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Gerard arrives and Frank observes.

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Yay! Gerard butt! I love you little fuckers. Here's another chapter for ya.


A sound of discomfort left Gerard's mouth as he tugged and pulled on his jeans and tight clothing. The jeans could have been painted on for all he could see. He could see his butt perfectly through them. They were riding up more (if that was even possible) Everything was so tight. Too tight. It made hime feel uncomfortable and naked. But, the posing threat of castration from she-devil Maria still lingered fresh in his head. Speaking of which, his scalp was still aching from the hair-rape which had been preformed upon him. She had cut his hair. His beautiful long hair!It was still to his shoulders, but he liked it the way it was before. He mourned at his own loss. She had cut bangs across his forehead and put large amounts of product into his now-shorter locks. She had also forced her evil make-up pencil around his eyes, poking him more than once. Given him contacts, the clothes, hair and -dare he say it- make up, Maria had made him into a "sex machine", as she put it. She had plucked his fucking eyebrows!

He shuddered at the thought of going to school like this. People were going to laugh at him. It was terrifying. Gerard made his way over to the random crap pile the couch had acquired yesterday and removed the said random crap, and headed towards the tiny door of his tiny house. He had a feeling that his 'man-liner' was going to be at least ruined by the end of the day.

.......He didn't really feel like a sex machine.


Frank was confused. He looked around at all of his friends. All of them were whispering among themselves, their mouths moving behind hands and into other ears. Frank didn't really like his friends. They couldn't hold a proper conversation without mentioning something that was wrong with a 'lesser person'. There was Jacob. He was an ass. There was Marquis. He was an ass too. Then there were the gaggle of people that followed him around and said they were his friends. He couldn't even remember half their names. They were all assholes.

He could some of the bits and pieces of their conversation. From what he could gather, there was a new kid in their school and he was a 'sex machine'. They said he was from England and both his parents were dead. They also mentioned that he had a huge scar on his arm. He came to school in a limo. He was a famous pop idol. He did a summersault when he got to the top steps of the school. What? After trying to listen to their conversations for two minutes without gagging, everyone suddenly stopped the incessant chatter. All of their over hair-do'd (did? Done?) heads turned towards to the entrance of the courtyard.

There was a boy being pushed through the doors, with his heels digging into the ground. A pair of hands were shoving him forward for the waiting crowd to see. When the door shut behind him, he looked around nervously with his head sinking down into his shoulders, his back sliding down the double doors. An uncertain"u-uhmm....," flipped out of his little pink lips as he blushed harshly.

Frank took his appearance in and thought 'Well, they got the sex machine spot on.' He could've sworn he and a few others were having to shut their mouths so everyone wouldn't die in a flood.

They boy had on the protocol black band tee. Frank could see his arms and chest through it, slim and small. Over the said tee he had a black and red (also tight fitting) hoodie. He had smaller than average sized shoulders which lead to a head covered with tastefully mussed black hair that swept across the top of his face. The locks looked so soft and smooth, the deep dark black only making his skin look that much less tan and more attractive. The tips of his hair barley touched his shoulders. The way his pretty face was scrunched up nervously only made it cuter. His nose was upturned so that it made you just want to touch it. At least, Frank did. His large, hazel eyes, with large amounts of green and yellow layered upon the brown underneath, were framed with long, dark lashes and thick amounts of eye liner. Oh, the eye liner. The eyeliner was pretty damn good.

After everyone in the area gawked for about ten seconds, the sex machine decided to make his way to his locker as fast as he could. He rushed towards the hallway where they were located. All at once everyone's eyes shifted to his back. Gerard felt goosebumps on his arms.

Frank shifted his eyes to the boy's ass. Holy Shit.. (GAWD. Finally.)

'Oh my god,'. Frank got a boner it two seconds flat. It was the finest ass Frank had ever seen. He could probably think of a thousand words to describe it, round, firm, or whatever, but right now, all comprehension escaped him. All he could do was stare. It moved from side to side when he walked. He could see where each mound was defined, the fabric stretching in the middle. He could see his thighs and calves which lead to large combat boots that clunked with every step.

The bell rang.

ooh, this one's looong. Sniff I got reviews sniff. I'm so sorry that I got your hopes up about Gerard's ass, I would have mentioned it more, but I had to end it there. KTHXBYE. :3
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