looked at like animals in a zoo." Death said as she sat criss-cross on the floor.
"But, I am a human and I am hearing this. So is Ryan. Why can he and I know?" Brendon asked looking at the woman sitting contently on the floor.
"Ryan has known for years, so he already knows this stuff. I just thought he wouldn't want to waste time and tell you himself. Plus, you are not human. Not anymore at least. You are dead, you were killed. Ever sense that night you have ceased to be a human. You are now just here, a presence. But you can still be touched, and seen. I am not quite sure of the term but it is unimportant." Time said with a crooked smile. He wasn't trying to be weird, that's just how he smiled. Brendon's eyes got at the thought of being dead. After all Time was right, Brendon was dead. Brendon's eyes started to water at the thought of being dead. The thought that he could never see any of his family without them thinking he was some kind of poltergeist in Brendon's body. That was going to haunt them until the ending of their lives. A one tear drop fell down Brendon's smooth pale cheek. As it fell towards his mouth he could taste the salt water.
"Don't cry. Your fine. And once you find what you have come back for then you will be completely dead once again." Time said staring at Brendon with his creepy white eyes.
"I'm not crying. My eyes just started to water in realization. So just keep talking about this animal." Brendon said wiping his tears with the back of his hand. Ryan's scolding look melted away int a sorry look. He didn't want Brendon to feel bad about being dead. After all it wasn't his fault. If Brendon had been able to live he would have. Ryan walked over to Brendon and placed a hand on his shoulder.
"It's all going to be okay. I promise." Ryan said pointing his pink towards Brendon.
"What are you doing?" Brendon asked raising one eyebrow.
"Pinky promise. You can't break one of those." Ryan said with a childish grin. Brendon locked pinkies with Ryan and they made a never breaking promise. It would all be okay, for now.
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