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The day her axe broke

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Claire is filthy rich and very lonely. What happens when she meet Gray? Rated 13 for possible sex in later chapters.

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What can I say? I'm back!!!

So let's make this a....Harvest Moon fic !!!!!! (no surprises there)

Featuring the ever popular Claire and Gray pairing.

I do not own HM.


The Day Her Axe Broke

Chapter One

Claire, the sassy blonde farmer, has been living in Forget-Me-Not Valley for five years now. Her farm was successful and beautiful with acres of grassland and animals grazing peacefully. It was picturesque and perfect.

Too perfect.

There was no challenge in running the farm anymore. The Harvest Sprites basically ran the farm for her. All of the sprites were freed and the Harvest goddess and Harvest King was very pleased with this.

Even the Witch Princess was happy now that she had the Harvest Goddess to squabble with again.

Muffy and Griffin were happily married, as was Celia and Marlin as well as Lumina and Rock. Gustafa and Naomi got along well though it was clear that they wanted nothing more than friendship from each other. Skye was happy with his life of thieving.

It seemed like everyone was happy except for Claire. Though she was successful, she was very lonely too. Even Flora Carter managed to tie the knot only a few weeks ago.
Everyone had someone.

But Claire only had her dog and cat for company.

One lazy afternoon, Claire was relaxing beneath the peach tree. Her horse was grazing peacefully nearby. Deciding that riding her horse was a better way to get the day over with she mounted the animal and slowly rode with no particular destination in mind.

She rode past Vesta's farm, stopping briefly to see how Marlin and Celia were doing, and then continued onwards. The little sprite that used to block her way whenever she tried to leave the valley had long since given up his post, being too overjoyed to have his fellow sprites back.

Claire rode out of Forget-Me-Not Valley and kept on going. The sky above was a deep cerulean, nature abundant around her, but she was blind to the beauty that surrounded her. She felt empty and false. Nothing really mattered anymore.

She was alone, and would die lonely.

This thought made Claire stop and turn around, back to Forget-Me-Not Valley. Back to the empty house and empty bed.

Maybe if she went to sleep she would feel better in the morning.


Bit of a short chapter. Second one will be up soon!
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