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Maggie meets a new friend on IM

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Sitting in front of my computer that night thinking about all the stuff that is coming when I hear the familiar PING of the computer letting me know I just got a chat message.

LARZISADORK: I saw your statues. Is it for real? You’re touring with Green Day?
LIL’BASKETCASE: yeah. Who are you?
LARZISADORK: Larz. You don’t know me.
LIL’BASKETCASE: cool. I’m Maggie.
LARZISADORK: You’re Billie’s kid?
LIL”BASKETCASE: yes, that’s me…Maggie Armstrong 
LARZISADORK: why the sad face?
LIL’BASKESTCASE: it’s not really all it’s cracked up to me
LARZISADORK: touring isn’t that bad
LIL’BASKETCASE: you’ve been on tour?
LARZISADORK: yup. I’m in a band
LARZISADORK: yup, just finished touring about a month ago
LIL’BASKETCASE: it’s not that bad?
LARZISADORK: I liked it but my tour wasn’t very big. I’m sure Green Day will be different. I hope you don’t mind getting no sleep.
LIL’BASKETCASE: I don’t get any to begin with
LARZISADORK: insomniac?
LARZISADORK: wanna share a coffee over IM?
LARZISADORK: Waffle House!
LARZISADORK: Waffle House it’s a place that sells waffles and coffee and other breakfast foods.
LIL’BASKETCASE: I know what Waffle House is but why the whole ‘Waffle House!’ thing?
LARZISADORK: I’m a dork 
LIL’BASKETCASE: me too, I’ll be back

Getting up I walk out of my room and to the kitchen, grabbing a coffee mug out of the cabinet. I’m talking to some random kid over IM. What if he’s like one of those creepy stalker people? Naw, Larz seems pretty nice. It’s nice to talk to someone who doesn’t try and spit concert dates and advice and all that other crap at me.

Setting my mug under the coffee maker I put my little plastic cup of grind in the machine, shutting the lid. I press the blinking blue light indicating that I want a big cup and wait for about thirty seconds.

Grabbing my mug I head back to my room, shutting the door behind me.

LARZISADORK: sweet. Do you have your coffee?
LIL’BASKETCASE: I do, do you?
LIL’BASKETCASE: Haha, I drink to you my friend.
LARZISADORK: to new friends

Taking a sip of coffee I wonder what Larz looks like, where he is right now how life is going for him. Do other people have crazy, messed up lives like I do? I’d like to think not. I don’t wish my life on anyone.
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