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Chapter 5: Autocratic Crappy Caines

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The counselling session doesn't go according to plan.

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Mikey's stomach was flipping with nerves, hands clammy, heart racing. He was dreading his appointment, but he also, for some goddamn reason, couldn't wait. He was actually... looking forward to it.

He, obviously, ignored his gut shouting, "FRANK!" at him, because it was wrong. It was very, very wrong. Apparently.

He had done his best to neaten his hair and clothes to some extent, and now he looked like a casual scruffy. People liked that look, right? Because if people didn't like that look, then maybe he was better off looking like he just got out of bed.

Mikey's stomach clenched painfully tight as he watched, almost in slow-motion, as the minutes handle of the clock flicked to half past.

"Mikey," drawled Mr. Carmody, who was teaching god knows what, "Counselor."

Mikey simply nodded, pushed everything into his open bag and slung it over his shoulder, not zipping it up. No one would try to steal from him after what happened last time. In short, the dude had to have 10 stitchings for bite marks. It wasn't pleasant. Mikey brushed his teeth endless amounts of times to remove the metallic taste of blood.

The corridor was quiet as Mikey stepped out into it, the chatter from his classroom stopping short as he slammed closed the door. It had an almost eerie gloom to it, but that wasn't anything to be scared of considering it was Belleview, and a lot of people got stabbed.

Okay, so maybe he should've been a bit scared. But it was a school, what were people going to do? Throw maths books at his head to knock him unconscious?

Mikey sighed as he arrived at Crappy Caines' office and pushed open the door, not bothering to look around as he slumped down in the chair, heart thumping erratically.

"Ah Mikey!" smiled Miss. Caines, joining her hands. "We're doing the whiteboard session today."

Mikey grinned deviously. Every week on Thursday he had a whiteboard session, which he just doodled on and wrote insults to Crappy Caines. Needless to say she didn't really like these sessions. She preferred begging him to talk, which Mikey found amusing and desperate. Maybe because it was.

Mikey's stomach was nauseated as Miss. Caines announced that Frank would be joining them today. It was obviously her doing - her evil, demonic doing - all to try make Mikey humiliate himself or talk.


She fetched Frank from outside and told him to take a seat next to Mikey. He did so with a smile wave to his new friend, then sat up in the chair.

"So, boys!" Crappys Caines pulled open her draw and from it, gave Mikey his whiteboard and pen. "How was last night?"

Mikey somehow stopped the heat rising to his cheeks, and next to him, so did Frank.

Mikey quickly scrawled down, I had a great time masturbating, actually. and showed it to Miss. Caines who closed her eyes, took a deep breath and blushed slightly.

Mikey then revealed his words to Frank, who burst into laughter almost immediately. It died down after a minute or so.

Miss Caines opened her eyes again. "I meant your meeting, how was it?"

Mikey glanced at Frank, who smiled and shook his head. "Oh, you meant this Mikey? I went to Starbucks with the Mikey down my road. Yo'know, because you used to be his therapist, I just presumed-"

"Frank," interrupted Miss. Caines. "I know you went on a date with Mikey -this Mikey- because I saw you two out."

"You spied on us?!" Frank said, frowning. "That's fucking-"


Frank simply raised his eyebrows. "Fuck. You," he spat.

Mikey however, still alarmed by the word 'date', quickly wrote down, It wasn't a date! and shoved it to Miss. Caines.

She sighed. "Mikey, I just thought it was best if you had a relationship to help you at the moment."

Mikey disregarded Frank's grunt of annoyance and underlined his four words, then added to them, You're so fucking autocratic.

Frank leaned over to look at his words, the same time Crappy Caines does, and nodded. "She is, isn't she?"

"I am not autocratic, I have your best interest at heart," she said, crossing her arms.

"And your defensive," Frank input.

Miss. Caines sighed heavily and rubbed her temples with three fingers. She glanced at Frank. "Frank, maybe it'd be best if you left."

Frank shook his head, a smirk on his face, but also a look of deep, gnawing sadness. "I like seeing you worn out for once, instead of everyone else."

For a second, the world around the two melted, and it was like Mikey wasn't there, not alive, and the only thing they could see was each other. It was a tense moment, where's Frank face was hard and unreadable, Miss. Caines' sad yet controlled.

"I always get worn out," she said suddenly, breaking out of the abyss the two trapped themselves in.

Frank got up and shrugged his hoodie further onto his shoulders, "But never for the right things, right?"

She didn't answer.

"I'm fucking out of here!" he annouces loudly, before stomping out of the room.

Without even hesitating, or looking at a stunned Miss. Caines, tears leaking down her face slowly, Mikey ran after the retreating eighteen-year-old, shocked.

Miss Caines' and Frank's hearts were slowly drooping as they thought back to their pasts, and the trouble was, Miss. Caines knew, was that they both hated someone.

They both hated Miss. Caines.

I'm so sorry about how bad this chapter is, I've got writers block.
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