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Leading Up To...

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Frank darted into the bathroom and shut the door. I sprung up and unlocked the door. Mikey opened the door.
"Do you like the bed?" Mikey asked smiling at me.
"I love it. It's so soft, can't wait to sleep in it." I said with a weak smile.
"ell good I was hoping you'd like it." Mikey said sitting on the bed next to me. He slung his arm around my shoulder and rested buried his head in the crook of my neck.
"What's wrong?" i asked him. I felt one of his warm tears fall on to my shirt.
"Why are you crying?" I asked looking aver at him. His eyes rested closed with thick lashes on his skin.
"Nothing, I was justing thinking about bad stuff. I'm fine." Mikey sat his head up and wiped hi eyes with the back of his hand. The bathroom door opened and Frank stepped out fully clothed. Every bit of sin and colorful ink covered by some sort of cloth.
"Mikey, have you been crying?" Frank asked tilting his head and exposing the scorpion on the side of his neck.
"No, it's just really bad allergy season." Mikey lied wiping his eyes again. His eyes turned red from the pressure irritating them. I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him close. He threw his arms around my neck and pulled me closer, I could feel his arms tightening with every passing second.
"I will se you later." Frank mouthed to me as he walked out the door. Mikey let go of me and stood up.
"What should I wear for the show tonight?" Mikey asked picking up his duffel bag and setting it on our bed.
"Why don't you wear your Mikey Fuckin' Way shirt and your Kobra Kid Jacket?" I asked opening up the bag and rummaging through it.
"Which one?" Mikey grabbed two black shirts, one in English and the other in some kind of Asian.
"The one in English." I giggled pulling it out of his hand. Mikey peeled his tee shirt off and took the black one from me. I sat admiring my boyfriend's amazing body.
"Stop staring." Mikey laughed as he slipped the shirt over his pale chest. He slipped on a pair of black skinny jeans and topped it off with his Kobra Kid jacket.
"What do you think?" Mikey said as he looked at me hopefully.
"Great! I love it, and you." I smiled kissing his lips lightly.
"Good. Well I suppose Gee, Ray, and Frank should be ready now. We better head over to the venue, it's a ways away." Mikey said as he stepped out of the room.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TIME LAPSE/ THE DRIVE AND THE SHOW ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"That was a great show! Good Job guys." I said to them as they walked into the bus. I posted the blog post and shut my lap top. The moon light leaked in the bus window leaving an intricate pattern on the floor.
"Thanks." Gerard smiled. I put my feet down off the couch and Mikey sat where they had been. Je peeled off the leather jacket that clung to his wet body. He slung his arm around my shoulder and planted a warm kiss on my cheek.
"The party is right now so we will see you in an hour or two." Mikey smiled as he stood up. Ray opened the and walked out letting the Jersey breeze creep in.
"Bye, I love you." Mikey waved and blew a kiss before walking out the door. I felt the kiss fall lightly on my cheek and sink in with a warm feeling. I picked my lap top back up and went to Facebook. I scrolled all the things people posted and pretended to care about them. Frank closed the door behind the guys with a smile. He turned around and skipped into the small kitchen area. He took a small box from a cupboard , he pulled a tiny red pill out of the box and dry swallowed it.
"What was that? I asked completely shutting my lap top off.
"Allergy pill, I get 'em bad this time of year." Frank smiled as he walked over to me. he sat RIGHT next to me. I stood up and the uncomfortable atmosphere was broken. I walked back to mine and Mikey's bedroom and lied down on the soft bed. Within a minute I heard the door shut and lock. I thought nothing of it until the lights were shut off.

kiraluvsu : Here you go, don't get violent or anything.

patdfan01 : Thank you, I was aiming for unusual.
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