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Brendon stood completely still with his chocolate eyes staring down a dead alley. Corinna stood up and brushed her self off, then Josh did the same.
"Thank you for saving us. You guys are heros." Corinna said hugging Ryan and letting go. Josh hugged Ryan and patted Brendon's shoulder.
"Your very welcome. But with that we have to be off. Goodbye." Ryan waved and grabbed Brendon's arm. Ryan drug Brendon out of the alley and into a not much lighter street. The sun was on the verge of setting and everything was dimly lit. They stopped and rested against a brick building that seemed to be a recently closed down coffee shop.
"I'm sorry Brendon." Ryan said as he lifted his hand into the air. With force Ryan brought his hand in contact with Brendon's face. Leaving a red mark and a screaming Brendon. Ryan rubbed his hand as the hit had hurt his hand too.
"What the fuck was that for?" Brendon yelled as he rubbed his fire truck red cheek. Ryan made a sorry look and looked at the floor.
"I apologized before hand." Ryan said quietly. Brendon shot Ryan a look of something similar to hate, but soon it softened into a warmer look.
"In hindsight I'm sure I could have just snapped out of it." Brendon said to himself. Ryan grew a smile when Brendon tried to fix the problem.
"You finally found out what you have to find didn't you?" Ryan asked with hope in his voice. Brendon looked up into his amber eyes and saw the hope in him. The fact that he looked like a kid on Christmas staring at wrapped presents, think about what was inside them. Brendon finally got it. Not what he had to find, Ryan. He was beginning to understand the boy. He still acted young and innocent because his childhood was taken away. He didn't know any other way to act, he didn't go to school or learn social skills. He's still a kid inside. Or that's Brendon had deduced. But he was completely right. Ryan wouldn't admit it though. Because the other side of Ryan was a mature man that was a complete badass. That's how he tried to act, but it was hard when he didn't know how to be mature. Brendon shook his head and left his thoughts about the boy standing in front of him.
"Yes, I believe so." Brendon said looking up at Ryan. Instantly he was drowning in the pools of caramel that were Ryan's eyes. Brendon choked on his words, forgot what he was going to say, and just flat out fell apart.
"Are you okay?" Ryan asked placing his hand on Brendon's arm. He wrapped his long thin fingers around Brendon's arm. Brendon got goose bumps and looked away.
"Yeah... I'm fine..." Brendon said and looked at his Converse. They were just black but at the moment he seemed to be fascinated by them.
"Well then, can I check to make sure what you think your supposed to find is really what your finding?" Ryan asked as he tugged on brendon's shirt.
"Yeah. I think I am supposed to find... Love. Am I right?" Brendon asked fearing the answer. Ryan smiled and patted Brendon's shoulder.
"Good job. I could tell by the look on your face that you got it right. Don't think that your wrong. Always think that your right until you hear the answer." Ryan smiled and started walking some where. Brendon ran to catch up.
"Where are you going?" Brendon asked out of curiosity. Ryan gave Brendon a crooked smile and took him by the hand.
"Let me show you!" He pulled Brendon along down the sidewalk. It's really a good thing no one was out because Ryan would have run them over. Ryan stopped in front of a small building that seemed to be quite dark.
"Isn't this closed down for the night?" Brendon asked scratching his head. Ryan smirked at him.
"Yes, but that's when it's the most fun." Ryan winked at Brendon and pulled him inside. The door flung open and it was empty.
"But there is no on here?" Brendon asked raising an eyebrow.
"That's what people think when they come in here, but I know better. I am a little bit more observant." Ryan giggled and walked over to the wall. He unlatched something and pushed it open. There was a room full of people. Colorful dresses and masks were everywhere. People were laughing and having a good time. Drinking and merriment was evident with one good look. Ryan's smile widened as he felt at home. He knew a good amount of the people here. Brendon looked around confused as he began to feel small and insignificant. Like he was back at the social pond of high school. A pond where he was just a simple tadpole of no significance. What a great feeling to re-visit.

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