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Band names and arising suspicions

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4. Band names and arising suspicions

I was still shaken up about Stuart when I went to bed. I hated it when he played games with me, he knew how I felt when people touched me like that. My mind was spinning so much I couldn't sleep. I was exhausted the next day in the lounge.
John could sense something was wrong.
"What's up Georgie? Cat got your tongue?" he said
"Mmmmm..." I said, not sure if I was entirely awake.
"Well pull yourself together cos something important has come up. We need a band name"
"But we already have a name" Pete said
"Yeah, The Quarry Men. So last year. And anyway, now it's just the five of us, something shorter and snappier would be more appropriate"

I chewed my lip. People had been coming and going recently. A lot of our friends had parted from the band, either because they were too busy with school or they simply couldn't be asked to play music all day.

"Don't sit there gawping Geo, go find Paul and Stu. Tell them to be here at three"
I sighed and dragged my feet down the hallway, wishing I could go back to bed. I had just ast the living room when I heard voices behind the door.

"I'm not playing games here McCartney"
"Ow Stu, you're hurting my arm!"
"If you ever talk to me like that again-"

I grabbed the handle in a flash and pushed the door open in time to see Stu release his grip from Paul's arm.
"Is everything okay?" I asked shyly
"Yeah" said Stuart, "Everything's just fine"
Now, I may be young, but I'm not stupid. I saw the way Paul was holding his arm, the pain in his expression, his moist eyes.
I looked at him worriedly.
"Are you sure everythings okay Paul?"
I wanted Paul to tell me. I wanted him to look into my eyes and tell me the truth. He could trust me, we were brothers for God's sake.

"Everything's fine Georgie" Paul chocked, swallowing the lie. He tried to smile at me. I smiled back but I knew he was lying to me. But instead of questioning him, I changed the subject.
"You guys better pick up the pace. John wants us all in the den at three to discuss band names"


"So, I was asleep right, dreaming about chasing rabbits in a field. Boy were those rabbits big. Seriously, I swear they were little dogs-"
"John get to the point" Pete groaned
"Oh yeah right. Anyway, suddenly this huge flaming pie replaced the sun and this guy was sitting upon it - like that guy with the beard...what's his name...?"
"Yeah that's it, and he came down on the flaming pie and said unto me "From tis day on, you are Beatles with an "A" and he was gone"
We stared at him with raised eyebrows
"The Beatles?" I said after a while
"Yup" said John, grinning at us eagerly, "What do you think guys?"

We all glanced at each other. John Lennon's band names were getting weirder and weirder and every week or so we would have another dose of his odd fantasy.

"Well?" he said, tapping his foot impatiently, awaiting our reply
"Well John" said Pete, "It's...interesting and very original...but I don't think it would make a very good band name because it's really..."
"Bad?" I blurted out without thinking

We couldn't contain ourselves after that. We collapsed in a fit of giggles, making John's eyes flare. He waited until our hysterics had died down before looking over at Paul who was the only one managing to keep a straight face.
"Tell me Paul, tell me honestly. Is Beatles a crap name?" he said a smooth voice.
I think Paul must have finally seen the funny side of it because at that moment he bit his lip to stop the giggle coming out. But John had already seen.

"You're mean Macca" he said, but I saw there was a smirk on his face, "Your such a bad boy"
Paul took advantage
"Then why don't you come over ere an gimme a spank Lennon?"
There was a sudden pause and we stopped killing ourselves on the floor, glancing up to look at Paul with puzzled looks. I felt a blush spreading across my cheeks.

John looked rather surprised too but then he lowered his head and grinned at Paul. Paul the suddenly realised that John had actually taken him seriously and before he could tell him he was just joking, Lennon was moving slowly up to him, pulling up his sleeves.
"No John" he said backing away a little, "No John, don't, DON'T!" and he broke into a run, sprinting out of the room and up the stairs, John hot on his trail. We fell about laughing again.
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