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Serial killer Girl

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and no, she hasnt killed any cornflakes xD

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i said i would keep this story as a one-shot, but i randomly felt like writing something with violence and killing, it seems i know a lot about killing people, i blame csi and criminal minds, mostly criminal minds xD i love it so much!!!

“Hello.” I whisper to the boy in front of me.
He’s still asleep. He has big bands of muscle around his upper arms and looks like he hadn’t ever had to use them. I can guess this by his face. Not a mark on it. And his hair (when I found him) was in perfectly messy short spikes. Not my problem, I don't choose them because they’re attractive. No, I choose them because they deserve it.
“Kristy, leave him. He won't wake up for another few hours. The one down the hall looks like he could use some attention though.” Came a voice from behind me as two little arms snake around me.
“Sure, Frankie, keep an eye on him, I want to know as soon as he wakes up.” I narrow my eyes and smile at the mere thought of what I could and will do to him.
“Yes, of course my love.” He then places a soft kiss on my cheek and leaves me in the small, dimly lit room with the unconscious male.
I go down to room 4 and look through the peep hole to see this boy is actually awake.
“Wonderful!” I exclaim as I walk in, scaring him shitless.
“Wh-why am I here?” he stutters as his voice becomes used to talking after the long period in silence.
“Because you, my little pet, were asking for it.” I snarl and take a step towards him, closing the door with a high-security lock, that only I and Frank know the pin for.
“Who are you?” he suddenly looked much more confident once he saw me and heard my incredibly sweet feminine voice.
“You don't even remember my name. Go on, have a guess. You didn’t seem to have any trouble picking it for me when you decided to write it all over the lunch room walls.” I kneel down on the floor next to where he is sitting and stare him straight in the eye.
The bright white lights flicker on, blinding lovely Bert so I could silently move to his side without him noticing.
“That's a lovely pair of eyes you have there, it would be a shame if something was to happen to them.” I say so quietly he is possibly unsure he really heard it but it still makes him jump. “Well,” I stand up and walk back so he can see me. “Let's cut the chase. You pissed me off, so I'm going to kill you.”
“You wrote on the wall, by where I sit at lunch, and I quote, `EMO CORNER RESERVED FOR THE FREAKS`. Now why would you do such a thing Dave? Why would you use such stereotypical words to purposefully inflict emotional wounds upon me? Haven’t you heard of those people who have been disappearing? Did you not think you could be next?” he is now shaking. I unlock the shackles keeping him from attacking me or doing any other idiotic plan and tell him to follow me.
I unlock the door
And continue on down my favourite corridor to my favourite room. I guess you could call it a torture room, but I call it the basement. It has all I need in it.
“It's dark in there.” Bert complains.
“Just get in there.” I push him in and am shortly joined by my two glamorous assistants, Ray and Bob.
“Dave, meet Ray and Bob. Guys, this is Dave.” I chuckle quietly.
“He looks a little tired, Boss.” Bob smiled manically.
“He does, doesn’t he? Maybe you should have a lie down.” I nod at the table a few feet behind him.
“I’m fine, thanks.” Dave squeaked.
“No, we insist.” I said sweetly. They usually found that voice scarier than my nasty voice. Bob and Ray `helped` him onto the wooden table that has strong leather straps to hold down the feet and legs. I go up both around the ankles, and Ray and Bob do theirs.
“Now, we can have a chat about why you thought it would be such a good idea to use those two terrible words in such a public way.” I lean in close, letting my black hair contrast with his blonde as he struggles to find words.
“I don't think he wants to speak, Boss.” Bob interjected helpfully.
“No, I don't think he does. Are you thirsty Dave? Would you like some water?” I hold back my laughter as he nods his head slightly in the confined space it has.
“You heard it, get the water.” I allow my evil smile to take the place of sweetness that I had masked my thoughts with.
“Now, this won't hurt a bit.” I explain as I reach up and pour the icy water into a container above the head of the bed. “Just possibly make you insane. Have fun with that.” I laugh and the three of us leave the room once there is a slow, rhythmic dripping of water onto Dave’s face. This kind of torture took a while, and that’s a while I could be spending with Frank.
“Hey, hun.” I sneak up behind Frank in the kitchen and whisper into his ear.
“I thought you had someone to deal with.” He turns to face me.
“it’s gonna take a while, I’ll go check in a bit.” I smile and lean down to kiss him. Frank is only 5`4, where as I am almost 5`10. I think he is so cute.
“I love you my little fairy.” He smiles and we walk to the living room to watch TV.
“And I love you.” I smile and plop down next to him.
“Why do you love me?” he says sweetly.
“Because you're my little pixie.” I giggle. We sit there quietly for a few minutes until Bob comes in.
“I’m bored!” he complains.
“Well go find someone who’s awake.” Frank mumbles, he’s too interested in what’s on the TV.
“I’ll go find Ray.” He sulks and turns to walk out the room again.
Our house may be large, but it is poorly built. Well, it's never fallen apart but it does have extremely thin walls. I never think about it when I'm with Frank, but when Bob and Ray get jiggy, it’s a little too noisy and slightly disgusts me.
“urgh, they're at it again!” I complain shoving my face into franks chest.
“Well, we could always out-orgasm them.” Frank mutters in my ear. He turns to capture my lips with his own and takes charge of the situation. It’s about all he has control of in this place, and the odd few victims he chooses, but mostly just the sex.
“Mmmhh.” I moan as his tongue enters my mouth and I put up a pathetic battle for dominance which, obviously, Frank wins. Once he has that, I find myself underneath my little pixie as he takes my `this is my zombie killing hoodie` hoodie off me. (get it? Coz I kill people? No, ok just me then)
“Frank.” I say as he takes off his own shirt. “I can't right now.” I push him gently.
“Yeah you can.” He places his lips back to mine.
“I can't. There’s a guy downstairs I'm trying to torture.” I look at him with my puppy dog eyes, which I know works every time.
“Fine, but please come find me when your done, or let me watch.” There’s the Frank I love, he had some wierd sexual relationship with violence, but then I guess I must be pretty sexy covered in blood with my killing face and voice.
“Sure baby.” I kiss him gently and pull my hoodie back on.
I need Ray and Bob and my guess, from the noises, they aren’t done yet. Well fuck them.
“Stop now I’m coming in.” I shout through the door of Rays room. Three seconds I open the door to see they have randomly pulled the closest thing to hide their, erm, areas.
“Bob, I didn’t know you were into unicorns that much.” I laugh at the stuffed animal from a kid that we killed before and Ray decided to keep the toy, claiming it was `cute`.
“Fuck off.” Ray says shocked by my entrance whilst I knew what they were doing.
“No, basement now. It's all about the show, remember?” I throw the pair of boxers next to me on the bed and tell them to meet me downstairs in five.
I look around the room for anything I could use. The poor guy is so fucked up right now, I don't think he would notice if a circus set up in here right now. Chinese water torture is a very cruel form of torture, but I'm hoping something will happen along the way.
Well, I know he’s not gonna die from this kinda torture, but he is gonna die from some form of water torture. I will make sure of that. I had picked up a funnel from the little closet in the corridor.
“Kristy, hurry up. I kinda want to get beack to what we were doing!” Bob yelled at me. It didn’t matter how loud anyone screamed in this place, it’s all sound proofed.
“I'm sorry you two can't last a whole hour without fucking each other. Just get to work.” I command and we enter the room.
We form a triangle, me at the front bib on my right and Ray to my left. Bob has been my second in command for this line of work for a full two years. I had been with Frankie for a little over that, he was the one who started it. That night at prom.
So we are walking to the table where Dave is still lying and I speak to him.
“You look a little thirsty, would you like a drink?” I ask innocently.
“Please. Make it stop.” He begs.
“Answer my question, bitch.” I scream, making him jump, if he wasn’t strapped down.
“Unfortunately, for you, I don't care what you want. Your gonna drink all this right here.” I chuckle darkly and gesture towards the many buckets of water to my right, he can just about see them.
“And then,” Bob starts. “you're gonna POP!” he starts laughing hard and I force myself to stay as serious as ever under these situations. It's always the same routine, I am the one in control that explains everything clearly and calmly. Bob is the `maniac` and often comes out with these comments that sound a little less blunt and more exciting whereas Ray just never talks and has that look about him that he could eat you with his fro at any second.
“So let the fun begin.” I grin.
Basically, we forced him to drink the water, all of it. I'm not sure how much it is but it’s enough for his body cells to get screwed up by the mitosis that naturally means the cells keep expanding until they explode, one by one. It is extremely cruel.

as you can see, i have definately done my research on this, and i actually got tis info from my bio teacher, yep she was a little creeped out but oh well whats it gonna matter?

please R&R to let me know what you think about this, i might write more if i feel like it but no promises
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