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Ryan pinned Brendon's wrists to the ground and got real close.
"You have to listen to me, don't try and be the hero and save them. Jut walk away." Ryan stood up and helped Brendon up after.
"Sorry." Brendon's eyes slowly drifter to the ground.
"Don't be, your heart was in the right place." Ryan smiled and took Brendon by the arm pulling him away from the Zebras.
"Don't say anything just look straight forward and stay quiet." Ryan whispered as he lead Brendon out of the zoo. Soon they were sanding by the front gates and Brendon was very curious, what a shock.
"What is your story?" Brendon asked suddenly. Ryan's eyes got wide and he paused in thought, no blinking, you could barely hear him breathing.
"My... story. What are you talking about?" Ryan laughed nervously. Brendon rolled his eyes and pulled Ryan over to the field across the street and sat in the grass.
"Obviously Time isn't your dad, and your human, he isn't. What happened to your really family?" Brendon asked adjusting his position so he would be comfortable to listen to his story.
"Well, it's a long story." Ryan looked at the grass beneath them.
"I like stories." Brendon smiled feeling that he could counter any excuse.
"But it will take to much time, we need to keep trying to find love for you." Ryan tried to stand up but was pulled back down by Brendon.
"I have nothing but time." He smiled slyly.
"Fine." Ryan's eyes drifted upward as he tried to recall that awful day.
~~~~~~~~ Ryan's Story ~~~~~~~~~~
"Why did we even have a son? He's a failure, a disgrace, and I don't like taking extra time to care for him." Ryan's dad said as he took another sip of the rum in his hand. The alcohol did terrible things to him, made him bitter, and quite frankly an asshole.
"Oh don't say that, You love Ryan." His mom said patting his shoulder.
"I really don't, can't we just leave him hear." Ryan's dad asked in a whisper. Ryan sat by his tent shaking violently due to the cold.
"Of course we can't, what has gotten into you?" His mom asked smacking him playfully on the arm. He took it differently and back handed her and she collapsed to the floor.
"You never hit me again woman!" He shouted and gulped down the rest of the alcohol. With the empty bottle he slammed it into her head. Ryan watched his mom start to bleed from her ears, and her chest stop the usual rise and fall motion.
"Mommy!" Ryan yelled as he ran to his mother. He dropped to his knees and draped his body over her.
"Mommy, wake up. Please." Little 7 year old Ryan cried into his mothers dead body. At that young age Ryan had watched his father murder his mother.
"That's what you get for your disrespect." He kicked her in the back and her limp body jolted.
"Why would you do that! She is your love, and my mommy! I hate you daddy!" Ryan shouted as he got up and his his father in the leg a couple times. Being as thin as he was his little wrist snapped under the pressure. The little man fell to his knees crying in agony.
"How dare you talk to your elders that way!" His father yelled ad he picked him up by his little throat. With little force Ryan's dad threw him against the ground, unfortunately Ryan landed on his knee with a scream he began to bleed from his knee. Not able to get up he tried to drag himself by his arms away.
"Get back here you little bitch, your a mistake, a failure!" He screamed at Ryan as more tears poured down his chubby little cheeks. His dad slammed his foot down on his fragile leg, not the one with the broken knee thankfully.
"Daddy, stop please. I didn't mean it." Ryan said through sobs.
"Shut up boy! This going to be fun, you have no idea how long I have wanted to do this." His dad picked him up by his neck again.
"Please... Don't." Ryan begged as his oxygen supply began to be cut off.
"Don't what? I can't hear you, talk louder, oh wait you can't" He laughed sickly as he threw Ryan back on the ground, this time he lied on his stomach.
"Oh, you have back problems, that's why you don't stand up straight. Let me fix that." With a crack Ryan's back was broken before he had really had a chance to use it. What a shame, but he wasn't finished yet.
"Wrist, knee, leg, back, let me brake your skull so I can put you out of you misery." Ryan was pulling himself with his good arm, trying to get away from his drunken father.
"Oh boy,I don't think so." Ryan's dad stepped down onto Ryan's little fingers so he couldn't crawl anymore.
"Goodbye, mistake of a son." Ryan sobbed and sobbed but it was no use, in those last few seconds he heard a snap and his neck could no longer support his head, it's a good thing he was lying on the floor. Ryan's dad picked up his backpack and left his wife and his son's dead bodies lying in the forest, remains of their camping trip gone wrong.
Meanwhile, somewhere else Time had collapsed to the ground.
"He wasn't supposed to die." Time said as he ran into the forest, leaving his family confused and wondering if he had gone mad. As Time arrived in the forest he saw Ryan's small body lying there limp near his mothers.
"He was too young. This boy shouldn't have died." Time lifted Ryan's small body and took him back to his purple house. There Nightmare brought Ryan back to life. And there Ryan lived until now, there was no way he was going back with his abusive father. Also when he was brought back to life they had to open him up and readjust his bones so that they healed correctly, and Time didn't have an way to put him under during the process, not to mention his blind wife was the one who did the surgery-ish thing. And he had scars at every place they opened him up, it is obvious stitching and it looks like he is a doll. There are stitches going up the front of his left leg, a little bit below the knee to a little bit above it. On his right calf, starting right below his knee and going until his ankle. Around his hand, up all his fingers, and right above his ass to his hairline on the back of his neck. Plus, now that he was brought back Ryan can only die if killed. How fun.

Tears rolled down Ryan's face from reliving such an awful day, the day of his death.
"Oh god I'm so sorry I made you recall that. Really." Brendon pulled Ryan into a tight hug, but Ryan never moved his arms to hug back.
"It's fine. I mean I'm alive now. But what I don't get is that you never noticed the stitches, even when I was practically naked last night before bed. Something must have distracted you." Ryan smirked with a light laugh.
"Yeah, something." Brendon laughed as he cheeks took on a rosey red.
"Well, now that you know... I feel awkward." Ryan laughed as he turned his face away. Brendon laughed and lied on his back in the grass.
"What's so funny?" Ryan asked with a puzzled look on his face.
"Your kind of adorable." Brendon smiled, Ryan's face now taking the shade Brendon's had had.
"What now?" Brendon asked as Ryan lied down next to him.
"We wait." Ryan sighed looking up at the clouds.
"For what?" Brendon looked to Ryan to see if he could read his emotions but no luck. Ryan was so calm, no expression or faint smile, no glint of hope or anything in his eyes. Just nothing.
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