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New People

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A girl with brown hair and a smiling face skipped up to Ryan. She threw her arms around his neck as she hummed to herself the tune of the music that was playing.
"Hola Ryan!" The girl said with an awful Spanish accent.
"Hey Alyssa, haven't seen you in a long time." Ryan smiled with happiness in his eyes.
"Yeah, well it's a long trip down form heaven." Alyssa smiled rubbing a pair of feathered wings on her back. Brendon had thought those were just a costume.
"What does that mean?" Brendon asked rubbing his head. she giggled and brendon saw a glint in her eye. Of happiness and peace, something he desperately longed for.
"Did you think it was a metaphor?" She laughed pushing his shoulder playfully.
"Why yes, I did actually." Brendon said looking at the floor. She giggled and took hold of his hand.
"I'm an angel, I have died and found peace. Every once and awhile I am allowed to come down from heaven and mingle with my living friends." She laughed pushing her slightly longer than shoulder length hair out of her face. With that motion she exposed her pale face and perfectly shaped lips. Her green brown eyes sparkled in the dim lighting of the ballroom they stood in.
"He doesn't know that... He's a human." Ryan nudged her shoulder. She nodded and winked.
"Gotcha." She took hold of Brendon's shoulders.
"How does the moon look now a days? I haven't seen it in forever. I miss the earth, it truly is a beautiful place." Alyssa sighed looking dreamily at Brendon.
"Wait Ryan your human too?" Brendon said shooting his glance over to the boy still looking around the ballroom.
"I know." Ryan said cocking an eyebrow in confusion.
"Well then why do you know this stuff? And why is being human relevant?" Brendon asked putting his hand on his hip impatiently.
"Long story. I can tell you later. Where's Lupita? And Bryant? And that other kid...? I forgot his name." Ryan hesitated.
"I will get Lupita, and Bryant is probably looking out a window somewhere waiting for the rain to fall. Hoping that lightening will strike an innocent soul. You know... the normal." Alyssa rolled her eyes and scurried away. Brendon was soon becoming scared. He realized that none of these people were human. he could tell by a girl wearing a dress that revealed her spiked spine. like she was a human porcupine. Alyssa walked up with a dark skinned girl with a curvy body. Alyssa's light blue dress was opposite of her dark re one. she had horns coming from the top of her head out of black hair. Deep brown eyes shown from under a black mask that went over her nose and eyes. Alyssa was wearing a mask of the same sorts except it was white, just like her wings.
"I found her!" Alyssa declared as she guided the girl to Ryan. She was holding the girls arm and guiding her like she was blind.
"Well, I sure a hell couldn't find you." The girl laughed.
"Lupita, I have Brendon with me. Say hello." Ryan took her hand and placed it on Brendon's arm. She ran her hand up and down his arm then moved to his face. She traced her fingers over every inch of his face as she took in every feature that she couldn't see.
"What happened? Why can't you see?" Brendon asked curiously as she blinked her dark eyes.
"She might be a little sensitive about that?" Ryan said nudging Brendon.
"Nonsense. Ryan you shut your mouth. I am just fine talking about it." Lupita spoke with a light Mexican accent.
"Wait what did happen? I haven't seen you in so long, last time I saw you you could see." Ryan asked raising an eyebrow. Lupita giggled taking hold of Alyssa's arm so she could walk closer to Ryan. She took her hand and took his. She rubbed his hand to check if it was Ryan.
"Let's just say that the devil doesn't like smart-asses. I said something sarcastic and decided I didn't need sight anymore because I'm dead. It's whatever, I have my angel. To answer any questions Alyssa is my best friend, she was when I was alive, but when we died we went different directions." She smiled looking at the floor.
"Your from hell?" Brendon asked trying to offend.
"Yup, I killed someone when I was alive, I went to hell and it's not all that bad. The devil's a pretty chill guy if your on his good side. But if your not then he will make your life a living hell." Lupita laughed at her own pun and Alyssa joined in.
"Alright then." Brendon looked at the floor in fear of these odd people. Suddenly a boy came walking up. He wore all black. Every part of his tuxedo was black, the tie, vest, jacket, pants everything accept the shoes. They were a fiery red that matched a rose that stuck out of his jacket pocket on his breast. His mask was silver and resembled the Phantom of the Opera mask. It only covered half of his face. The silver looked amazing against his dark complexion. He was tall and thin with black hair that cover his forehead. once he saw Ryan he smiled a smile that lit up the whole ballroom.
"Hello." The boy said with a voice that sounded like singing, at least it did to Brendon. His voice was really deep and much more manly than his own.
"I'm Bryant. Who are you?" Bryant asked scanning Brendon. Brendon was at a loss for words as he stood in front of the stunning boy. He thought he was almost as good looking as Ryan. But then he realized that Ryan was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
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