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The big brother

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2. The big brother

I liked being alone with John. He often had something interesting to say to me, he'd make me laugh, share a few guitar tips with me. He was just nice to be around.

I was in an unusual mood for writing songs that day. I've never really been that good but I was bored so I decided to give it a go. I was sitting in the spare room where we often wrote our songs and John was sitting next to me, so we were back to back. He was unusually quiet, gently tapping the lid of his pen onto the table which irritated me after a while.

"What's up John?" I asked, without turning around
No reply
The tapping stopped and I could hear him lean back in his chair for a moment.
"Can you keep a secret Georgie?"
"Yeah" I said, too focused on my music sheet to really listen
"'s about Paul"
I froze for a second, my teeth suddenly clenching together.
"I see"
"Yeah I mean, I know you probably weren't expecting this but...well I kind of have a thing for him"
"Oh really?" I said, trying to act like this was the first time I'd heard of it.
"Yeah I mean, I'm not a queer or nothin. It's just, he's so cute ya know"
"Mmm" I said, zoning out a little, starting to chew my pencil lid.

"I just wanna kiss tha little nose of his, you know what I mean?"
"Well not really-"
"Yeah, I guess you wouldn't really know about that sort of thing"
"I mean, you're only a kid an all. Too easy to take advantage of"
Now, what does he mean by that exactly?
"Probably don even know wha love is..."
"Hey! I do to!"
He chuckled lightly "Yeah right kiddo"
"I do!"
"Since when?"
"Well.." I said, a blush spreading across my face. I cringed at the memory of my first crush.

John read me like a book
"The thing that went on between you and Eric was just a fling George"
"It wasn't!" I said, actually turning around to face him.
"Oh come on. You snogged a few times and went on a few dates. Then he hooked up with that blonde chick of his and ya never saw him again. I wouldn't call that romance"
I bent my head, my pen slipping from my fingers and hitting the floor. John still saw my tears.

"I loved him" I muttered
"Yeah well, look how that turned out. Honestly George, you were thirteen. You didn't know what you were doing"
I stood up, angrily pushing the chair away. I flung the door open and stormed down the hall to the bedroom, wiping the tears from my hot cheeks. I flung the bedroom door open and slumped onto one of the beds, burying my face into my pillow. I sobbed, feeling the salt water trickling down the side of my face. My memories of Eric were stuck. I wanted to forget, but I couldn't. I loved him so. And John knew this. Why was be being such a prat?

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. For some strange reason I hoped it was Eric. I couldn't bear to look at him, so I plunged my face harder.
It wasn't Eric. It was John.
"Georgie, I've been lookin every where for ya. I wanted to say I'm sorry"
He'd actually followed me to say sorry? John had always been vain and proud. He never apologised for anything.
"It's a bit late for sayin sorry" I wept
"Oh George, come on. You know I was kiddin. I'm just being jealous cos you know what it's like to kiss another guy an I don't. I'm scared Paul's gonna reject me or somethin. I dunno, but please don't cry Georgie, I was bein a bastard, you know I was"

I sat up, sniffing, too embarrassed to look him in the eye.
"Aww Georgie" he sounded like hwas going to cry himself, "Come ere. Sssh, don't cry Baby, I'm sorry"
I giggled. John always called me Baby. Not in a mean way, it was just my nickname. John was Wit, Paul was Cute and I was Baby. That's just the way it was.
"See? Mean Mr Lennon made ya smile" he said, poking my nose. Then his voice got serious.
"You know I'll always look out for ya Georgie" he said quietly, "I'll never let any bastard hurt ya again. Remember when I first found out Eric had cheated on ya? I went right over to his house and knocked his lights out"
"Yeah" I said, chuckling lightly, "Why'd you do that John?"
"Well, no one hurts me little brother and gets away with it"

His little brother

"Oi, don't you start cryin again, you'll start me off!" John said, prodding me in the stomach. I giggled, wiping my moist eyes.
"Come on, this soppy stuff is too much. I need a shower" He got off the bed and made his way out. I sat there, at the edge of the bed, my heart thumping.
"Well, are ya comin or not lad?"
I leapt up at once and followed him down the hall.

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