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Luckiest Girl in the World

by DeathzAngel 2 reviews

Zayna's POV

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Ding dong, ding dong, ding…. I pull open the door smiling at Ray who is standing there in his black suit jacket and jeans, his ‘fro crazy, grin on his lips. He looks so fucking hot. Waving awkwardly I fiddle with the skirt of my royal blue dress. Ray told me to dress up for our two month anniversary date so I did.

“You look stunning Zayna,” Ray says, taking my hand and leading me towards his black pick up truck.

“Aww, thank you Ray, your so sweet. So tell me, where are we going?” I ask still playing with the tool on my dress.

Ray just laughs as we drive down the snow lined road towards the edge of town, “It’s a secret. Now calm down.”

Glancing over at him I pout. Its not that I mind surprises, actually there are times when I quiet enjoy them but right now I want to know where the fuck Ray is taking me. Sure this is cute and romantic and it will be special but I’m a curious girl, its eating at me to not know where I’m being taken.

“Pwease, Ray – Ray,” I beg giving him puppy dog eyes.

Instead of giving in he just leans over, kisses my cheek then goes back to driving. Feeling very defeated I turn to watch the white powder fall from an ever grey sky. Although winter brings a bout of almost unbearable cold it does transform Belleville into a winter wonderland. Resting my black and red curled hair against the window I stick my thumb in my ear and stick out my tongue. The reflection in the icy window makes me laugh.

“Zayna,” Ray says, tapping me on the shoulder, “we’re here.”

Nodding I wait for him to come open my door and lead me towards the warm looking, illuminated lodge sitting amongst the ice covered pine trees. It’s like a scene out of a movie where prom happens to fall in the winter time. D’aw, he’s so damn sweet.

Plaid blue converse crunching the snow underneath them as Ray links our elbows, leading me towards the door. This is a good surprise; I’m glad Torosaurus made me wait and didn’t tell me where we were going.

At the door, Layla dressed in a black dress greats us, leading Ray and I to a small table in the middle of the large room. The table is decorated with deep purple cloth and a tiny flickering candle. Layla pulls the seats back and then walks over to a record player in the corner. The second the needle drops the song ‘Fall For You’ begins to play.

Unable to stop myself a single tear falls. For the past month Ray and I haven’t been as close as a couple should be. I hated it, this song is perfect, tonight is perfect…he’s perfect. A hand grabs onto mine and two big brown eyes meet mine causing me to smile.

“I love you Zayna King,” he says before leaning across the table and pressing his full lips to mine, letting it linger.

Someone clears their throat and I turn my attention to Gerard and Frank. Both of them are dressed in black skinnies with white dress shirt left to hang out. With some difficulty due to his broken arm, Gerard puts a glass of water in front of both Ray and I smiling widely. Both of the dark haired boys squeeze Ray’s shoulder before disappearing again.

“You didn’t have to do this,” I say moving my hand forward and spilling the water glass. “Fuck.”

Instead of making a big deal about it, Frank returns to clean up the spill leaving Ray and I to continue on with our date. I’ve managed to make a big wet spot on the table cloth but other than that everything had been going very smoothly.

“I did have to do this, so you could be all cute and awkward and knock over your water,” Ray laughs, smile still set on his face.

Stick out my tongue I scowl, “Shut the fuck up Ray Toro. I totally meant to do that,” I joke, gently hitting his arm.

“Oh of course you did,” Ray answers with a smirk as a plate full of chicken, potatoes and green beans arrive to the table.

Deciding to drop it I just roll my eyes, digging into the meal that was put in front of me. It’s good and the food is all cooked to perfection. Even though Ray didn’t take me to an expensive, five star restaurant the date is still nice and it really is us. We’re not a fancy couple that buys each other fancy, expensive gifts. Ray and I are simple and I wouldn’t ask for it to be any other way.

Once the dinner dishes are cleared away and the table moved to a corner Ray takes my hand, spinning me around on the wooden floor as the music from the record player continues to trill on switching from a fast song to a slow one. Ray places his hands on my hips, my arms around his neck. Tonight has been perfect. It was everything I could have hoped for and more. Looking up into Ray’s big eyes I know that I am the luckiest girl alive.
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