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Bad Choice

by marissasorrentino

I don't like writing chapters that are story and smut so... here's the smut. :)

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The blanket was pulled over me and the person next to me was already naked.
"Frank... We can't." I protested as he left kisses down my neck.
"But we should." He replied as he pulled my shirt off, followed by my pants, and ll of my under clothes.
"But Mikey." I lost my train of thought as he began to leave a hickey on my neck.
"You made me lose my train of thought." I moaned as he massaged over the spot with his tongue.
"The only place I want to get lost is in you." Frank breathed as he feathered his tongue behind my ear. I cringed at the tickling sensation.
"Stop thinking and let me please you." Frank said as he moved his lips down to my collarbone. As he suck at a very weak spot of mine I whimpered wanting more.
"Good, now your in the mood." Frank parted my legs and prepared me. I could feel his member, hard and resting against my thigh. Maybe he had a small frame but he definitely wasn't small where it counted. He pushed in and felt my eyes started to water. With every hit the pleasure built up behind my clenched eyes. His pace was rhythmic but fast enough and he surely pushed deep enough.
"Oh Frankie... Oh..." I moaned as he sped up. He wasn't holding back, which I was very happy about.
"Marissa. Your so... amazing." He hesitated as he moaned between words. He kissed me passionately as he thrust forwards moving my body slightly at the force he was using. He kissed down my jawline and made little love bites as he did so. It was so good now I was rocking my hips feeling the pleasure begin to be to much. I could feel that Frank was wearing a condom so we didn't have to worry. But him being so big there might cause some worry of it breaking. With a gasp and a ear splitting moan Frank came into the condom and it felt like into me as well. Maybe the condom did break. He shook in orgasmic euphoria and collapsed onto me. I could feel his heart beating fast considering his chest was so close to me. His breathing was still hitched and he pulled out flopping next to me on the bed. The covers still covered both of our bare bodies as they lie next to each other. With a panting laugh Frank forced our lips together and our tongues worked together so nicely. My heart was still beating fast and I was sweating heavily. I could still feel the presence of Frank lying next to me. I looked over to see him in the same state I was in. He rolled out of bed and put his clothes back on. He handed me every piece of clothing he had taken off me. I pulled them on fast and fixed the covers, pulling the up to my nose and turning my head to the side. I tried to sleep and forget about the awful act of infidelity I had just committed. Frank ran out the door and shut it behind him. I couldn't sleep because my mind was racing. I could faintly hear a conversation outside my door. All of a sudden the door opened, all I could see was a silhouette of a man walking up to me. He lied in the bed next to me in just his boxers. I put my hand to his back and felt the sweat, I instantly though Frank had come back.
"Mikey's going to be back anytime now." I said closing my eyes and rolling over so my back was to him. The man pulled me close with strong arms. I could feel the sweat on his chest through my shirt.
"He's already here." The man said leaving kissed on the back of my neck and feathering his tongue behind my ear.
"The why are you still... Oh, that's a familiar kiss." I said turning around to see shining greeny eyes and light blonde hair.
"How was the party?" I asked as I tangled my fingers in his air.
"It would have been better if you were there." Mikey said trailing kisses down and up my back and neck. Mikey pulled his head away and looked at my neck. He ran his fingers across part of my neck and I flinched.
"What's this?" Mikey asked as he examined my neck.
"I can't see it, so you tell me." I said as I looked at him, he appeared to be in deep thought.
"It's a hickey." Mikey looked at me sternly.
'Dammit Frank.' I thought to myself.
"You did that, last night, remember?" I asked hoping he would believe me. His eyes drifted up and to the right as he thought.
"Yeah, I do now. How about make another one?" Mikey said as he began to suck at my neck and bite lightly
"I'm really tired, can we just sleep tonight babe?" I asked because Frank had made me exhausted.
"Okay then. Goodnight. Till the end." Mikey said pulling my back close to his.
"And forever after. Sweet dreams." I could feel my tears building up as I imagined what would happen if it didn't last until the end. I grabbed his hand with mine. I fell asleep holding onto his hand and praying that even after he knew that it would still be forever after.
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