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Next chapter is the last... But you will be happy to know that there is going to be a sequel. I will put a link to the sequel after the final chapter.

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My eyes shot open and I felt alive. I say Gerard smiling at me.I sat up and pain shot through my spine and went throughout my entire body.
"She's so used to that." Ray said with a smile. I smiled back and stood up.
"You guys have to drink this too. It's going to hurt, but you guys are probably used to more pain then me." I said picking up the bottle and handing it to Gerard. He studied it and took the cork off. He took a big gulp and shivered. He scrunched his face in pain and lied with his head in my lap. He didn't scream but he moaned in pain so as not to attract to much attention.
"It's going to be okay. The pain won't last for too long." I said stroking his head. He moaned and I could see the sweat dripping from his forehead. he bit his lip to prevent the screams. Suddenly he stopped and sat up.
"It's cold." Gerard shivered and looked around.
"Yeah, you'll feel cold for awhile but it's really not. Ray your turn." I said handing him the bottle. And slowly one by one they drank the liquid. And one by one they got the bittersweet results. I took out he blade I carried in my back pocket.
"Woah there, what was your plan now?" frank asked looking at me with shock.
"I was going to get to the ceiling and try to cut through the chain link fence. Then you guys are going to get up there and get out. With little Destery. I am going to kill this thing." I said and jumped to the ceiling. Slowly but surely I cut through the chains and made a decent sized hole. Ray picked up Destery and put his on his back.
"Hold on." Ray said with a crooked smile as he jumped up and climbed out. Gerard and Frank followed but Mikey stayed firmly planted to the floor. I dropped to the floor and stood in front of Mikey.
"Go on Mikey. I have my blade, I'll be just fine." I smiled and motioned to the ceiling.
"I'm not leaving you. You can try but your not going to win this one. So face it, you can't get rid of me." Mikey smiled stepped closer. I heard the sound of scales on concrete and saw the beast. His fanged smiled made me sick to my stomach. Mikey grasped my hand as the snake came closer.
"I love you." He whispered with fear in his eyes.
"I love you too." I replied as my tummy did backflips. The snake was slithering slowly and making me more scared. But suddenly it jumped at me. I thrust my hand up and felt a sharp pain in my wrist. My eyes were clenched shut and I didn't want to open them. But I did, and only to see my hand in the snakes mouth and my knife through the roof of it. I pulled my arm out and let go of the knife. the snake instantly dropped limp to the floor. It turned to just a shed snake skin in and instant. I looked at my wrist to see one of the fangs still stuck in it and a hole next to the fang. My eyes got wide and I yanked the fang out. I felt my warm blood drip onto my hand as it dropped to my side. I stuck the fang in my back pocket so I could keep a souvenir.
"Marissa!" Mikey yelled as he took my arm. He studied the wounds in which my blood was pouring from.
"I'm fine. But we should get out of here before the employees see what I did to their pet." i said getting to the ceiling with Mikey. We both climbed out of the hole and sat on the chain link roof.
"That was awesome." Frank raved, his eyes lit up like a child at Christmas. I took a scarf from my bag and tied it around my wrist. Instantly the once blue scarf changed color.
"How do we get down?" Ray inquired as he looked to the floor 5 stories beneath us.
"With this potion shit still in our systems we should be able to get down with ease. Ray you have to keep Destery on your back." I said stepping close to the edge. Without a jump or head start I took a step off the edge, and in less than 5 seconds I was safely on the floor.
"It's all good guys." I yelled upward. I looked back down and they were all standing next to me.
"We kind of figured when saw you land." Ray laughed and put little Destery on the floor.
"Okay, I'm taking you back to my house and the rest of the guys are going to go get Destery back home." Mikey said taking my hand.
"Your house?" I asked cocking my eyebrow.
"Not really my house, my mom's house. Gee and I share a house. But, there's a house right next to it that I have recently bought, we will live there wen we're not traveling." Mikey smiled and we started walking to his house.
"Bye Destery! See you sometime hopefully soon." I yelled back to them and waved. Destery waved his small hand and turned around. Mikey and I walked to his mom's house and we talked about everything under the sun. We approached the door and mikey opened it.
"Mom!" Mikey yelled through the seemingly empty house.
"In here Mikes." she yelled from the kitchen. Mikey and I walked in the kitchen. his mom was standing in front of an open fridge in gray sweats and a blue T-shirt.
"I have someone I want you to meet." Mikey said with an eager smile on his face. He patted my hand.
"Who?" She asked and turned around. Her eyes got wide as she studied me.
"This is Marissa. I wanted her to meet you." Mikey said with a giggle.
"Oh, introducing her to the parent. You like her. I have never seen you smile so much Mikes. And it's been like 2 minutes." She said walking close to me.
"Hello." I smiled showing my braces. She laughed and studied my face.
"Hey there. So... Do you like my Mikey too? Or are you one of those girls leading him on and going to break his heart?" She asked in a serious tone.
"I would never do that to him, hell to anyone. That would be so rude. I truly love him." I said with a smile as I took his arm and hugged it.
"She's adorable. How old is she?" His mom asked.
"21." Mikey stated looking at the floor.
"21? Your 31... but okay, if you guys love each other than it's okay. Is she staying the night?" She asked tapping her foot on the hardwood floor.
"I was hoping so yes." Mikey said with a hopeful smile.
"Okay. We will be in my room." Mikey said and winked at his mother. She winked back and they both thought I didn't notice.
"Have fun." She said in a singing tone. He nodded and lead me up to his room. He opened the door. The room was dark but it had a window. The bed was rather large and god enough for what he was planning.
"Would you please, tonight, can we prove our love to each other?" Mikey asked and looked at the floor. I walked over to the window and pulled the curtains to block out the light. I turned his light off and went over to his bed.
"Is that a yes?" Mikey asked waving his hands around in the dark.
"Why don't you come over here and I can show you." I said seductively. He walked over to the bed and nearly tripped twice. It was completely dark. He slid under the covers where I was and I could hear his breathing. He took my wrist and kissed it lightly. Then slowly he went up my arm until he reached my lips. They connected in along passionate kiss. I could feel the love in the room, and the rising humidity. He pulled off my shirt and un-hooked my bra.
"You don't beat around the bush." I said in between kisses. I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands all over his chest.
"Neither do you." He replied as he felt me fiddling with his belt. He pulled it off faster than I ever could then did the same with my belt. He un did my pants and I un did his. Right away we were both only in our underwear. And then not even that. I was ready, but a little scared. Mikey was sucking on my wrist, giving my a hickey that people would be able to see. But he had forgotten that that's where the snake had bitten. So he sucked to hard I began to bleed. He let go and pulled his head back to my lips.
"Sorry." He murmured as he tried to do the same to my neck.
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