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Ready to Go?

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From now on, all chapters will be from Frank's POV (unless I say so) So on with the story :D

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SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG! Author's note at bottom, so please read after you finished reading this chapter ! :) Now let me not delay you any longer, so on with the chapter !

What.... What's going on? Who is that? He looks just like me, could I have had a twin brother? He's in a car. But wait, no- WATCH OU-

Gasps.Short little gasps that came and went quickly. That's all I can do as I try to breathe in as much air as I possibly could. I think - no, I KNOW - I just had a nightmare. I look around my hospital room and quickly yet gently let my head fall on the pillow. I hope I can remember what happened to me, I just want to remember, so why can't I have that?

A slight knock coming from the door disrupts my thoughts, but I don't turn my head. I don't exactly want to see a doctor at the moment. I could care less who is at the door and who is going to talk to me, but one voice i really want to hear again would be-

"Hey..." I heard him say. FINALLY. Holy fff- I feel so happy that someone out there heard my thoughts. Exactly the person whose voice I wanted to hear: Beautiful eyes, Gerard Way.

I turned my head to face him, his eyes a bit cloudy, probably from lack of sleep. "Hey..." I told him with a smile on my face. Just seeing him brings a smile on my face. This is my second time meeting him (well, I'm pretty sure I met him before the amnesia, but with the the condition, this is my second time) and he just... I can't explain it...

"So, you probably still don't remember me from anywhere... Or am I wrong?" I heard the slight glimer of hope in his voice and I could see them shining a little bit in his eyes. Oh, how I wish I could tell him that I remember him, but that would be a lie. "Sadly, I don't remember you, I'm so sorry, I tried... but the memories aren't coming..." I muttered. His face faltered for a mere second, but it left in a flash.

"Don't worry, I'm sure you'll remember sometime soon!" He said with such confidence in his voice. I smiled felt an urge to hug him. I don't know if that is normal, but just in case, I suppress that urge and look at the doctor that has just arrived in the room.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Way. Good morning, Mr. Iero, How are you feeling?" He said, checking the clipboard he had in his hands. "Uhh, pretty shitty at the fact that I still don't know anything from my past." I stated, conveniently forgetting to add that little nightmare detail. I don't want to stay here any longer than I'm supposed to. I want to leave NOW.

"Well, Mr. Iero, it seems like you're stable and able to go home," YES. Whoever it is that keeps on peering into my mind, THANK YOU. "But..." Shit.... "We have requested that you go to a hypnotherapist and a music therapist, the last one due to your likes, and you need to meet with them every three weeks. Other than that, you are free to leave the hospital."

Music therapist? I like music? Well, that's a good place to start I guess. I look over to Gerard, a smile creeping on his face. "Come on, Frank, let's get you home!" He retrieved clothes that came from a bag (he apparently brought it in without my knowing) and handed them to me.

"How do you have my clothes...? And While I'm asking that question, where do I live?" I asked, unintentionally sounding creeped out... Not that I wasn't, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. "Oh, you actually live with me. We're..." He looked down, obviously trying to figure out how to say his next word. "... Roommates. Yeah, we're roommates. I got these from your... room."

I just accepted the words he told me and quickly got changed (after he left the room, of course). I called Gerard back in. He looked at me and smiled, "Ready to go?" I grinned back, "YES! Get me outta my mind and outta this place!" If he was smiling wide before, he was that cat from... some story or movie I'm sure I've seen. It's this cat, it starts with a C... Hmmm..... Meh, I'll remember later.

"Brendon would be so happy at you for making such a reference. Even with your amnesia!" He said. Brendon? Who the heck is Brendon? must be some friend of ours I guess. Oh well. I wanted to leave, like, Now. I checked myself out of the hospital, got the information from the doctors about the therapists and my sessions, and finally started walking with Gee to his car.

"Wanna go home?" He asked me. "Nahh, I want something to eat first, I'm starving. What do I usually eat?" He looked at me dead in the eyes, his hazel orbs glistening in the sunlight. "You're a vegetarian, you hate eating meat. Come on, I'll buy you a veggie burger or something." "All right then, veggies it is! Let's go eat!" I yelled. Gee laughed and that made me smile. He had such an amazing laugh. I have no idea if I'm supposed to be using such feminine vocabulary about him, but it's true. I'll ask him later about it, but right now, my main priority is to eat.

I really hope I get my memory back soon, there's so many questions in my head that my mind's going to explode. I don't want to hurt anyone by my stupid amnesia. But my first question is how I got it in the first place. Was it an accident? Or did my mind purposefully forget to protect me from something? Something.... or someONE. I gaze to Gerard and think. Just think and think and think. What if... It's difficult for me to even word it. But what if he did something that made my mind want to forget? What if he's a bad person? Could this all be an act?

I hope I'm wrong...

So, Like it or not? Anyone who can tell me how to improve this story, TELL MEEEEEE PLEASEEEEE. Oh, and a couple things (like always):
1.) I'm moving in about two weeks or so, and I actually think it's a good idea. before, I hated it, but now I just want to leave this place I'm in. I'm sick and tired of people taking advantage of me; all they do is ask for advice and ditch me, ignore me, and they don't care about a single god damn thing about anyone else except themselves. damn egotistical people. Sure, I don't want to be the limelight of everything, but it would be nice if someone actually cared and included me in conversations and plans.
2.) Meg & Dia - Monster (DoteXe remix) is AMAZING. It's Dubstep, and well, it just sounds down right awesome.
3.) Although this will probably never happen, I would love to see Black Veil Brides, Escape the Fate, Falling in Reverse, My Chemical Romance, Patrick Stump, Black Cards, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, Icon for Hire, Evanescence, and Breathe Carolina on tour together. I swear to god, I would DIE of sheer happiness if that ever happened.
4.) I'm sorry for taking so long in updating a story ):
5.) I almost died a couple days ago. The two little kids that I live with (I'm currently rooming with my mom's friend who has three kids, ages 15 girl, 9 girl, and 8 boy) decided to do something really bad and they didn't know the consequences. The ringleader of this whole act was the 9 year old girl and convinced (more like threatened) her younger brother (who has ADHD, he's a sweet kid, he does what he's told unless he doesn't take his meds. He took them, so he listened to her instructions) into joining her plan. They grabbed Styrofoam plates (and lost of them) and BURNED THEM OVER THE STOVE. Now, if you don't know what happens with Styrofoam when it burns, it releases a deadly gas that can suffocate you. Long story short, my mom turned on the stove and practically got us all killed by doing that. the two kids were blaming each other even though they confessed who did it (The girl actually beat her brother up). Their punishment was to look at pictures of severely burned people. Poor kids got traumatized. Yepp. I'm happy they didn't burn us all to hell.
Well, that's it, I'll update later and I'll read your reviews if you post them! So Long and Good Night/Day !
~Heymi R2

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