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Chapter 2: Word Vomit.

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Mikey's in Detention for flipping off his counselor. Who the hell is calling him?!

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Mikey sat grumpily in detention, not regretting what he wrote, or flipping her off. He thought that was what set her off; directly swearing at her. Well, kind of. He didn't speak, but actions speak louder than words, right? It wasn't exactly his fault anyway; she pissed him off. He technically had a right to swear.

Who did she think she was? Questioning Mikey about his sexuality and home life because she was paid to do it? It was fakery! She was a fraud! She feigned caring. Mikey hated it, she hated people like that. The kind of people that tried to get inside your mind and told you what was wrong with you, and you had to agree even though you knew what was wrong with you. It was ignorant and stupid.

Growling inwardly, Mikey stretched out his legs in front of him like a cat, resting them on the table and sprinkling the white, glossed surface with dry dirt that fell from his worn converse. He anticipated the teachers next move, considering Mikey was the only one in Detention and therefore the only one to watch, but he did nothing.

Mikey didn't get it. Even when other people were in the room, he was never allowed his feet on the table. But Mr. Kasshed just stared at him, obviously observing Mikey with mild curiousness, and smiled. He smiled. You know, he lifted the corners of his mouth to express happiness, or a content or joyous feeling.

You know. That sort of smile. A smile.

Mikey's eyebrows shot up, and a mischievous light-bulb sparked at the back of his mind, daring him to push it to the limits. So, Mikey got out his phone and went to text his brother.

Instead of snatching it away like he usually would, Mr. Kasshed asked, "Who are you texting, Mikey? Is it Frank?"

Wait, what? Frank? Who or what was Frank? To voice his thoughts, Mikey pulled his feet off the table, leaned forward and pocketing his phone, he cocked an eyebrow inquisitively.

"Ah, Miss. Caines didn't tell you her brother's name?" Mr. Kasshed smiled slightly, liking that he was on the brink of getting Mikey to talk. Or so he thought. It took a lot to get Mikey to crack, but having sex with girls.. that was the drawing line. "It's Frank; Frank Iero. He's her half-brother. They have different dads," Mr. Kasshed explained.

Mikey didn't as so much raise an eyebrow as he sat back, propping his feet off the table and humming to himself. It was the same songs as before, only he hummed them louder, trying to push the limit even further. Why the fuck did no one do anything? You weren't even allowed the breath loudly in Detention! Something was up. Something stank worse then the Anchovy he and his brother, Gerard, found in Gerard's sock under his bed, on top of a moldy pizza. Yeah. It stunk worse than Gerard's moldy Anchovy-pizza sock. Shit turned serious for Mikey then and there.

Fuck Mr. Kasshed. Fuck Frank. Fuck Miss. Caine. Fuck the whole, wide world.

Suddenly, his phone starting blasting out Misfits-Helena, and as it did so, Mr. Kasshed walked out.

Mikey frowned. What the hell was happening? Was he getting the principal? Mikey really couldn't understand what was happening. Why did he leave as he phone starting ringing? Speaking of, it was still blasting out Misfits, so Mikey picked it up.

He didn't speak, so he always answered the phone with a "Hm?"

The other end of the line crackled, then, the very distinct voice of a man broke through, smooth and intoxicating. "Hello? Mikey, right?"

If possible, Mikey would've melted into a blithering, hormonal puddle of crazed-teen. The male's voice was soft and velvety, with a smooth, seducing, sincere edge that left Mikey mesmerized.

Obviously he didn't expect a reply. "I'm Frank. Miss. Caines brother."

If Mikey wasn't so mute, he would've shouted down the phone. If he wasn't drowning in lust and love for Frank's voice, he would've hung up. Shame he was mute, and drowning in lust.

Bad gay Mikey.

"So, I was wondering if you wanted to do something tonight? Not as a date sort of thing. Just a chat like friends. I mean, I know you hate to talk.. But, hey! In an hours time, perhaps? At like, quarter past four?"

Mikey couldn't stop himself, the words rose out from his stomach like excited vomit, edging closer and closer to his lips until he exclaimed, "Y-yes!"

Frank didn't sound triumphant. He just sounded.. happy. Pleased. Relieved. "Oh, cool. I'll meet you at Starbucks. Uhm.. you're sixteen, right?"

Mikey hummed, "Hm."

It was once for yes, twice for no, right? Because Mikey didn't want to speak. He'd already blown that barrier to smithereens; he needed to build it back up. He didn't feel safe when it wasn't there. Why was he being so weak today? He'd spoken a total of three words. Three words to many. He hadn't spoken in three years. Why did Mikey always ruin everything? He was perfectly fine trapped in his little bubble of no-talking land. Perfectly fine.

Frank seemed to understand, because he said, "Cool, I'm 18. I'll see you there," rather nervously, and hung up.

His soft, captivating voice thumped in the back of Mikey's mind for the rest of Detention.

Really appreciate the rates and reviews on the last chapter; thank you so much!
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