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Gerard Way has been unofficially voted the most unattractive person at Belleville high. But don't worry. That'll change soon enough.(AU high school r for language and possible sex in later chapters)

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Well, uh, this is the first fanfic I've ever written. So, uh, yeah. Please don't become violent if I suck, please. :(


A red car shoomedby Frank Iero as he walked down the sidewalk to his miserable little school. It was a Wednsday and a rainy Wednesday at that. The sky was grey, but no rain was falling from the dark clouds. It had rained earlier in the wee hours of the morning, leaving everything soggy for everyone to enjoy. His black Vans sloshed on the dirty sidewalk in a rhythmic pattern and somewhere in the background an unconfined dog barked. With his backpack heavy upon him, the teen neared the school at which he never learnt anything. Frank sighed as the idea of the social routine entered his mind. Frank was popular. But the boy that he spotted on the bench over there, was not.
That boy on the bench over there, was Gerard Way. No one liked him. It was a known fact that Gerard was "Ugly". Frank actually thought he might be a little cute if he tried.Gerard had big glasses. Big glasses. And baggy t shirts. And floppy jeans. He wore his hair down and long like a girl's. Frank liked it. But he would never tell people that. He would never tell anyone. Gerard had never spoken a word to anyone. He couldn't. No one had ever spoken to him. Frank couldn't tell what was so bad about this kid. Sure his clothes were a little big, his hair a little long. But he was still somewhat normal in Frank's eyes. The small teenager on the bench clucthed his messenger bag tighter as a group of random students passed by. He looked down as some of them glanced in his direction, a few locks of his dull black hair slipping past his ear. One of the girls who was not as included in the conversation as the others, decided to make a jibe at Gerard's fashion sense so people would laugh along with her. His head just bowed lower at the sneer.
Frank could see the boys eyes through the smudgy glasses. He could see the hurt that lingered after. The way tears would almost come to his hazel eyes. Because Frank was in with the "populars", he was there every time they would dominate the lesser boy and rudely comment his appearance. And every time, the hurt lingered and stayed for a while before he walked away. Frank was sure it was still there even as he walked away. But what frustrated Frank to no end, is that that's exactly what he did. Walked away. Didn't defend Gerard, didn't say anything. Walked away.


Gerard sat down to his lunch under the stairwell, a little bag filled with "Cheetos" and a water bottle. He watched silently as people walked around the cafeteria, munching on the Cheetos. From his spot on the floor, he could see everyone and their friends have a good time. He spotted Frank Iero laughing with his idiot buddies. They were all shouting and joking and every one had had friends and laughed and had a good time and good memories and- .... why could'nt he?
After throwing away his trash and narrowly escaping a taunting session from his peers, he walked down the hallway of his school, being ridiculed the whole way. The raven head was thrown insults at all sides, about eveything they could find.He sighed. 'It doesn't matter,'
he thought to himself,' it's almost over'. He could go home soon and lock himself up in his basement corner and draw his little decaying bodies. His happy thoughts were stopped short as he suddenly remembered the news his mother ha dimensioned this morning about his cousin coming to visit. Oh no.


OH GOD IT'S SO SHORT. That's what she said. Okay. Yeah. No action in the beginning chapter. Sooooo.... Uh huh.

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