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Turned On and Left There

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As it got darker the wind picked up. It was way colder then the night before. I lied down and pulled the blanket over me. I stared at the boys as they got ready for bed. Gerard only took his shoes off. Frank didn't even take his shoes off, he just got settled in his blanket. I'm pretty sure Ray was already asleep. My eyes got wide as I watched Mikey slowly peel his tank top off of his body. I got all tingly and I was curling my toes.
"Enjoying the view?" Frank whispered in my ear with a laugh. He was lying behind me. I turned to look at him and he laughed.
"Night Frank." I said through gritted teeth.
"Goodnight Marissa." Frank said as he kissed my cheek. For some reason that made me feel warmer. Mikey lied next to me and adjusted his blanket.
"Italian my dada tell me. Warm blooded Italian. I guess he was wrong." I mumbled to myself as I shivered. Mikey turned over and propped himself up on his arm. His blanket fell and showed his chest. I bit my lip trying not to make any noises.
"What's wrong?" He asked me with concern in his voice.
"I'm freezing cold. It wasn't this cold last night." I said pulling my blanket closer.
"That's because last night you slept with two blankets, and me." Mikey blushed as the last part.
"Oh yeah." I said avoiding eye contact.
"Well,if you cold and you ant me to then..." Mikey's sentence trailed off.
"Okay." I said. I didn't want to freeze to death. Plus, it was an excuse to be closer to Mikey. He opened his blanket and I scooted in. Mikey grabbed my blanket and pulled it over us. One we had both I felt warmer. Bt I was on the edge of the blanket.
"You have got to come closer." Mikey said to me. I got my back closer to his chest, they were almost touching.
"Closer." Mikey said almost demanding.
"I can't get any closer." I whispered loudly back. Mikey wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him. I could feel his chest rise and fall against my back. It was comforting.
"You can always be closer." Mikey said as his arms tightened around me. Being in his arms made me feel safe, even from the snake.
"I don't think here is any physical way we can be closer. If we were any closer then we would be..." I turned to see Mikey smiling seductively.
"No, no, we can't. The guys are here. It will wake them." I said turning my head back around.
"I didn't actually say anything, but I would never suggest it with my brother lying next to me." Mikey was quiet for a minute.
"But, I promise you we will." Mikey said as he kissed the side of my face. It sent shivers down my spine.
"As long as it's sincere." I said to him. He put his lips to my ear.
"It's called making love so it only makes sense to do it with someone you love." Mikey said as he kissed me lightly.
"I do." I said to myself. Mikey took out my hair tie and put it around his wrist. He took his fingers and ran them through my long brown hair.
"You do what?" Mikey asked me. I didn't know he heard me.
"I do love you. I am completely, and positively sure. No doubts what-so-ever." I said as I backed closer into him. I put my hand on his thigh. I heard him whimper a little. His hand yanked on my hair. I could tell it was affecting him, it was funny. He was warm all over.
"I'm glad to hear... you love... me too." His breathing was uneven. He knew that it was amusing to me. I slid my hand further up his thigh.
"You should really... stop that." Mikey said as he looked around. I turned over so I was facing him.
"Why would I do that? It seems to be pleasing you." I said trying to make my eyes bigger and puppy dog like. He furrowed his eyebrow and looked at me with begging eyes. I took my hand and placed it one his chest. I traced my hand down to his waistband. Mikey stuck his fist in his mouth and bit own trying not to make noise. He didn't want to wake any of the guys. I was getting a little tired so I just barely brushed my hand over his erection. He let out a moan. Not to loud thankfully. His eyes flickered open and closed. I stretched upward so our lips could meet. He tried to push and deepen the kiss but I pulled away. I went back to my position with my face in his chest. "Night Love." I said as I lightly kissed his chest.
"Ni-ight." His voice cracked. I snuggled my head into his chest and drifted off to sleep.
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