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It's past final realization. It's past hating himself. It's past Donna not talking to him. Gerard has lost his mind.

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Gerard sits, crouched up in ball, in the corner of his bed, humming softly to himself as he rocks back and forth, back and forth.. Soon the men in white coats would be here. Soon Gerard can sleep, escape the uncomfortable sensation he gets when he's awake. His skin itches and he constantly wants to scratch, wants to hurt himself.. His mind buzzes uncomfortably, and as he goes to scratch, Frank stops him.

I told you, you gotta stop doing that.

Gerard blinks and looks down to the nubs of his fingers; they're taped over so his nails can't damage his pale, sore skin. "Shut up, Frank," mumbles Gerard. He goes to go scratch again, ignoring Frank as he stands in front of him, hair falling in front of his face, but Frank's tattooed hands stop him.

I said no!

"And I said YES!" Gerard growls, yanking his arm from Frank's tight grasp.

You're ruining your skin.

"It's wrong and ugly anyway," insists Gerard.

Ray looks up from his comic book from across the room; he's got it for behaving. "Who're you're you talking too, Gerard?"

"No one!" Gerard snaps protectively, getting up and standing in front of Frank. "Leave us alone!"

Ray bites his lip and furrows his brow, then sighs and sits forward, closing his book. "The doctors have told you Frank's not real, right? He's a figment of your imagination."

Fuming, Gerard stamps his foot and glares venomously at Ray, hate projecting into one cold, evil stare. "Shut up curly!" he splutters.

Frank places a hand on Gerard's shoulder. Calm down, we'll get out of here soon. Ray's off his nut; he can't see the difference between truth and reality. No one here can. They're too hyped up on the gassy fumes in this place.

Gerard nods slowly, repetitively, and sits back down, picking at his tape. "Yeah.. the gasses.. the gasses.. they make people insane.. I'm not insane.. no way, no way," he mutters.

Frank nods encouragingly. That's right! You're not crazy, they are! They're all in the wrong, don't let them tell you different. Do you remember what to do if the gasses try confuse you? Or if Gail comes along?

"I hate Gail!" Gerard growls.

Gail is another one of Gerard's voices, and Ray is meant to report how often she comes along. Ray remembers Gerard; he's the reason Ray's in here. Gerard doesn't remember Ray, not at all. In fact, no one has any hope that Gerard's mind will ever bend straight again. Ray's supposed to be let out sometime this week, and he has never been happier. So, perking up slightly, Ray pretends to read, but in reality, listens to the conversation.

"If the gasses try get me I run. If Gail comes I ignore her and listen to you.." Gerard mumbles, rocking back and forth again. "Because you're the good one.. the right one.."

Frank must say something again, because Gerard nods and says, "Never. I wont ever listen to Gail."

Suddenly, the door cracks open and in walks an orderly. He looks to Ray, who shakes his head, which actually means, 'no sign of Gail'.

Gerard's eyes widen as another orderly steps in with a long, pointy needle.

It's okay, Gerard. Just let them inject you! It helps you sleep; you want to sleep. I'll be here in the morning, okay?

Gerard nods, rolls up his sleeve and lets the orderly inject it quickly and painfully.

But Gerard doesn't squirm. In fact, he barely moves. He just lies down and lets the comforting blanket of black seduce him into another night's sleep.

Like he has every night in Bluestone for the past 3 years.

Thank you all so much for reading this story; it's been incredible. I'd like you all to reread the last chapter if you haven't already, because I've made it clearer and edited it a bit. Thanks all SO much! I love you all.

I've wrote two oneshots recently, and it'd be cool if you could check them out.

And here's a Frikey I'm writing:

Thank you all so, so much for reading and i hop you enjoyed it. xoxo
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