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Stay A Little While

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Continuation to Magic Sand and Learn to Smile Sasuke and Naruto's final moments together plus a poem expressing Naruto's thoughts about leaving Sasuke - Warning: m/m romance ONESHOT

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Stay a Little While

Stay a Little While


Sasuke x Naruto

Warning: Shounen-ai

Disclaimer: I
don't own Naruto but I DO own this story and whatever happens in it! Oh and the
poem too! Mine, mine, mine!! Eh...sorry, just please enjoy!

So this was how it's going to be. Uzumaki Naruto would leave
to go with Jiraiya-sensei to Sunagakure and possibly meet Sabaku no Gaara -
meaning that Uchiha Sasuke would be left alone in Konoha without a single
friend. Sakura was just a teammate really...Kakashi was a teacher! That wouldn't
do either.

So if there was no blonde haired, blue-eyed Naruto to
brighten his day, what would?

Nothing...Sasuke thought despairingly as he sat across from
Naruto and ate their final dinner together, silently.

Nothing would make him smile again. And he had just learnt
to as well! Sasuke sighed as he swallowed another mouthful of, oh my god!

Since it was their last dinner together, Naruto absolutely
insisted upon it. They didn't go out to Ichiraku's, since they wanted to be
alone in each other's company.

"Ne, Sasuke, isn't it nice?" Naruto grinned at his best
friend, haphazardly wolfing down his ramen at the speed of light. Sasuke,
although grimacing inwards, merely smiled at him again and nodded as he ate
another bite of his noodle-meal.

The clinking of dishes against dishes and chopsticks against
the inner rim of their bowls was all that was heard as they fell silent again.

Naruto, reaching out for the salt, brushed his hand against
Sasuke's briefly as the said boy reached for the chili sauce.

"Needs a bit of salt."

"Needs a bit of spice."

Simultaneously, the two boys grinned as they added what was
left out from their food and resumed eating silently again.

Sasuke downright refused to speak. Although it was utterly
uncharacteristic of an Uchiha like him should do, he knew that he would begin
crying if he uttered a single word. He grimaced at the thought of him crying
again. He had done that earlier on and it only served to provide him with a
horrible headache.

"Sasuke," Naruto sighed, placing his chopsticks down as he
reached across the table and clasped the boy's hands in his. Sasuke looked up
wordlessly and his obsidian eyes met sapphire blue. "Why are you so silent?"

"I'm just being me," he replied, his voice slightly shaky
but still firm. Naruto looked slightly confused. After all, what could a
twelve-going-on-thirteen male do in a situation as dreary as this?

Sasuke glanced down at their entwined fingers and smiled

"Arigatou for dinner, by the way," he added softly,
squeezing Naruto's fingers in his. Naruto grinned and they separated, Sasuke
nearly whining as he missed the contact. They finished eating, washed the
dishes together and settled down on the couch on separate ends.

"What are you planning to do, once you reach Suna?" Sasuke
asked curiously as he peered at the usually bright and chatty boy beside him.
Silence befell them again for a tense moment or two before Naruto finally

"I plan to visit Gaara."


Naruto truly missed Gaara. Really. The red-head made him
realize that he wasn't the only monster in the world. That time they spent at
the beach together made him feel great since he was Gaara's first and only
friend. The fight at the Chuunin exam was heart-breaking, however, but Naruto
finally got the point across to the boy that he loved his teammates and
wouldn't allow anyone to harm them.

Gaara, astounded and confused by what Naruto had meant by
the meaning of 'love', was carried away by his older siblings.

"Ne, Sasuke! How many people our age get to do what we do?"
Naruto laughed nervously, his hand slowly inching towards Sasuke's side of the
couch. The raven haired boy, noticing this, boldly snatched the blonde's hand
into his own and pressed it to his lips.

"Not many," was the reply. "None that I know of."

Naruto's cheeks burned bright red as Sasuke's cold
fingertips touched his warmer cheeks. The temperature was so low that it was
now ridiculous. Naruto was regretting having to leave Konoha, not only because
of Sasuke, but because of the conditions under which he would be traveling
under. Not only was he traveling with a pervert
but chances were that it would be pouring rain by the time he had left bed - in
the early morning.

"You're so cold," Naruto murmured, taking Sasuke's hands
into his own. He pressed the numb fingers to his lips harder and Sasuke
stiffened upon feeling the blonde's warm breath on his digits.

"I know," Sasuke answered hoarsely in reply. "Is your heater

Naruto sniffled and shrugged as he felt Sasuke shuffle
closer to him. The dark eyes peered at him before he let out an answer.

"I don't have a heater. It's too much money and too hard to

Sasuke blinked and frowned before tutting out a soft 'baka'
and pulled Naruto into his arms. Naruto looked shocked as he collapsed onto
Sasuke's chest and the raven pulled him up so he was sitting between his legs.

"If you don't have a heater, how do you stay warm?" Sasuke
asked softly, nuzzling the side of Naruto's cheek affectionately.

"I use blankets."

Sasuke didn't know whether to be shocked or angry at how the
people mistreated him, or raised the prices for the addition of a simple
heater. He decided he'd stick with the latter.

Sasuke wasn't the only one despairing. Naruto was as well,
just as much, or perhaps even more. Was this what it took to become stronger?
He wanted to be the Hokage, after all, but no amount of training seemed to pay
off for him. Tomorrow morning, he would be leaving, probably before Sasuke
would even wake. Tilting his head back unto his best friend's shoulder, Naruto
gazed up at Sasuke's face before the Uchiha lowered his head and captured his

Naruto, at the age of twelve, couldn't help but wonder if
this was alright. Best friends? Rivals? Lovers?

Did this mean that he had a boyfriend?

At the sign that both boys needed to retreat for air, the
two broke apart, gasping for much needed oxygen.

Did this mean that he was gay?

Naruto's eyes widened as Sasuke chuckled softly. Soft,
slender hands cupped Naruto's chin and held it in place as Sasuke kissed him
again and again, on his nose, his forehead, his cheeks and around his mouth.

A steady spread of red crossed Naruto's cheeks as Sasuke
continued his slight ministrations. He fidgeted uncomfortably for a moment
before the older boy held him still and laughed softly.

"Don't worry, I won't go too far. We're too young," Sasuke replied
softly to Naruto's worry, pressing his forehead gently against Naruto's own.
Blue eyes blinked back at him in a confused notion before Sasuke grinned and
blew gently on Naruto's face, causing to younger boy to scrunch his face up.

"That's cold!" he whined, tossing over in Sasuke's embrace
so that he was kneeling in front of him. "Fine then. When we're older, promise
me, you'll be my first."

Sasuke stared at him in surprise and smiled again before
lifting his hand and stretching out his pinky finger.

"I promise. You have to be my first as well."

"I promise too."

Their pinkies latched together and Naruto grinned as he
leaned closer into Sasuke. Yes, he was in love. Yes, he was in love with a boy.
Yes, that meant he was probably gay since he found that he didn't like Sakura
in that manner any more. And yes, they just promised that-

Naruto's cheeks burned red as he realized that he had just
promised himself to Sasuke.

"You sleeping over?" Naruto asked Sasuke shyly, doodling
swirls on the Uchiha's chest. Sasuke considered it for a moment before laughing
and agreeing.

"Yes, you'll probably be cold all night so I'll be here to
warm you up," he snorted, cupping Naruto's cheeks in his now warmed up hands
and enveloping Naruto in a friendly hug. "Koibito."

He added the last word with much thought and rubbed his nose
with Naruto's red one.

"You're worth it. I'll wait."

Naruto felt a giant smile spread over his face as he
embraced Sasuke tightly, wishing that the few hours spent with him would just
stretch out a bit longer.

Finding themselves sleepy, the two boys headed to bed,
Naruto a little hesitant as Sasuke tucked himself beside him and wrapped his
arms around his tiny waist.

"I can't stay; tomorrow I'll be on my way. So don't expect
to find me sleeping in my bed, coz when you wake up, I won't be there," Naruto
sang softly and slightly slurred as Sasuke bent his neck into his shoulder. I
want to stay, I want to stay...

"Don't sing that song," Sasuke reprimanded him quietly, a
finger touching the skin on Naruto's waist. "Don't sing it..."


Naruto looked down in shock at Sasuke's bent head and caught
glimpse of a teardrop hitting the sheet of his bed. Sasuke was crying again?

"It's just a song, Sasuke! Don't worry!" Naruto panicked,
rubbing his thumbs over Sasuke's wet cheeks slowly, wiping away the tears from
the Uchiha's face.

"I still can't believe that you're leaving me. I just...can't
let a part of you go," Sasuke sighed finally, after clearing his eyes of any
wetness. It was already late at night when Sasuke had finally fallen victim to
sleep, despite wanting to stay awake for Naruto. He didn't know if he could
bear not saying goodbye when the blonde left or being there, unable to stop him
go. Naruto stared down at Sasuke's serene face as he slept and finding his
journal on the bedside table with his favourite pen, he tapped his chin
thoughtfully before beginning to write something to his koibito.

Anything that involved thinking and brains wasn't Naruto's
forte, but when it came to expressing himself, Naruto found himself to be an

That next morning, Sasuke woke up to an empty bed, an empty
room and an empty house. He woke up with an empty heart. A headache thumped
hard in his head, just as hard as the heartache thumped in his heart.
Sorrowfully, Sasuke turned his head to the right where Naruto had slept beside
him last night and silently noted the book on the bedside table. An eyebrow
rose upon happening upon it and he reached over to grab it. Naruto's scent was
all over the room and it was driving him mad that the actual person wasn't
here. He glanced at the clock and freaked, seeing that it was only six in the

Had he really left that early?

In the book was a slip of paper that jutted out from the top
with his name on it. Sasuke blinked and seeing as it had his name on it,
decided that he had a right to know what it could possibly mean. As he read the
sheet, his heart stopped beating.

Dear Sasuke-teme,

Sasuke snorted at that. Naruto used his name with that
suffix even in writing!

How are you feeling?
Good, I'm hoping. By the time you've read this, I would be long gone. If it's
any time past five, then I'm long gone.

Well, catching up to him was out of the question now...

I had trouble sleeping
last night, knowing it would be my last night spent at home, and with you.

A smile spread over Sasuke's face at that. It was very sweet
of Naruto to think of him in that manner.

So, I've decided that
even though it may not make much sense, I've left a part of me with you. This
is how I feel about you, how I feel about the situation. I hope it makes enough
sense for you. But it should, since you're a smart person.

"Don't put yourself down like that, baka..." Sasuke scoffed
softly, sitting up in Naruto's bed as the blankets fell down to his waist.

I hope you like my
poem. If it's possible, I'll try to stay in contact with you as much as
possible. Lots of love and all my heart, XOXO,
Uzumaki Naruto-koibito.

Watching you sleep until the dawn of tomorrow

Hoping that this moment will last forever

You look like an angel as you slumber on

This is the only time when we are together

I realize something as you close your eyes

And rest your head upon your pillow

That the mask you wear is just a disguise

That could easily be blown away by the billow

The raven tresses that cover your face

The smooth alabaster skin that is soft to the touch

Your slightly parted lips even show grace

And I weep as I realize I'll miss you so much

Rising is the sun and setting is the moon

While you are sleeping, I am leaving

As I know that our moment will end very soon

And I will be doing nothing but grieving

So ask of you, why must you go?

I ask myself, why is it so?

Questions that constantly plague my mind

Soon disappear as I slip away with time

And when those obsidian eyes of yours open

Only to find that nothing is there

I'm sorry to say that I have left already

When the beginnings of dawn touched your onyx hair

I turn back to your window

A tear in my eye

As a gasp leaves my lips

Like the mask leaves the disguise

As the frosty morning air chills my skin

I walk away from you, the one I care for

Throwing caution far away into the wind

And away from the arms of the one I long for

My mission was to be the best

To gain the acknowledgement of those around me

But I ended up with this heart-aching test

Of leaving behind the one I love...

Too bad that the sun has risen, the moon is gone...and with the moon, I
follow on.

A tear slid down Sasuke's cheek, before another one joined
it and another, and another until the Uchiha had dropped the sheet into his lap
and covered his face with his hands, sobbing into his palms.

He was gone. Naruto had left and he had meant it. He loved
him. The poem had hit him harder than anything Naruto had ever managed to say.

PS: Just so you know,
I bet you're crying right now, aren't you?

Sasuke stopped his crying, an occasional tear fell but that
was it, upon seeing that line. Beneath it was P.T.O, please turn over.

PSS: I bet you're

Naruto was right, for on the next page was a picture of him
and Naruto together as Team 7 and then a drawn picture of Naruto and him
kissing. Sasuke blushed.

PSSS: I bet you're

Sighing, Sasuke stared at the note deadpanned before
smirking. The boy could truly write a novel about him. He knew what he would do
in reaction to him and he didn't even know if he would read the note left for

PSSSS: I love you.

The raven haired boy kissed the paper before folding it and
pocketing it along with Naruto's journal. He would keep it and Naruto's home
safe and away from any interested buyers.

The sky outside was bright today, shining as Sasuke stepped
out of Naruto's home and into the fresh air outside. He smiled as he walked

It shone for a pleasant trip for Naruto's journey to
Sunagakure. Why? Because Sasuke loved Naruto too and even God knew it.

PSSSSS, Sasuke added to the note mentally for Naruto: I
love you too.


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