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Temporary Chapter

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Probably no longer a one-shot. it depends on if this gets good reviews or something.

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Okay, so I've been asked to continue this as a story. This is an Experimental Chapter. So it all depends on you, people of Ficwad. See if you like it!

(Frank's POV)

I couldn't help it, I had to tell this person about his eyes. They're amazing. Like a mixture of every green and brown color possibly found on this planet. I wonder if They're contacts... probably not, they seem to genuine and real to be contacts. Why am I thinking about this person's eyes if I just woke up and stared at them for about twenty seconds?

Apparently I got into a car accident going to visit... a friend ? I don't know, that's what the Doc told me. I'm okay, but I've been told I have Amnesia. Or, rather, Selective Amnesia. I don't give a fuck. All I know is...:

1.) I can talk and make sense with whatever I say and may use big words.
2.) I can reason things out, like I already knew where I was (big scary hospital, what's not to know?)
3.) My name. Frank Iero.
4.) The woman who was sitting past the doctor with tears in her eyes is my mother. Her last name is Iero, so It has to be. She's too old to be my sister.
5.) I'm somewhere in New Jersey.
6.) I was born on Halloween, or October 31st.
7.) I'm young, but I kinda forgot my age. I must be out of high school by now, that place is hell.
8.) I have callouses on my hands, but I don't know why.
9.) The person next to me has Beautiful Eyes. I feel like I need to tell him, but I don't know this person. is he a relative? Cousin? Brother? Friend? My mother or father's friend? A Nurse- no, he's not wearing nursy clothes. Some Random Stranger who'll probably attack me?

I smiled at the man who now had tears in his eyes. "Sorry," I laughed, "Sorta just slipped out of my tongue." I gave him an apologetic shrug, not really wanting to offend him. He looked away from me and stared at the wall. "Oh, Frankie, don't be sorry..." He mumbled. How does he know my name????? I thought, kind of freaked out, but then I remembered that he must've come here to visit me. Keep calm, Frank, keep calm.

"So... You don't remember me at all??" the Man asked. I, again, shrugged. "Nope. Sorry, dude. Not to offend or anything, I just don't remember anyone." I stated simply. I immediately regretted saying that as I heard a disappointed "Oh" escape from his lips. He looked at his hands, looking as if he was going to cry again. I didn't want that.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" I questioned, trying to escape the awkward silence. He looked at me weirdly, which was kind of funny, but now was not a situation to laugh. "you know, as in like, who are you in my life." I informed him, and his eyes showed a slight glimmer, but quickly went away. "Oh, uhm, I'm uh...." He stuttered. Just then, the Doctor came in and asked him to go back outside, that visiting hours were over. "Mr. Way, I'm sorry, but you have to leave. I could lose my job if I let you stay." Mr. Way, now I just gotta ask him for his first name....

"Oh, okay. I guess I'll see you tomorrow Frankie." NO! He's leaving! at least let me know what the fuck his first name is! "Wait!" I yelled a little to loudly. He spun around, some sort of emotion filling his eyes. could it be Hope? "What's your name?" I asked. "... Gerard. Gerard Way." He softly spoke. I smiled, "Gerard Way. what a nice name." I said, mostly to myself.

"Bye, Frankie. I'll see you tomorrow." He turned and almost shut the door. "Bye, Wonder Eyes. See you later." I smirked. I could see a sad smile place itself on his face as he shut the door, leaving me to the sound of machines working.

Gerard. Gerard Way. The name definitely sounds familiar, but I don't know from where. "Gerard Way." I whispered in the darkness. It's amazing how that name can just flow out of someones mouth, kind of like poetry. I turned the tv on and flipped through the channels, only watching the ones that sounded cool. Well, watching sure is the word I was looking for, but I wasn't listening or paying attention to it. I could only think of the sound of Gerard's name and his beautiful eyes, so full of mystery.

Who is Gerard Way? what is he to my life? I pondered this question as I continued to say his name, both with my mind and with my mouth. This man is probably not going to plague my dreams, if I even dream. I closed my eyes, letting my mind wander wherever it wanted to. Maybe that will solve my problem. But no matter what I thought, I always ended up thinking about those wonderful, mysterious, and beautiful eyes.
[*So, should I continue? Tell me what you think if you like it ! :) My mother is away for the week, so I'll try to update more, but I still have school xP School is just a leech to all of our lives. It sucks the fun away. Well, Have a good day/night !

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