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Two Teens

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Sorry it took so long. I really try to get it up. Thanks for waiting. :)

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"I am done. I grow tired of explaining to you. Ryan can when you come to face the creature. Until then you remain knowledge-less to our world. Thank you and good luck Brendon. I think you will find what you set out for. I already know what it is." Time smiled and giggled to himself.
"Well then why don't you tell me? It would be some much easier." Brendon asked stepping closer to the tall man. Time sighed and looked down at the pale boy.
"I know it would be easier, but easier isn't always right. That would change the course of the future. And then what your looking for won't happen or be there or... whatever. You are wasting valuable time. Just leave so I can sleep." Time was rubbing his head. Death stood up and put her hand lightly on his shoulder.
"You two are troubling him. You must leave." Death said. She was demanding Brendon and Ryan but her tone of voice was still calm. Ryan nodded lightly and looked toward the door. Reverie unlocked it and opened it. He motioned them out. Brendon had almost forgotten that Reverie was still in there.
"Thank you." Ryan said to Time before stepping out of the room.
"No problem, but I can guarantee you that your hand will be full on this journey." Time rolled his eyes and let out a long tired sigh. Ryan closed the door behind them. Ryan lead Brendon out of the purple house. Ryan and Brendon left Time's house with the messenger bag filled with weapons. Ryan was walking very fast trying to get somewhere, Brendon had no clue where. He had to jog to keep up with Ryan. Ryan stopped and put his hand up to stop Brendon. Brendon stopped and looked around.
"What's wro..." Brendon stopped talking when he say Ryan put his finger up to his lips. Brendon pursed his lips together to stop himself from saying anything else. The silence was interrupted by an ear splitting scream. With that Ryan took off. Brendon ran after him trying not to make to much noise with his feet. Ryan stopped at an alley entrance. He put his finger back to his lips to show Brendon that he needed to be quiet. Brendon and Ryan saw a mugging in process. There was a boy lying on the floor surrounded by 3 guys kicking him. A girl was being pinned against a concrete wall and being touched by some creep. She was squirming to get as tears poured down her tanned face. Brendon walked over to the 3 guys kicking the teen. He tapped one of their shoulders. The guys turned around, his face went white and his jaw hung open.
"But you dead." He said to Brendon.
"Yes, and you will be soon if you don't get out of here." Brendon threatened with a smirk.
"That's cool I already got what I wanted." One of the guys held up the boys wallet. Brendon reached out and snatched the wallet. The man charged at Brendon but Ryan tripped him. The guy stood up and balled his fists. Ryan grabbed his arm and flipped him onto his back. The guys eyes got wide as he stumbled to get back up.
"Anyone else want to take a shot at me?" Ryan asked being quite cocky. All the guys ran, except for the one harassing the girl. Ryan stood behind the boy and pulled him by his shoulder off the girl.
"If you even try to mess with me or touch her again I promise you that the police will being dealing with a case similar to Jack the Ripper." Ryan said with sweat running down his face. The man got up and ran away. The boy that Ryan and Brendon had assumed was dead shot up and ran over to the girl. Even with blood dripping form his lips he cared more about his girlfriend. The boys face was covered in orange freckles. So were his arms and legs. His long black eyelashes outlined beautiful hazel eyes. He was pale under the freckles. He was tall and thin with orange hair that went slightly past his ears. He was worried, you could tell by his pink cheeks. His girlfriend was almost the opposite of him. She was slightly shorter than him with shoulder length brown hair. Her tanned skin contrasted the white shorts she wore. Hazel eyes hid behind black rimmed glasses. Her wrists were filled with rubber and beaded bracelets. Tears streamed down her face as she showed her pink braces. She wore a little bit of make-up but it was obvious that she didn't need it.
"Corinna did he hurt you?" The boy asked cupping her face.
"No." She said between sobs. The boy pulled her into a hug. He still had blood dripping from his speckled lips. Brendon handed the boy his wallet.
"Your that boy who died, why did you help us?" The boy asked using the back of to wipe away the blood on his face.
"I used to get beat up daily. Now that I am back I don't want any kid to go through what I did." Brendon said with a light smile. The boy smiled showing off pearly white teeth.
"My name is Josh, this is my girlfriend Corinna." Josh said with a smile. Corinna smiled through the salty tears that fell from his hazel eyes.
"Thank you some much, if Josh had been killed I don't know what I'd do." Corinna said giving the orange boy a dreamy look.
"And if that guy had hurt Corinna... I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself." Josh as he took hold of Corinna's hands. It was then that Brendon realized what he was supposed to find. Brendon had died without finding it. He froze and looked down the alley. Ryan grew a smile when he saw Brendon's face.
"Finally." Ryan said with a smile.
"Finally what?" Josh asked in confusion. Corinna looked up at the tall pale boy that stared blankly down the dark alley.
"Is he okay?" Corinna asked Ryan.
"Yes, he will be now. He has just made a very important realization." Ryan said in an excited tone.
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